Monday, October 31, 2016



I've always loved Halloween and I had so much fun creating this costume. If you can't tell, I'm a gothic princess. Basically, I wanted to be a princess, but I wanted to wear all black. It's like my whole inner self portrayed in the real life, because I wish I was a princess and I want to wear black all the time... and a crown, all the time. I honestly wish I could dress like this every day.

My husband kept annoying me for weeks because he wouldn't tell me what he was dressing up as. But he secretly created his costume to be the Knight Dragon... the character I wrote in my Heroes & Villains series. Let's be honest here, Chris wins "Best Husband Award" this year because the love and support he gives my writing is unreal to me. I love him so much! 

Halloween is also the anniversary of my first kiss with Chris, so it's kind of like "our" holiday. 

I made the skirt for my costume and if you would like a tutorial you can leave a comment down below. It's not something I would do without suggestion because it's been shown on many blogs before. I wouldn't be showing you anything new. 

The under-dress and shoes are from Ross. I'm now obsessed with these shoes and want to wear them every day for the rest of forever, so be prepared to see them in a lot of future fashion posts. Oh, I will have a fashion post this Friday (which, BTW, is also my birthday). 

Finally, if you want a makeup tutorial on how I created this makeup look, just let me know in the comments as well. I love doing makeup videos so I'd be happy to, but since it's past Halloween I understand if that's not something that's needed. 

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween and eat lots and lots of candy!! 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Knight Dragon vs. the Mortician Part 2 - Heroes & Villains [1.4.2]

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Hey! This is the second half of a story, so if you haven't read the first CLICK HERE before reading on, otherwise you may be a little confused. And if you haven't read any Heroes & Villians stories, CLICK HERE to see the full archive. Thanks!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Chocolate and Caramel Hair

Yay! First fashion photos with my new hair! It's weird to both love and dislike something at the same time. I love the color, love the cut, but I dislike the fact that I cut off my long hair. I miss my long hair so much! And while the photos from the back make it look long, it's just not the same. Oh well, it's just hair. It'll grow back.

I wanted a photo from the back so you could see all the colors in it. Isn't it beautiful? My cousin Desi is so incredibly talented. I showed her a couple things I liked and she just went with it. If you live in Utah Valley and need a good hairstylist check her out. You can contact me for her personal details through email (

Fashion Fridays are back. I say that about six times a year, so we'll see how long until I'm saying it again. I have new plans for this blog, though, and making Fashion Friday more important is on the top of my list.

Don't forget to come back to the blog tomorrow at noon for the second part of the latest Heroes & Villains story! And if you haven't started reading Heroes & Villains, you can CLICK HERE to get all caught up.

Chambray Shirt: Target 
Tank Top: Target (Exact Match)
Pants: Target (Exact Match)
Shoes: Kohls


Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Knight Dragon vs. the Mortician Part 1 - Heroes & Villains [1.4.1]

“Oh my gosh,” Rylie Black breathed sitting on the corner of Ellie’s desk. Ellie’s head lifted to look up at her supervisor with a frown. “Just look at him. He’s so attractive.” Rylie was staring off towards the doors. Ellie glanced towards the entryway and found Ben, in a perfectly fitted blue suit, walking towards them. He gave Ellie a smile and wave as he approached them.
“He’s coming over here.” Rylie squealed. “Why would he pick the one day my hair is up? How's my makeup? Oh, he’s so hot.” Ellie glanced back at Rylie to find her still gawking over Ben, and couldn’t help but grin at her boss’s starstruck face.
“Hey Ellie,” Ben said stepping up to her desk.
“Hello,” Ellie replied with a smile, turning her chair, and full attention, toward him.
“Are you free later tonight?” Ben asked. “I need help with a special project.”
“I’m free,” Rylie blurted. Ben and Ellie both turned their full attention to her. Rylie stuck out her hand towards Ben. “Hi, Mr. Baker, I’m Rylie Black. I’m one of Ellie’s supervisors and single, so if you need anything, and I mean anything, I’m available.” Ellie couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped her mouth and Rylie shot her a glare. Ben kindly took Rylie’s hand and shook it.
“It’s nice to meet you Rylie,” Ben replied. “I’m sure in the future we could definitely use you for a project, but we’re specifically using Ellie for this one.” Ellie smiled at Ben. She would never understand how he managed to stay so calm and collective in any circumstance, awkward or life-threatening.
“You know I’d be happy to give you my personal number,” Rylie continued on. “Just in case you want to talk anytime day or night. I’d always be available for you, Benjamin.” Rylie winked. Ben glanced towards Ellie, his manners failing only slightly.
“Yeah, that would be fine,” Ben said, scratching the back of his neck. “Can I have a moment alone with Ellie to go over a few things?” Rylie pouted a moment before nodding and jumping off of Ellie’s desk.
“If you need me I’ll be nearby,” Rylie said placing her hand on his arm. Ben nodded and she walked away. Ben frowned and crouched down by Ellie’s desk.
“Remind me to get you your own office so I don’t have to worry about other people eavesdropping,” Ben said in a low whisper, glancing around at the other employees all eyeing Ellie with disdain.
“You can do that?” Ellie asked.
“Probably not,” Ben sighed. “So look, tonight I need your help. I’m supposed to hack into a security system to figure out what’s been going on. Roger has some special date tonight, I think they’re doing wedding planning with Karen’s parents, so he won’t be available. Would you be alright with going out on a case with me?”

