Friday, October 27, 2017

SONEic Sound Machine | Product Review

I was blessed to have so many people in my life give gifts to my girls. Honestly, everyone just killed it on my baby registry. My family is so lucky that we have such great family and friends, we could not be more grateful.

One of the gifts we received off my registry (thanks Aunt Cherene) was a sound machine. To be honest, I didn't do much research on any particular sound machine, I registered for this one mostly based on cost. But I have loved my sound machine these past few weeks and my girls love it too.

So here is my pros and cons list about the SONEic Sound Machine*.

You can purchase this product by clicking below*.


-This machine doesn't just have white noise. There are many different options to choose from. My girls and I prefer gray noise at night while we're sleeping, but the rain, ocean, and brook are fun ones too.

-Though I haven't used it, this sound machine has a timer. So if you wanted to not waste electricity or don't need it playing all night, then you can easily set a timer to have it automatically shut off.

-It's an easy turn on or off knob, and when you start it up it goes to the last sound you had it on.

-This can be powered either by batteries or a USB, making this machine portable.

-The machine comes with a headphone jack. I haven't used it, I'm not entirely sure why someone would use headphones to listen to just sounds, but it's an option. This would also give you the option to plug it into an external speaker, for when you want to play it really loud, I guess.

-This may not apply to you, but the sounds don't seem to affect or bother my dog. This is important to me because I have a dog that barks at everything. He even seems to do well with the thunder sound and maybe I can use it to train him to not bark at real thunder. We'll see.

-It's a very lightweight machine (though I don't have batteries in it, which I'm sure makes a slight difference). It's small and not bulky which allows me to move it around the house easily. 


-The volume knob is touchy. It takes a little while to adjust it to the volume that you want.

-Why on earth would someone want to listen to whistling wind while they're trying to sleep? I just want someone to explain why that noise is on there because I personally just don't get it.

-Many of the sounds begin to sound repetitive, which obviously they are, but for instance, the first night I listened to the ocean noise, which I enjoyed but after a while, I knew exactly when the big wave would crash. It got too predictable and then I had a hard time ignoring it. The reason we listen to the gray noise is that while it may be repetitive, it's so steady that I can sleep easily with it playing in the background. It's predictable in a different way that allows me to ignore it.


As you may have gathered from my Pros/Cons list, my girls do sleep in my bedroom with me in their bassinets. Every night when I turn on the sound machine, it's for me too. This machine seems to help my girls sleep. It also helps me differentiate night and day for my girls, seeing as we only turn it on at night (I plan on writing up a post on how we taught our girls the difference between night and day in the future). I personally am not bothered by it at all and neither is my husband (though that man sleeps through everything, including his crying children).

This sound machine sits at the bottom price range of $20 along with a few others. However, of the other $20 machines I personally feel this one has the most features, has the cleanest look, and has a good variety of sounds. While I haven't tried out the other machines, I enjoy mine very much and am happy with my decision to put it on my registry.

I would recommend this machine to others. The gray noise helps soothe my children and allows them to sleep easier. It's easy to use and at a good price.

Look at how in awe and amazement my girls are about this machine!! 

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Pink October | Fashion Friday

I had the idea months ago to do all pink Fashion Friday posts during the month of October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, as October drew closer I realized one rather large flaw to this plan. I don't own any pink. In my closet, I have a pink skirt, a dress with pink flowers, a few pink workout tops, and that's it. Nothing that I wanted to do for a fashion post (though my pink skirt has been featured before). 

But in the past few months, my home has become consumed with the color pink all thanks to the two newest additions to my family. So, seeing as I had no pink, I decided to take advantage of my children and the one thing they have that I lack... which is pink. 

Besides, isn't it more fun to see "fashion" photos of newborns than of a boring 26-year-old stay at home mom? I sure thought so. But in all reality, fashion posts are going to become more frequent on this blog, and I'm pretty sure once a month I'll feature these little ones instead of myself. I hope that doesn't bother anyone and if it does, I'm sorry but you'll just have to live with it. 

Anyways, as mentioned, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While my whole "Charity of the Month" idea continues to fail me, making my readers aware of different charities is still something I feel very strongly about. It is becoming nearly impossible for anyone to avoid being affected by cancer in some way. Whether it's a family member, friend, or even yourself, it's something that continually ruins lives and affects all of us. 

