Friday, January 27, 2017

Why Fashion Friday Posts Are Difficult To Do In Winter

One of my unwritten New Years Resolutions was to never miss a Fashion Friday post. I left it unwritten because I know that sometimes it is honestly impossible to go out and take fashion photos, especially during the winter time. I was right to leave this goal un-written since here we are, the last Friday of January and I've done one fashion post so far this year.

My lack of fashion posts doesn't go without trying. I tried. I promise I tried. You can ask my husband about my almost crying when the weather and daylight hours would not work with my schedule.

See, I work a full-time job. 8-5. During all daylight hours. Now, if I had a home with good lighting, or could purchase good photography lighting, then maybe it wouldn't be such an issue. But in all honesty, the fashion posts that get the most attention, are always done outside, and I completely agree that outdoor pictures look and feel the best. Lighting is better, backgrounds are better, and there are so many more opportunities instead of just a blank wall.

Winter is such a beautiful time of year. Fashion photos in the snow can be absolutely gorgeous... Can be. Winter can also be the ugliest time of year. Gray mounds of snow piled up on the sides of every street, gray skies, fog, no sunlight, as bleak and depressing as the beginning of a Charles Dickens novel.

During the winter no one WANTS to leave their home. We only leave because we're forced to. Getting an outfit together, driving to a decent location and standing in the cold doesn't ever sound fun, but we do it anyways. Sometimes.

But there's such an unpredictability during the winter. Weather is constantly changing. This past month we had temperatures in the single digits which jumped up to 40℉ and rain in a single day. The wind is almost constant and makes it feel even colder. It snows whenever it feels like, which is hard to predict considering the clouds are really talented at covering any sight of the sun.

I want to be a fashion blogger... part-time, only on Fridays. But during the winter it's just so incredibly difficult! So while fashion posts are still a goal for this blog, it may still be a while before the consistency starts. But I'm excited for when they do!

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