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The Knight Dragon vs. the Farmer | Heroes & Villains 1.6

Ben walked through the office towards Ellie’s desk, a scowl on his face. It had been a long night and he had barely slept. As he approached Ellie she glanced toward him, scrunching up her nose.
“Oh gosh, what is that smell?” Ellie asked. Ben groaned and glanced around Ellie’s desk at the surrounding workers, as they tried to hide their stares.
“Still? I took like six showers.” Ben moaned.
“Well, it wasn’t good enough apparently,” Ellie said looking over him skeptically.
“Ellie I need your help.”
“You need my help taking a shower?” Ellie asked. Her cheeks immediately flushed red. “I didn’t mean it like, I didn’t mean it like anything actually, I was only trying to say…”
“So I came across this new villain.” Ben interrupted her.
“Thank you for stopping my rambling.”
“Anytime,” Ben replied. “And this guy is a big strong man. His power is his strength. He’s completely flame resistant, nothing I do can hurt him.”
“And his inability to be burned by you made you stink?” Ellie asked. Ben winced.
“He’s a farmer and threw me into a pile of cow manure.” Ben hung his head, not wanting to look her in the eye. Ellie grinned and held in her laughter. “I don’t know how to stop him,” Ben added.
“What is he doing?” Ellie asked. Ben jaw tightened, grinding his teeth together.
“What are you talking about?”
“What is he doing that you feel the need to stop him from doing it?” Ellie elaborated. Ben inhaled deeply, his eyes narrowing in a guarded expression.
“Ellie, he’s a villain,” Ben stressed.
“Doing what?” Ellie continued to pry.
“Well, he threw me in a pile of cow manure.”
“And that’s why you need to stop him?” Ellie rolled her eyes. “You have to prove you can’t be defeated by a villain in that way? Is this an egotistical thing?”
“No, but this is an ‘I am your boss and you should help me’ type of thing,” Ben snapped, his lack of sleep wearing down his patience. Ellie pursed her lips, letting a calculated gaze sweep over him, her silence, making Ben regret his outburst.
“I’d say distraction is your best bet,” Ellie said after a minute. “And he may be fireproof but he has to have a weakness, he’s not bullet…”
“Ms. Washington,” Rylie’s voice scolded from behind Ben. He spun around to face her. “Need I remind you that your rate has fallen below conformance in the last month? You have a lot of catching up to do and flirting with the boss isn’t going to help you.” Despite addressing Ellie, Rylie’s eyes kept darting to Ben.
“Clearly this is my fault,” Ben spoke up. “And I’m sure we can work something out.”
“Uh huh,” Rylie chided, looked over Ben’s whole body, sniffing. “You know what your father is always preaching about in this company? Consistency! Last month we had to fire an employee because they continually fell below conformance. Now, Mr. Baker, just because for some inexplicable reason you’ve chosen Ellie as your latest dating conquest it does not excuse her from her work. Consistency is what your father wants for the company and I will keep with it.”
“You are one of the greatest team leads in the company,” Ben observed, flashing her his signature press smile. Rylie blushed, her stern expression softening, her body melting at his look. Ben turned back to Ellie. “Thank you for the advice.” Ellie nodded, her eyes shifting between Rylie and Ben. Ben turned back towards Rylie, stepping towards her and placing his hand on her upper arm.
“Really, though, fantastic work. I’m very impressed by you. We should have a meeting about how well you’re handling your team.” Ben charmed her.
“I would gladly meet with you anywhere, anytime,” Rylie whispered, leaning into him. Ben faked a smile and released her, moving past her towards the lobby. Rylie watched him leave and sighed contently, wobbling backward to lean against Ellie’s desk.
“That man is incredible.” Rylie moaned with a grin. Ellie laughed.
“Yeah, an incredible flirt.” She rolled her eyes.