I would encourage you to reach out and do what you can for those who have been diagnosed with any sort of cancer. Make a donation. Visit your sick neighbor and bring them a treat. Take toys to a children's hospital. Do whatever you can this month to show that you care. Below are links to two major organizations that bring awareness to cancer. If you are able, make a donation and give hope to those who are in need. Thanks! 


Bonus points to anyone in the comment section who can guess which one is Zoey and which is Makell. This is another one of those tricky photos where I second guess myself... and I took the picture! 

*This post contains affiliate links all marked by an asterisk for your convenience.*

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

October Ipsy Bag 2017

I'm still just as obsessed with Ipsy and plan to keep up with these posts, sharing what I get in my monthly Ipsy bag. However, starting next month I will go back and give you a quick review on how I've enjoyed the products of the previous month's bag. I think this will be a great way to share what I get as well as giving you my honest opinion on each product.

And if you're wondering, I did get my bag a week ago but have been so distracted and busy with my new babies that I'm not getting around to this post until now. No judgment, please.

The theme for this month's bag is "Spellbound" and honestly, this bag is just gorgeous. I feel like the past few months Ipsy has stepped up their bag game. Every bag I get is so pretty I wish I had more reasons to use these bags on a daily basis. I love that they used a bat as the zipper pull. It's such a subtle Halloween nod but it's beautiful and fun. I also love the texture of the bag. It's a lovely lace pattern in a beautiful red, and it fits in with my personal aesthetic so much. The bag also came with this quote: "In my defense, the moon was full and I was left unsupervised." It's cheeky and fun and would fit in perfectly in a short story.

Here are my Ipsy products for the month of October as well as my first impressions.

My monthly Ipsy advertisement:  Hey, friends, I know I talk about Ipsy a lot, but it's my favorite. For $10 a month I get a cute new makeup bag and five sample size beauty products to test out. I may be poor, but I make it work in my budget to spend $10 a month for new products. I love makeup, hair, and beauty in general and Ipsy allows me to feed my addiction of trying new products without going completely broke. So if you enjoy beauty products as much as I do, then go check out Ipsy by clicking the link below.

Original Cost: $25 

I am so excited to really test this out. It's meant for cellulite and stretch marks, and I don't really have cellulite but being pregnant with twins gave me a whole mess of stretch marks. If I start to see improvement on my many lightning scars, I would happily purchase this product. I'll keep you all informed. 

Original Cost: $36 for 0.5oz

I love getting concealers from Ipsy. It's probably one of my most common products I get and the most appreciated. It keeps me from having to go out and buy my own and gives me options for when I do need to buy more. I've liked Hey Honey in the past so I'm excited to see how this works for me. 

Original Cost: $12 for 1.06oz

I had never heard of the brand Tonymoly before, but holy moly, they have the cutest packaging ever! Like, I'm honestly upset I got an Ipsy sample. The actual product packaging is a peach and it's so stinkin' cute. One thing I always lack but desperately need is hand lotion. Getting this product is more than appreciated, especially with how much more often I wash my hands thanks to my girls. Oh, and it smells amazing!! 

Original Cost: $29 for 0.31oz

My absolute favorite product I've ever gotten from Ipsy was an IT Cosmetics mascara. This is a company that makes the absolute best in beauty products. And seeing as I've run out of my usual powder, and am too busy and poor to go buy more, I was incredibly happy when I found this in my Ipsy bag this month.

Original Cost: $21 for 0.08oz

I hear such wonderful things about Smashbox Cosmetics from the many beauty bloggers and YouTubers that I'm obsessed with. I don't believe I've ever used a lid primer before, and if I have, I probably used it for something other than its actual use. But since being home with my girls I've experimented with makeup more, so I'm happy to try this out for its real purpose. 

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Friday, October 13, 2017

October Leaves | Fashion Friday

 JACKET (Similar Match*) | VEST |  SCARF |  PANTS |  SHOES | BAG*

It's my favorite time of year!! Chris and I took the girls on their first real outing to look at the fall leaves in the mountains, but it ended up being freezing so we never took them out of the stroller where they were all bundled up. There was a nice paved trail we walked on, really testing out our stroller for the first time (I'll do an official review on it at some point), and just enjoying the beauty of the mountains... while also nearly freezing to death.