Friday, October 21, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Zoram!!

Today is my pup's first birthday! As many of you know, we were able to get Zoram as an emotional support animal after my miscarriage. And when I think of the timeline, it's incredible how it all worked out. I learned about my miscarriage the beginning of November, but had lost my baby about two weeks prior... around the same time Zoram was born. Zoram was meant to come into our lives and he's my little baby until I can have a real one.

Here's a little bit about my pup in honor of his birthday:

-Zoram likes tennis balls, but if it's bigger than a tennis ball he's terrified of it.

-He barks way too much.

-He loves playing with my parent's dog Molly and my in-law's dog Max, though most the time Max and Molly don't seem to have as much fun with him.

-He loves to chew on things a bit too much and if he starts, he's determined to destroy it.

-Zoram loves being outside.

-His best trick is bowing to Chris.

-He loves snuggles and hugs, but only when he wants them.

-He's a fast runner and a lot of the time he seems to jump around while running.

-While he can be a big pain most the time, he really does do his job as an emotional support animal. If I'm ever crying, he knows to calm down and comes over to snuggle.

-He's afraid of everything. Just like me. And when he's scared he always comes to me to protect him.

-He's a mamma's boy, and I love it, though Chris is his best friend and playmate.

-Zoram is the cutest dog in the world. No contest. Don't you dare try to convince me otherwise.


Monday, October 17, 2016

New Hair

So... something a little crazy happened on Saturday...

Totally kidding. That's only a wig. But wouldn't I look fantastic as a blond? Also, everyone says I look like a doll in that photo, and I don't really know what to think about that.

Anyways, I did not go blond. I went darker. Thank goodness. I love having dark hair and it totally works with my Halloween costume... and personality.

I don't have much to say about my new hair, just that I love it. I slightly miss the length, but my hair grows fast so I'm not worried. I just love having long hair, and this doesn't feel long to me, not after what I previously had. But for the past few months, the length was getting on my nerves so I really needed it cut. I love my cut.


The chunk that was cut off.

My mom and brother got their hair done as well! 

This was an awkward process. 


Here's a comparison of my before and after. I don't look as happy in the after, but I promise I'm super happy about my new look! 

What do y'all think of my new do?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

October Ipsy Bag 2016

I want to go back to unpackaging videos, but things have been weird. I'm still adjusting to living in the Salt Lake area and working full time. And, as of yesterday, having dark hair. Also, putting most my free time into Heroes & Villains... please, please read it...

Anyways, here's my October Ipsy bag!!

I think this is one of the cutest bags. I especially love the ghost zipper. He's adorable and I'm pretty sure all Ipsy zippers are exactly the same, so this was a fun one.

I do apologize for the photos. My photo editor wasn't working and everything about my computer was being slow. I was getting super annoyed so avoiding editing photos was just better for me. Sorry if you don't like them.