“Mr. Baker,” Wilma’s voice came over Ben’s phone intercom. “I have a Ms. Washington here to see you.” Ben set down his energy drink can and hesitated a second before reaching over to press the mic button.
“Send her in.”
Ellie slipped into his office a moment later, skipping over to his desk. She placed her palms on the wood surface and leaned towards him. Ben stared up at her, watching her curled hair fall down over her shoulders, hanging down around her.
“Was there more about that case you wanted to ask me?” Ellie asked with a curious grin. “It’s just been a while since you’ve included me. I do watch the news sometimes. I know the Knight Dragon has been doing stuff without me.” Ben frowned.
“I was just worried after the whole Mortician thing you wouldn’t want to help much anymore,” Ben replied. Ellie cringed, her composure crumbling.
“Of course I want to help,” Ellie replied. “Just so long as you promise to never take me to a mortuary again.”
“I’m sure we can work that out.” Ben smiled.
“So what’s this new case about?” Ellie prodded. Ben leaned back in his chair.
“Matt Waters. Super strength. Pretty fast too. He really beat up Roger and myself, we just can’t seem to stop him on our own and the BOS won’t send in anyone else.” Ben sighed.
“As I said before, distract him,” Ellie said. “What’s the best way to distract him? What is he into?”
“Women.” Ben blurted, scowling.
“Well then take me with you,” Ellie said. Ben’s eyes widened, looking horrified. “I can distract him and then you and Roger can swoop in and stop him from doing whatever he’s doing.” Ben’s eyes narrowed.
“You are not coming,” Ben enunciated. Ellie tilted her head, looking him over carefully.
“Really?” Ellie scoffed.
“Yes, really. When I brought you into my team I made you a promise that I would protect you. I don’t want to be out there worrying about you getting hurt.”
“Then don’t worry.” Ellie shrugged. “I can handle myself. So long as there are no dead people walking around I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine.”
“Ellie,” Ben sighed. “I don’t want to take the risk.”
“I do,” Ellie said. “It seems like the only way I’m going to be able to help you on this one is if you take me out there with you.”
“Ellie the reason we’re going after this man is because of what he does to women.” Ben grimaced. Ellie sucked in a sharp breath, keeping her eyes on him. “He’s already been arrested four times for sexual assault though we’re pretty sure there are more cases, two of which possibly ended in murder. He keeps breaking out of prison. I am supposed to take him into the BOS where they can better control him.”
“It sounds to me like you already know his greatest weakness,” Ellie said. “I’m your distraction.” Ben’s body stiffened.
“We are not doing that. Ever.”
“You and Roger will both be there, it’ll be fine.”
“You can’t guarantee that.”
“You don’t trust your own abilities?” Ellie asked, raising an eyebrow. “I trust you, Ben. I trust that you will protect me and keep me safe. This is your job. You’ve done it before and I have no doubt you’ll do it again.”
“You don’t have to prove anything to me.” Ben was trying to keep his voice level, but Ellie could hear the anger in his voice. “I know you were just scared at the mortuary. There are other cases you can help me with in the future. I am not putting you at risk. Not for this.”  
“Ben I’m going to be fine,” Ellie smiled. “Just text me details and I can meet you right after work.” Ben scowled as Ellie turned and left his office. He breathed in deeply and let his head fall into his hands, rubbing his temples.