This is my awesome diaper bag. I had so many diaper bags in my Amazon* wishlist for months trying to figure out which one I wanted most. I needed something at a good price, had lots of storage space, I preferred a backpack, and I wanted it to look nice too. I think this bag is so pretty and it holds everything I need for both my girls. I will be doing an official review on this bag soon, but I honestly love it and highly recommend it for anyone pregnant, with small children, or even who just loves backpacks as purses... with insulated pockets for bottles. Because, why not?



Learn how I did my makeup in these photos by CLICKING HERE.

This post contains affiliate links that I receive compensation for all marked by an asterisk. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Maybelline Volum' Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara | Review

What's up my friends? I have a love of Maybelline mascaras, always have, probably always will. They're my go-to whenever I need a new mascara and I try my best to keep testing out different ones anytime I go to buy them.

My current Maybelline mascara test was on the Colossal Big Shot. So here is my review on this particular mascara. You can also check out my quick video review (if you would rather listen than read) on my YouTube channel by CLICKING HERE.

You can purchase this mascara here*:


-Like most Maybelline mascaras (and the reason I love them so much) this mascara does not ever feel heavy or stiff on my lashes. I can brush my finger over my lashes and not be met with hard, stiff lashes.

-The price. Maybelline mascaras are always at a good price point while doing a great job and not feeling cheap.

-The application is easy. The brush isn't too crazy like some where it is easier to get on your eyelids.

-Easy removal. This mascara comes off easily with a little makeup remover or even just soap and water (but, also with tears, see cons below).

-It gives my lashes a darker tone without clumping or making them too thick.

-The brush isn't too thick and can be used on lower lashes without difficulty.


-The brush. The product easily clumps onto the bristles, giving you a smaller bristle to work with, making application difficult.

-It doesn't really make my lashes seem any longer, unlike other Maybelline mascaras.

-If you're pregnant and have morning sickness and your eyes water, this mascara will get everywhere. (I've said it before and I'll say it again, mascara commercials are dumb and all I want is one where it shows a woman getting broken up with and crying, but it doesn't look like she's crying because her makeup doesn't move. That's the real test of good makeup, in my opinion, if it stays on well while crying.)

-Comparatively to many mascaras, Maybelline or otherwise, it just isn't anything special. It does its job but doesn't wow me in any way.


I have nothing against this mascara, and it may work out really well for you, but it's just not for me. It doesn't give me the extra length that I crave and doesn't match up to literally dozens of other mascaras I've tried in the past. If you want a good price mascara that does the bare minimum of a mascara, then you should be good with this one. It's just not for me and I will not be using it again.


So I will be doing a lot more reviews on my blog. This will include makeup and hair products like always, but also baby items that I use with my girls. If you have any requests on what I should review, leave a comment down below. And if you own a product or company and would like me to do a review for you, please email me at Thanks ever so much!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

One Month Old

Yesterday my baby girls turned one month old. It's weird for me to comprehend seeing as I've only had them at home for two weeks. Also, their real due date was October 12th. Can you imagine if I had to wait that long? I went on maternity leave early because of how miserable and large I was. Pretty sure it would have been impossible for me to wait until this week to have them. I would have been ginormous!

I guessed on the height and weight on their chalkboards. I didn't want to take the time to really figure it out when I could just estimate. Especially at this point when they're so small, their weight would be hard for me to figure out on my own, seeing as I don't have the appropriate baby scale. For reals, they're tiny. As a reference, when I was born I weighed almost ten pounds. Yes, I was born three weeks late, but still.

It amazes me that despite sleeping most the day, these girls already have personalities that are different from each other. Honestly, that last picture freaks me out because even though I know the one on the right is Zoey, at first glance I just think it's Makell. But despite looking identical, their behaviors and attitudes are not identical.

And please nobody ask me how I plan on telling them apart. I get that question from family all the time and I'm so incredibly sick of it. It's something we'll just figure out as they continue to grow.

Here's just a few more things about my girls not written on their chalkboards.

-In these pictures their hair looks pretty red, but it's a dirty blond. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they have red undertones because both Chris and I do.

-They have the prettiest dark blue eyes. I know eye color can change as they grow, but I'm really hoping it doesn't. I want them to have blue eyes like their daddy.

-The NICU put them on such a solid feeding schedule that they wake up every 3 hours on their own. I'm currently trying to change up their schedule so they sleep longer at night, but they're so set right now it may take a while.