My October Ipsy Products:

If you don't have Ipsy yet... what are you waiting for?!? CLICK HERE to start your subscription (Affiliate Link). It's $10 a month for five trial size makeup and beauty products in a cute bag. I honestly haven't had to buy new makeup in months. It's amazing. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Knight Dragon vs. the Sandstorm - Heroes & Villains [1.3]

Roger ran through the streets of the city, his body only a gray blur as he moved. His power was speed. He could run a mile in five seconds. Roger always joked though that his real power was controlling his speed. It was what helped him excel in track in high school and college with no one ever figuring out about his powers. It all lead to his current career as the track coach at the very same high school he had attended as a teenager. He was a legend there and proud of it. Roger came to an abrupt halt right beside Ben in his Knight Dragon suit. The suburban street around them was scattered with sand piles. Ben glanced over at him, seeing Roger’s new suit for the first time. Roger’s suit was a light gray with a thin black line down the sides. The fabric hugged his lean frame. He wore a hood and mask, shielding his identity.
“Nice suit,” Ben said, his voice distorted from the mic Ellie had put in his own suit. Roger looked down at himself.
“That girl you found is pretty talented,” Roger asked, his voice also distorted. “We should bring her around more often.” Roger winked. Ben rolled his eyes.
“You still think I have a crush on her, that’s the only reason you want her around.” Ben retorted. Roger grinned.
“I’m a hopeless romantic, what can I say?” Roger said with a shrug.
“Well, she apparently has a boyfriend,” Ben said sourly. Roger’s smile widened.
“And you’re so irritated by this, why?” Roger asked.  Ben cleared his throat.
“So the villain we’re facing tonight is named ‘Sandy’ Burton. Nickname, that's not his actual name.” Ben said, ignoring Roger’s question. “He takes the dust and dirt around him and can control it, turn it into different objects or just create a mess, which is why we were called in. He’s currently attacking his ex-girlfriend’s house and he’s put quite a few people in danger already.”
“How’s the girlfriend?” Roger asked, switching effortlessly into a controlled and concentrated superhero, his teasing smile vanishing.
“Soon to be drowning in sand.” Ben winced. “Our objective is to get anyone in danger out of there and take Sandy into custody.” Roger nodded.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Knight Dragon vs. His New Suit - Heroes & Villains [1.2]

Ben Baker stood at the top of the parking garage leaning against the low wall, gulping down an energy drink. Beside him, his best friend Roger Adams was leaning over the edge looking down. Ben was impatiently tapping his foot and looking down at his watch. The air was cool, a slight breeze blowing through the dark night air. The city was quiet with sleep. It was three in the morning and no one and nothing seemed awake but them.
“So what’s she like?” Roger asked suddenly looking up at Ben. Ben turned to him, the corner of his mouth fighting back a smile as he thought about his first encounter with Eleanor Washington. He hadn’t known what to expect when he called her into his office. He knew her background and nothing more. Ellie was a whirlwind of smiles, fast talking, and awkward comments, but Ben couldn’t get his interview with her out of his head. He had never met anyone like Eleanor Washington.
“She talks a lot,” Ben replied, figuring it was the best way to sum her up. Roger frowned.
“Perfect. That’s what you need for someone who knows about your secret.”
“She won’t tell,” Ben said confidently. “She’s smart, probably the smartest person Bakersfield has in their employment. Did you know she invented the Wonder Key? Her name isn’t on any of the patents and you have to do a ton of research to find her name connected to it at all, but she did. She admitted it to me.”
“She should sue if someone took her idea,” Roger commented.
“I don’t think she cares,” Ben said, sounding amazed. “She’s brilliant but she specifically applied for the data entry job instead of a higher up one she’s more than qualified for. She doesn’t seem to care about getting recognition, which is exactly what we need if she’s joining our team.”
“And she’s loyal.”
“You’ve met her once.” Roger rolled his eyes. “You really think you can judge loyalty from one meeting?” Ben looked back down at his watch, not registering the time, just wanting to look away from Roger.
“I trust her.” Ben replied. Roger looked over Ben with curiosity for a moment.
“I get it,” Roger said. “She’s pretty and you have a crush on her.” Ben turned to him quickly.
“That’s not what it is,” Ben said. Roger grinned.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Thoughts On General Conference October 2016

Hello friends! I'm feeling really emotional today. Maybe it's my cold that's already making my eyes (and nose) water or that it's October or that my birthday is coming up or that it's General Conference or that I cannot tell you the last time I cried (that's a literal achievement). There's a lot going on. So this post is basically pouring out my heart.