Ellie crossed the parking lot, leaving Bakersfield for the day. As she neared her car she saw the Knight Dragon sitting in the front passenger seat of her car. Ellie walked a bit faster and moved to her door, yanking it open and sitting down. She glanced towards Ben.
“How did you get in here?” Ellie asked.
“Your back door doesn’t lock.” Ben nodded his head to the backseat. Ellie turned to look at the offending door and found two more passengers in her car, the Speedster and a middle-aged man in a police uniform. Ellie kept her eyes on the police officer a moment.
“Are you wearing that?” Ben asked. Ellie glanced back at him before looking down at her lap. She was still in her work outfit, a black pencil skirt, black heeled boots that went up just below her knees, a white button up blouse, and she was wearing a long pink coat to keep warm.
“Well I’m not going back home to change, so yes,” Ellie replied with a frown, pulling her keys from her purse and inserting them in the ignition.
“Why not?” Ben asked. “We can make time for that.”
“You don’t like what I’m wearing?” Ellie teased, glancing in her rearview mirror at the police officer again, as she began driving out of the parking lot.
“I think that it’s too tempting for a wanted sex offender,” Ben quipped. “I’m not fond of this plan in the first place and I don’t want to put you in any more danger than you already are.”
“This is a work outfit, it’s not like I’m dressed for a nightclub,” Ellie argued. “I never in my life thought I would be arguing with Benjamin Baker about my clothes,” Ellie commented, prompting a laugh from Roger.
“Ellie I don’t want you getting hurt,” Ben groaned.
“Well, I’m not going back to my apartment to change my clothes, because trying to explain to my boyfriend why I have to leave again with a car full of heroes will not work out, trust me.” Ellie retorted. “If I go back home he won’t let me leave again and then your whole plan is ruined.”
“This is not my plan,” Ben said stubbornly.
“I think she’s dressed fine.” The police officer spoke up. “Besides, getting Matt is important, but protecting her is our first priority.” Ben scowled.
“Ellie, this is police chief Lionel Thompson.” Ben introduced him. “He’s with us to arrest Matt when we get there.”
“Nice to meet you,” Ellie said slowly. “I’ve never driven with a police officer in my car before. It’s a little nerve-racking.”
“I’m not here to assess your driving,” Lionel said with a warm smile. “I’m the one who enlisted Ben on this case.” Ellie glanced towards Ben in his Knight Dragon suit, picking up on the fact that Lionel knew his secret identity.
“And do you and Ben work on a lot of cases together?” Ellie asked.
“Not often,” Lionel admitted. “But Ben and I go way back.”
“He’s my dad’s best friend,” Ben said.
“I knew Ben back when he was in diapers.” Lionel grinned. “Such a cute pudgy thing.” Ben groaned and rolled his head back against the headrest. Ellie smiled.
“He was a fat kid.” Roger agreed. Ellie giggled.
“Can we focus here?” Ben turned towards the backseat.
“Don’t worry about it,” Ellie spoke up. “Everyone has an awkward stage growing up. Mine was in middle school. Just a gangly teen with terrible hair and glasses who only cared about technology and science. I was a freak.”
“Somehow I doubt that,” Ben commented. “You must have been a genius child.”
“Yes, well the kids who love school tend to be the ones teased by the rest of the school.” Ellie shrugged. Ben stared at her a moment, remembering his own middle school years being the bully who teased the nerds in his class. “What’s the plan here?”
“Not my plan,” Ben muttered again leaning back in his seat and staring forward out the windshield.
“You’re going to go to Matt’s door and get him out of the house by saying you have car trouble,” Lionel said. “My officers haven’t been able to get him out of the house at all. Ben and Roger barely got him outside last night.”
“And when we got him outside it was only because he wanted to beat us up,” Roger added with a frown. “Your idea for a distraction is our best bet. You need to keep his focus so he won’t see us coming. Hopefully, that way we can get him back to jail.”
Ben guided Ellie towards the south part of town till they were in an area of the city known as the Island. The Island was on a hill and was the poor area of Apple Creek. The majority of the people who grew up here didn’t amount to much, the city wouldn’t let them. Apple Creek was a rich and thriving city, the Island was their place of shame, and housed the majority of villains. Ellie smiled though as she drove through the neighborhoods. It was where she had grown up. She didn’t believe in the stereotype of the Island.
They continued past the Island till they were in the long fields of the farming area, outside of Apple Creek. Ellie continued down the road until Ben told her stop. Matt’s home was in sight, but not too close. They all exited the car and began walking towards the house. The sun had set and the darkness surrounded them, a cold, bitter wind picking up. They made their way through the thick grass, Ben occasionally reaching over to steady Ellie in her heels as they sunk into the ground. The group paused near the barn as they set to split ways, Ellie for the house and the rest to stay in the barn until Matt came out.
“Ellie,” Ben grabbed hold of her arm firmly. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Ellie was surprised at the amount of concern she saw in his face.
“I’m going to be fine.” She said, keeping her voice gentle and reassuring.
“But if something happens…”
“You protected me from dozens of walking corpses.” Ellie interrupted him. “All on your own. I trust you, Ben. I know you aren’t going to let anything happen to me.” Ben sighed.
“If anything goes wrong get back to the car and drive away,” Ben instructed. “We’ll all be fine on our own. You have to get away.”
“Okay.” Ellie nodded. Ben kept hold of her arm and stared at her. Everything inside of him was protesting against this. It hadn’t been long since they met, but Ellie was important to him, he refused to let anything happen to her.
“I’m giving you five minutes,” Ben said, his voice strained. “Get him out of the house, distract him from us, then get back to the car.” Ellie pulled her arm from his grip.
“Good luck on your end.” Ellie smiled. Ben didn’t return the smile as he watched her as she turned away and walked towards the house. Ben closed his eyes and groaned.
“What did I tell you?” Roger nudged Lionel. “He’s got a major crush on this one.” Ben turned to them both with a glare.
“I’m not used to putting people out as bait,” Ben argued.
“Yes, but my first time fishing I didn’t talk to the worm like that.” Lionel joked. Ben rolled his eyes.
“Let’s hide,” Ben said shaking his head. “We have to be ready for when they come out.”