-Both sleep really well at night (besides waking every 3 hours). I think we've done a good job at differentiating day and night with the dark room, swaddling, and a noise machine. Daytime naps they are much more active than at night when they're just out.

-My girls are not being breastfed. This is because they were born premature and I was not producing much milk, then they were stuck in the NICU while I was elsewhere. In the NICU and went through various formulas, the doctors thinking they may have dairy intolerance and the doctors there didn't want to give them my milk unless I was completely dairy free. However, they recommended I don't go dairy free, just freeze my milk and give it to them when I can. I did give them some the other day and Zoey immediately spat it all up. But they are doing really well on their formula so I'm not stressing about it.

-Makell, when she's hungry, tries to bite at everything looking for her bottle. The other day she "bit" my arm and it was the smallest bit of pain but mostly just weird, seeing as she has no teeth. I am worried about her keeping a biting issue in the future. We'll just have to see, I guess.

-Zoey is so chill and sleeps all the time. Makell is my problem child, for various reasons, and wants attention more frequently. But honestly, both girls are amazing and well behaved. I got lucky. Though if they want to scream, they can scream real loud.

-Being a mom of twins is difficult, not going to lie. Often I'll be feeding one while the other is screaming, but there's not much I can do for the screamer being alone at home most the time. But I wouldn't trade this for anything. I've wanted to be a mother for so long and I finally am, to the most beautiful baby girls in the world, and I don't care how hard it is some days. This is my life now, I've accepted it, I asked for it, prayed for it, and I love every struggle. I love my life as a mom.

If you want to see daily photos and videos of my sweet girls, I'm always posting to my Instagram story. Check it out @_cowgirlkaylee_

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Favorite Trend: Oversized Cardigans & Sweaters

I remember growing up I was firmly against sweaters. I would wear a dress to church, my mom would suggest a nice white cardigan to wear over it, and I adamantly refused. Being honest, I don't know what caused my hated of sweaters (perhaps the 90s style of all the ones I owned) but now, I cannot get enough of the cardigan/ sweater trend.

I feel like oversized cardigans and sweaters are everywhere this fall and I want them all. As a woman who struggles with self-confidence, gave birth to twins last month and still doesn't fit in any of her pre-pregnancy pants, anything oversized is right up my alley.

Today I'm sharing with you some of my favorite oversized sweaters. Be they cardigans, turtlenecks, or otherwise, this is a trend I am fully on board with, and hope lasts a while. At least the length of a Utah winter. So, like six more months.




Old Navy




Thursday, October 5, 2017

My Post-Pregnancy Body

Dress: Target (Similar)
Cardigan: Nordstrom 
Boots: Kohls (Exact Match)
Socks: K.Bell

Five days before I went into labor I had a baby shower and wore this dress. I wore it with leggings because it barely covered my butt with my bulging belly (I also had to have Chris help me get into the leggings because of how insanely swollen my legs were). But in these photos I'm three weeks post labor and I can wear this dress as an actual dress! Win!

It's my favorite time of year! One of the main reasons I love fall is because of the outfit options. I absolutely love boots, cardigans, and wearing my knee-high socks. I may not get out as much this fall because of the two new additions to our family, but that doesn't mean I still can't obsess over the fashion.

I also just want to say how much I love braids. They're so easy and great for keeping my hair both cute and out of the way of spit-up prone infants. You can learn all about how I did my makeup on my last post HERE.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My Autumn Makeup Routine | Fashion & Beauty

Hello friends! I am getting back into the YouTube world because it's something I've wanted to do forever, laziness and self-doubt have kept me from it thus far, but I'm ready to really work hard at it and make one of my dreams a reality.

I made the following makeup routine video for this fall season. I love this time of year! It's so beautiful and fun. This year I'm especially excited for my girls to have their first autumn! I'm honestly really happy they have an autumn birthday like me (though typically in Utah there's snow on mine so it doesn't always feel like autumn). I realize because my twins are so young we won't get to do all our usual autumn activities, but I'm sure we'll still have lots of fun as a new little family.

So without further ado, here is the tutorial of my current makeup routine and down below the video are all the products used in this routine. And please go subscribe to my YouTube channel! I'd really appreciate it.

The following may contain affiliate links, however, I only promote products that I use and love. Thanks!

Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer - In The Nude 

*Two things about this product: Since the label was faded away I was searching through my Ipsy account to figure out what brand this was, I thought I got it recently, but apparently it was almost a year ago. And when going to their website, I just now learned there's a brush on the other end. Who knew?

