Monday, January 1, 2018

My 2018 New Year's Resolutions

Hello friends! It's a new year and I always get so excited, hyping up the new year and hoping it'll be better than the last. The past few years have been hard, but 2017 overall was good. I got pregnant after three years of trying and a miscarriage, and I was so blessed to have my beautiful twins, who I'm just obsessed with. Yes, I spent most the year pregnant and miserable, and the medical bills have been an adventure, but 2017 was the best year I've had in a while. So good job 2017!

Last year I made tons of goals/resolutions for the year (which I'll talk about a little later on in this post). My whole reasoning was that with tons of goals, I would at least accomplish some of them. I didn't care about getting everything done on my list... I think part of me knew I would get pregnant and most my life plans/goals would change.

This year, I'm doing the complete opposite. Because I only have one goal. So if I don't accomplish it then it'll be really sad. Now, even though it's technically one goal, it has a few parts to it, so let's go over my goal for 2018.


That's it. Very simple, straightforward, not complicated at all. But honestly, it will (hopefully) be the most impactful goal of my entire life.

I have said on this blog so many times that I want to be a book author. But have you seen any books of mine yet? Nope. Because I don't write enough. I was ten when I first knew I wanted to write. TEN! I'm now twenty-seven. That's seventeen years of wasted time! Honestly, I'm sick of being upset with myself, so we're doing this!!

As I said there are a few parts to it, so let's go over that.

First is possibly the obvious one, to write my books and finish a book. I have way too many story ideas written down and I just need to finish one. And yes, I would love to get published as soon as possible, but that's not going to be my goal until I complete a book.

The second is working on Heroes & Villains as well as a few other short story ideas I'm workshopping (which is the beginning of a whole other blog I'm thinking of, but that's another story for another day). I love Heroes & Villains but I don't work on it enough because I just want my readers to be caught up to where I am. I'm skipping ahead to the end, but forgetting to work on the foundation first. I've already been working on this quite a bit and you can expect the next collection of stories to start arriving very soon.

Lastly is writing on this blog. Every year I say I'm going to write more but then I never do. But I'm really thinking this will be my year. Why? Because I'm a stay-at-home mom who now has so much more time to work on blogging! I also have a friend who's going to help out with taking photos and that maybe someday I can convince to be my assistant because she's ridiculously organized and amazing at life. She's also my BFFL so working with her is like the ultimate dream job.

So, yeah, my goal this year is to write and that's it. But I'm really happy about it. I've never loved a goal more in my life nor have I ever been more motivated to reach a goal (except maybe last year with my whole pregnancy goal).

Here's just a recap of all my goals from last year and a look at what I was able to accomplish:

Yes-Eat healthierYes-Pray dailyNo-Find my style
Yes-Get to sleep/rise earlyNo-Read the Book of MormonNo-Work on the Chris & Kaylee Show
No-Workout 4x per weekNo-Visit the temple monthlyYes-Find my voice
No-Run a 5kMaybe-Become more ChristlikeYes-Be myself
No-Lose fat, gain muscleNo-Give service dailyNo-Become a #BossBabe
Yes-DanceNo-Have family home eveningNo-Blog at least 2x per week
HOME LIFEFINANCIALNo-Get 2 blog sponsors
No-Cook moreNo-Pay all bills on timeYes-Learn how to make money blogging
Yes-Move into an apartmentNo-Save up money for a tripIsh-Start vlogging
No-Clean home dailyNo-Become financially stableNo-Take video editing course
No-Craft moreFUNNo-Be more active on social media
No-Sew four projectsNo-Find 1 new city event a monthYes-Work on photography skills
No-Grow a plantNo-Explore everywhereWRITING
PERSONALNo-Visit museumsNo-Weekly writing prompts
Yes-Think positivelyNo-Sing moreYes-Find my voice
Yes-Be a warriorYes-Dance moreNo-Learn more
Yes-Be a better wifeNo-Plan a tripNo-Go to a writing conference
Yes-Love moreNo-Take a writing course
Yes-Work with passionNo-Publish a short story on Amazon
Yes-Find my voiceYes-Write 30 minutes a day
No-Tell my storyNo-Read more
Yes-Be myself
Yes-Become pregnant/learn what my body needs to have a baby

So yeah... didn't do great. But as I mentioned, getting pregnant changed a lot of things. Especially when I found out it was twins. Small tangent here, I had every intention to keep working after having my baby until I learned it was twins. Because affording any sort of childcare for twins would be impossible. Though affording to live on one income is difficult as well, but we are picking our battles here.

Of course, just because I didn't reach those goals last year doesn't mean I'm completely giving up on them. Some of them are lifelong goals so I'll be continuing on with them in mind.

Last note, I always pick a theme song for the year and this year was just super difficult because there are so many that I thought of. So I made a whole playlist of them which you can listen to below. Basically, this year is about getting work done (which is ironic since I'm technically unemployed) and these are all songs that motivate me. But I did end up choosing one main one and you can read about it HERE.

Well, I think that's it for this post. Let me know your goals for the new year in the comment section below! Thanks, you're a hero! 

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