Thursday, November 30, 2017

November 2017 Favorites

Hello friends!! November is over, which is crazy, but I'm also just kind of thinking it's already 2018 so I'm not really that surprised. Also, I am totally into Christmas this year because it's my girl's first Christmas, it's a big deal, and I already have my tree up which is something I'm typically against. No Christmas before December!! ...But I broke my own rule this year.

This past month flew by and I'm just a little confused at where it went, but at the same time I feel like my birthday was months ago. Here's a quick recap of the highlights this month (since I didn't blog all month so you wouldn't know).

November 4th: My birthday!! Kneaders breakfast, Olive Garden dinner and Thor Ragnarok.
November 5th: My baby girls got blessed.
November 9th: I went to the dentist in tons of pain, learned my crown had cracked and my tooth was completely dead, got this large mass in my gum drained, scheduled to have my tooth removed.
November 10th: My girls turned two months old and got their shots.
November 13th: Went in to get my tooth pulled out, got to see the cyst that was on it, got a bone graft. Didn't realize how much pain I would be in/how the drugs would affect me and had to call in my dad to help with the girls. (Thanks, dad!)
November 15th: Took my girls to get their hip ultrasounds (a typical thing for babies who were breached). They're both fine and they had no issues!
November 23rd: Thanksgiving!! Had a lovely Thanksgiving with the Farnes family. Made green bean casserole.
November 27th: Went back to the dentist to get my stitches out. Set up another appointment. (The whole thing is like a nine-month process, which sucks so bad.) Also started my 30-day workout thing (more info below).
November 29th: Went to Festival of Trees, saw BB-8, went to the mall, walked through the "Harry Potter Christmas in the Wizarding World" display, bought new boots.
November 30th: Wrote this blog post.

So yeah, this month consisted of a lot of dentist stuff. For all my readers, DO NOT PUT OFF GOING TO THE DENTIST!!! It had been way too long for me and they haven't even checked the rest of my teeth yet, which I'm positive I have at least one cavity, but I'm known for going in and they find five, and this time it's been so long that there will probably be like thirty. Is that even possible? Anyways, I'm not looking forward to that appointment where they check all my teeth, but I'm planning it for January when I know my new insurance is all good and ready.

Anyways, this post is supposed to be about my November favorites yet I'm talking about the dentist, which is one of my least favorite things (which is why it has been so long). So lets get into the favorites!


I have been loving almonds this month! I've always loved almonds, but since I'm trying to get healthier, lose weight, etc., almonds have been such a good snack for me. I typically get the Blue Diamond Lightly Salted ones. That's just my preference, but honestly, all almonds are good.


This soap smells amazing, makes my skin feel great, and even has a slight exfoliating factor. I'm really enjoying it.


Ah, Maybelline. I love you. This mascara makes my lashes look ah-mazing!! I'm obsessed. I'm planning on doing a full review at some point so that's all I have to say for now, but I do love it and if you're looking for a new mascara you should consider this one.


I got this is my last Ipsy bag and am so obsessed with the smell! With winter here and constantly cleaning bottles and changing diapers and washing my hands, I'm using a lot more hand lotion lately. I told Chris to buy me this lotion for Christmas because I love it.


Another Ipsy product and hand cream. I need them lately and while this one doesn't have a peachy smell like the last one, it is a great one to stick on the nightstand to use after middle of the night diaper changes.

*Quick note, I promised a great Ipsy post this month but I had a whole credit fraud issue, my card didn't work, and long story short, I didn't get an Ipsy bag this month. It should be all worked out to get one for December though.


I've now gotten two Hey Honey products in Ipsy packages and I've loved them both so much. This is a company I definitely what to try more of. This is a great simple, light concealer to just throw on when I'm feeling insecure about my dark circles even though I almost never leave my house anymore. I love it a lot!


I may have talked about this before because it's my go-to deodorant. It feels great on my skin, smells great, and keeps me dry and stink-free. I love it a lot and am really grateful for it.


This is an app that I downloaded on a whim. I've been working hard to lose weight since my twins were born but I didn't have much structure and I just did whatever I wanted. I've been using this app for the past week and it gives me exercises to do every day, it goes through them all with me, makes it really easy to get a fast, strengthing workout in, and overall is a great app. You don't need any equipment (but maybe a mat) so it's easy to do anywhere. I've also gone to the gym and done some cardio as well to get more of a workout in, but the exercises they give me have already made me sore and I struggle each day to get through them all. It's fantastic and I'll be happy to share the final results when I reach day 30, but if you want to see a more day-to-day look at my weight loss journey, check out my health and fitness Instagram account, @kayleeshealthylife.

Let me know in the comments what your favorites for the month were and if you also love any of these products. Love you, you're a hero!

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