Monday, October 2, 2017

LDS General Conference Thoughts | October 2017

During the last General Conference in April, I wrote down quotes and thoughts from every single talk in the four main sessions. Little did you know, I was pregnant at the time and during one particular talk in the Sunday morning session, I was hit with morning sickness... hard. For that talk, I stole quotes from Twitter, because I had been too occupied in the bathroom to listen.

Look where I am now. Home with my twin girls.

During that conference, I didn't know I was having twins yet and didn't fully comprehend why my morning sickness was so bad. I was frustrated and upset and didn't know how to cope.

And now I'm watching conference with my girls, an official mother, tired and worn out, and not fully knowing how to cope.

It is impossible to write out notes for every single talk. It's turning out impossible for me to listen to every talk. However, I was able to fully listen to one. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk during the Saturday morning session. And one quote stood out to me more than any other.

"Here in mortality, perfection is still pending." 

Many times as a member of the church we are put under a pressure to be perfect. I remember first being married and going to a married student ward and watching my ward members competing to show they were the most perfect and holy. But knowing those people now, it was all an act. They were pretending to be perfect.

Nobody is asking us to be perfect now.

Yes, it's the scriptures a million times that we need to be like Christ, who is perfect. But every general authority has said at one point that they know we are not perfect. It is impossible to be truly perfect. But that doesn't mean we should ever stop trying.

I have said on this blog many times that I am far from a perfect Mormon. I've made millions of mistakes. I have a tattoo. I don't read my scriptures every day and sometimes take a break for months before trying again. I often struggle to pay my tithing. I haven't had a temple recommend in two years... until recently.

Recently I was able to get a temple recommend after two years in order to be there for my sister's sealing. And when I went into the temple, I felt such joy and peace. I was very much pregnant and every motion was a struggle, but not while I was in the temple.

As a new mother, I want more than anything to raise my children in a gospel filled home. While pregnant, I often felt pressure to be perfect so I can be an example for my girls. But I am not expected to be perfect. No one is perfect and I will never be the exception.

I will never be perfect. My perfection is still pending. But as long as I'm trying my hardest to be my best self, then I will never fail.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sunday Scrapbook | September 24th - 30th, 2017


Our girls turned two weeks old while still in the NICU. But we got great news while visiting them... Zoey could come home on Tuesday!! 


Zoram has just a few days left as the only "child" in the home. He also likes to lay on my laundry as I'm folding and getting ready for the girls to arrive. 


So on Monday morning, the girls were given a new formula to try to help with their spit-up issue. Zoey's return home is delayed, but Makell's is moved up and both girls are able to come home on Wednesday!! 

Oh, and Chris and I visited Walmart and looked at Halloween costumes. These masks are awesome and I want them. 


We took the girls to the pediatrician, which was quite an adventure. Zoey weighed 5 pounds 10 ounces and Makell weighed 5 pounds 6 ounces. Both are bigger than their birth weights, but they're still tiny. The onesies they're wearing are preemie size, but I don't have much in preemie. They'll be wearing clothes a little bigger for a while. 

Our first day together was like a dream come true. I've waited for this for so long. I am finally a mother and my girls are better than I could have ever imagined. I am so truly blessed. 

You can watch their homecoming vlog on my YouTube channel HERE.


Chris worked most the day, but the girls got a visit from their Uncle Nick and Grandma Ostrowski. We all stayed in jammies all day and it was a lazy, comfy day. That night we all watched our Utah State Aggies beat BYU! Even though Chris and I no longer go to school at USU, we're big supporters.


(Makell has a lipstick kiss on her forehead.)

My life is completely different with these girls in my life, but I wouldn't have it any other way. We had fun spending the whole day together. I love dressing them up in cute outfits (and getting through summery dresses like this while it's still warm, but the cold is definitely coming). 

Chris is such a good dad and he loves these girls so much. He works so hard to make sure they have the best life. We're struggling with me no longer working, but he is the best help by being such a hard worker and still volunteering to help out with the girls and having to deal with the needy Zoram. I love him. I married a winner. 

A huge thank you to my lovely visiting teachers for bringing over dinner. Honestly, do you see that picture? I could never make something as amazing as this. That's homemade bread! It was all so delicious and I am so truly grateful for all the kindness and generosity of my neighbors in these crazy first few days with the twins. 

Link Within

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