Ellie knocked on the screen door. It didn’t take long before the door flew open. Ellie took a few steps backward till she was at the edge of the steps. The large man standing in the doorway in front of her let his eyes gaze across her body. Ellie felt a chill run down her spine but tried not to let it shake her.
“Hi,” She smiled. “My car seems to have broken down, I was hoping you might be able to help me out.” The man gave her another look over, then smiled.
“I’m sure I can, missy. Where you parked at?” Matt asked. Ellie turned and pointed towards the road.
“Just a little bit down the road,” Ellie said. Matt poked back inside and grabbed a baseball cap. He pulled it over his head and stepped outside on the porch. Ellie stepped down and began heading towards her car. Matt followed alongside her, his eyes seemingly unable to look away from her. Despite her confidence in Ben, a sliver of fear inside of her began to take over, and Ellie couldn’t help but ramble.
“I was lucky my car stopped so close to your home,” Ellie said, her mouth feeling dry. “I was thinking I was lost in the middle of nowhere. And in these heels, I wasn’t too fond of the idea of heading back towards town.”
“Where were you headed?” Matt asked curiously.
“I have some cousins just down the road,” Ellie replied.
“Oh yeah? Who?”
“The Marston's,” Ellie said, reciting the family name of a few kids she knew from school.
“I know them.” Matt nodded as he moved closer, letting his arm brush against her shoulder. “Lenny and I went to school together.”
“Yeah?” Ellie smiled sweetly. Her body began to shiver, but only partly from the cold. “Damien was in my grade. We had a lot of fun together in school.”
“No way you went to Lester High.” Matt stared at her, looking surprised.
“Yeah, I grew up in the Island.” Ellie nodded. Matt stopped shortly, grabbing hold of her wrist. Ellie’s whole body froze. His grip was tight and though Ellie wasn’t currently trying, she feared freeing herself would be more difficult than she had thought.
“Beautiful women like you don’t grow up in the Island,” Matt said sternly. Ellie stared back at him, trying to keep her expression unreadable. “And I’m pretty sure I would have remembered you around school.” Matt pulled her closer. Ellie laughed nervously.
“You know, we should get going to my car.”
“What’s the hurry?” Matt caught hold of her other wrist. “We’re just two people from the south side of the city, the people Apple Creek forgot. Might as well mourn over our wasted talent together.”
“I’m fine,” Ellie said, her voice shaking. Matt leaned his head down towards her, letting his lips brush against her ear as he whispered.
“Nobody cares about women from the Island, but I do.” Ellie closed her eyes and her body began to shake. In one swift motion, Matt released Ellie’s wrists as he knocked her to the ground. Ellie let out a small yelp as she hit the grass and stared up at him. A gray blur began to circle Matt and Ellie watched as he fell backward, his legs bound by rope. Roger came into view, glancing anxiously towards Ellie.
Matt growled at Roger and began to roll onto his knees, grabbing hold of Ellie’s leg. Ellie felt his crushing strength immediately and grimaced at the pain in her ankle as she tried to tug free. A fireball flew past Ellie, hitting Matt in the face. It was only an inconvenience to him and he yanked on Ellie’s leg, dragging her across the grass. Ben flew down on top of Matt, knocking him down as his whole body burned with orange flames.
Ben continued to shoot flames at Matt’s face as Roger began to run at Matt’s legs, tightening the ropes and adding more across the rest of his body. Matt released Ellie’s leg to swat at Ben. The fire across Ben’s body disappeared immediately and he turned to Ellie, flames beneath his feet propelling him in flight. He hooked his arms beneath Ellie’s and lifted her off the ground, flying her towards the barn and setting her down gently, looking her over, his face filled with concern.
“I’m fine,” Ellie told him. Ben’s eyes met hers and he frowned.
“We are never doing this again,” Ben muttered before turning and flying back towards Matt. Lionel moved beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder.
“Are you alright?” He asked her gently. Ellie nodded.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” Ellie replied.
“I feel like you’re the type of woman who says that to everything,” Lionel said, still staring at her. Ellie smiled.
“Often yes, but I really am fine.” She said. Lionel nodded.
“Stay put.” He instructed and he began jogging towards the scene. Matt was fighting against the ropes at his legs, Ben and Roger both working to restrain his arms. Ellie leaned back against the barn wall, letting out a deep breath she wasn’t aware she had been holding in. She kept her eyes on the scene in front of her, still feeling anxious.
Ellie watched as Ben shot fireballs from his palms towards Matt’s face as Roger ran on top of Matt’s body, trying to keep him on the ground. Lionel approached as Matt let out a yell, reaching down and tearing the ropes from his legs. Matt stood abruptly and lunged towards Ben, knocking him to the ground. Lionel backed away, without powers he was more likely to get hurt. Matt’s fist came down on Ben’s stomach and Ben’s whole body contracted, relaxing on the grass in pain. Roger ran at Matt, slamming into his side and knocking Matt off Ben. Matt caught hold of Roger’s leg and tossed him effortlessly across the grass, Roger sprawling out unmoving.
Ellie gasped and placed a hand over her mouth. Her mind was racing, trying to think of something, anything that she could do for them. She had to distract Matt again, she had to keep him away from Ben and Roger. That’s what she had come for, but fear held her back. She felt frozen beside the barn, watching as the scene continued to play out in front of her.
Ben was on his feet again, his whole body igniting into flames. He flew at Matt, wrapping his arms around Matt’s neck from behind. He was trying to suffocate him, get him unconscious so they could get him out of there to prison. Matt was swinging back at Ben, trying to get him off of him. Matt gave a sharp swing backward with his elbow, slamming it into Ben’s ribs. Ben’s grip on Matt released only for a second, but it was enough for Matt to turn and shove Ben away, his strength causing Ben to fall to the ground, grunting in pain.
Roger took another run at Matt, but Matt saw him. Matt swung his arm out, knocking Roger to the ground again. Matt began to crouch over Roger, swinging his fists forward. Roger avoided most with his speed but still managed to get hit, each time yelling out in pain. Lionel and Ben came at Matt from behind, Lionel holding onto a thick pair of handcuffs. Ben jumped onto Matt and began pulling his arms back, Lionel moving forward to cuff him. Matt rolled to the side, slamming Ben to the ground. Lionel backed away but not in time. Matt smacked Lionel against the chest and Ellie watched as Lionel’s body flew backward, hitting the ground. Without any hesitation, Ellie ran towards Lionel, falling onto the grass beside him, her eyes scanning his body for life-threatening injuries.
“Are you okay?” Ellie asked him fervently. Lionel nodded and attempted to sit up. He groaned and clutched at his ribs. Ellie gently helped him back down.
“Remember what Ben said?” Lionel asked. Ellie frowned. “Get to the car, and get out of here.” Ellie shook her head. She glanced back towards the fight. Matt caught hold of Ben’s neck and pulled him up into the air. Ben’s legs dangling and he ignited, fighting to free himself as he gasped for air.
“We can hurt him, right?” Ellie asked quickly.
“Yes,” Lionel replied, frowning with confusion. Ellie hadn’t turned away from Ben. His attempts were futile. The flames disappeared from his body and Ellie could see the struggle, watching his body growing weaker from lack of oxygen. Ellie turned back to Lionel and reached towards his gun holster on his belt, pulling out his Glock pistol. Lionel began to protest as Ellie moved to her feet and glanced towards the weapon in her hand, turning off the safety. There was a familiarity as she held the cold metal in her hand, and the corner of her mouth twitch with satisfaction. She lifted up a steady right hand, pointing the gun towards Matt. There was no hesitation as she pulled the trigger.
The sound of the gunshot ripped through the night air. Ben was dropped immediately, collapsing to the ground, coughing and gasping for air. He turned his head slightly to see Matt clutching his forearm in pain, blood spilling onto the ground. Roger ran back towards Matt and began to tie up his legs once more. Matt barely protested, whimpering over his bleeding arm as Roger pulled Matt’s arms behind his back and placed his wrists in unique handcuffs made specifically for him. Matt fell on his side in the grass, howling in pain. Ben hesitated before pushing himself to his feet, his head and chest aching from the momentary lack of oxygen. He glanced back and saw Ellie standing beside Lionel, a gun in her hand. Ben frowned and walked over towards them, eyeing Ellie carefully.
“What happened?” Ben asked sternly, looking between Ellie and Lionel.
“She took the shot,” Lionel replied, sitting up, grimacing in pain. Ben moved down beside Lionel quickly, assisting him to his feet. Roger appeared by their side.
“What happened?” Roger asked.
“You apparently got a girl on your team handy with a gun,” Lionel answered again. “I’d like my gun back by the way.” He said turning to her. Ellie frowned and looked down at the gun in her hand. She handed it back to Lionel, looking disappointed to release the gun so comfortably held in her hand. Lionel switched the safety on and fastened it back in its holster.
“You shot his arm?” Roger stared at Ellie in disbelief.
“He had Ben. I figured the best way to get him to release Ben without seriously injuring him was to shoot Matt in the arm.”
“And you weren’t worried about shooting me in the process?” Ben asked.
“Course not,” Ellie rolled her eyes. “It was an easy shot.”
“Easy shot?” Lionel asked incredulously. “I have officers at my station who couldn’t make a shot like that. Where did you learn to shoot?” Ellie frowned, looking confused.
“My dad taught me,” Ellie said hesitantly. Ben raised an eyebrow.
“I thought your dad died when you were nine?” Ben asked.
“He did,” Ellie said with a nod. “But he gave me my first shooting lesson at six.” No one spoke, all the men staring at Ellie with a mixture of confusion and horror. It took Ellie a second to register the surprised stares surrounding her.  She frowned and focused her attention on Ben.
“Is that not normal?” Ellie asked, her innocence coming across genuine in her tone. “I didn’t think... I just thought most six-year-olds take shooting lessons. He made it seem normal. Is it not?” Ben couldn’t help but laugh at the confusion in her expression.
“That’s definitely not normal, but I’m grateful he taught you regardless.” Ben smiled, placing his hand on her shoulder. “Thank you, Ellie. How many more times do you think I’ll have to be thanking you for saving my life?”

“Oh, I plan on there being a lot more.” Ellie grinned.

Yay! Heroes & Villains is back!! ... for a few more weeks. This was such a fun story for me to write. I think it shows a lot more of our characters and their real personalities. And Ellie is just awesome. It may sound like I'm exaggerating, but it's probably because I know what happens in future stories, and she will always remain awesome. She one of my favorite characters I've ever written.

This is the longest story to date if you don't add the two parts of The Mortician together. Let me know what you think of the length in the comment section. If this is too much I may have to do some more two-parters to help out with future stories.

I'm both sad and excited that this first collection of Heroes & Villains stories is nearing the end. I can't make any promises when the next series of stories will be published, but it's already planned out and we have some pretty exciting stuff coming.

Hey, this is the first time you've read about Lionel, right? He was featured in another story that happened as a prequel to this series, but I never published it. It may come out later, though... But I like Lionel, and we'll see quite a bit of him throughout this whole series.

Next week we have a Christmas themed story that's written in a different way. I'm not sure how it will be received, but I enjoyed writing it. I enjoy writing all of these stories, though.

Also, all the next stories have songs to be added to the Heroes & Villains Playlist on Spotify. So if you haven't followed the playlist yet, go do that so you can get a first look at what the story might be about, since the songs will be posted before the story.

Sorry, I still have more to say.

I apologize for the lack of blog posts this month. It's the holiday season and I've been so busy that I have a hard time finding time to blog. I have big plans for 2017 though so it'll hopefully get more consistency soon.

I changed the way comments work on my blog post. I think (though could be completely wrong) that Disqus is an easier way for anyone to leave a comment. It's easier for me to reply and know when someone comments, though. So please leave comments on your favorite Heroes & Villains stories and you'll most likely get a response back!

Lastly, thank you to everyone who entered my recent giveaways. I was so inspired by the comments I received on the 12 Days of Service post and you all justified that my internet friends are the greatest people on earth. I love you all!



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