This weekend is General Conference. I remember last October conference very well. I went on a trip with my family to St. George. We listened to the sessions while driving and went to a musical at Tuacahn. Oh. And I was pregnant.

My mom took me shopping in St. George and bought me some maternity clothes. We had talked a lot about my future child and how excited we all were for it. My baby was the first grandchild in the family and all of us were so excited to welcome them into the family.

But... as fate would have it, a few weeks later my baby stopped growing. It took a couple weeks for me to realize and on my birthday on November 4th, I had a surgical procedure to remove the fetus from my body.

I was no longer pregnant. I no longer had a child. My parents were no longer going to be grandparents. And I was no longer going to be a mother.

It sucked. And that's putting it extremely lightly.

My whole plan for my life had collapsed. I was lost and I didn't know what to do. The next year of my life had been planned around being a mother and now...

When April General Conference rolled around I barely registered it. I'm pretty sure I had it playing in the background of my apartment but I didn't pay attention. April Conference had landed the week before my baby was supposed to be due.

I was angry and bitter. I was horribly depressed. I was in pieces. I was confused. I was lost. I didn't have friends or anyone to talk to. I felt so alone and helpless.

I had prayed every day of my pregnancy that my baby would be safe. And I prayed for a few weeks after my miscarriage that I would be comforted. And then I just stopped.

I don't remember what triggered it, my return to the gospel. I think all it took was one more prayer. One prayer asking my Father in Heaven for help.

I started going to church again. I started (occasionally) praying again. I started making an effort to take control of my life.

This weekend, listening to General Conference I'm reminded how blessed we are to hear the words of God through modern day prophets. I believe, with all my heart, that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet called of God. The messages that he shares with us each conference are the words of God, the words we need to hear most.

I'm not perfect. I still make so many mistakes. I have things to repent for and changes to make. I don't consistently pray or read my scriptures.  I still have work to do to get my testimony stronger. I still struggle now and again, those feelings of anger coming back to me. But God has never once given up on me and I would be crazy to ever give up on Him.

I'm not a perfect member of the church, nor do I think anyone really is. But I know that this church is true and as long as I center my life around God, then I know I'm in a better place.

I love General Conference and I urge each of you, members or not, to watch the Sunday sessions and see what you can take from it. There's so much information, but as long as you take one small thing from it, then its done it's job.

Never give up on God. Because he will never give up on you.

If you would like information on General Conference or the LDS church in general, you can visit You can also send me an email at and I would be happy to send you a Book of Mormon.

Eleanor Washington vs. the Interview - Heroes & Villians [1.1]

Eleanor Washington stepped off the elevator onto the top floor of the office building, her red heels clicking on the marble floors as she made her way over to the receptionist’s desk. The older woman behind the desk was typing slowly on her keyboard, her body hunched over to stare down at the keys. Her graying brown hair was pulled back into a small ponytail just above her neck, a few fly-aways framing her face. Ellie placed a hand on the desk and tapped her black painted fingernails against the wood.
“Hi, how are you?” Ellie asked with her usual enthusiasm. The secretary looked up at her, eyeing Ellie’s dyed, Cherry Coke red hair and black nails with disdain. Ellie hesitated, waiting for an answer that never came. Ellie glanced towards the woman’s badge hanging from her neck. “Hey, Wilma,  I was told by my supervisor to come up here.”
“Name?” Wilma droned, adjusting her glasses on her nose.
“Eleanor Washington.” Ellie replied. “But I go by Ellie. Eleanor is too long a name.”  Wilma perked up.
“Oh yes, Mr. Baker will be happy to see you,” She said. Ellie frowned, her whole body freezing. “Please take a seat and…”
“Mr. Baker?” Ellie interrupted. “As in the CEO?”
“No, his son.” Wilma said giving Ellie a disgusted look.
“So, the next CEO.” Ellie said, still frowning. Wilma smirked, clearly amused by the horrified expression on Ellie’s face.
“Yes, the younger Mr. Baker. Please take a seat. I’ll let him know you’re here.” Ellie backed away from the desk slowly and moved to sit in one of the many large arm chairs against the wall. Ellie kept her eyes on the secretary, waiting for Wilma to call her back and say it was all a joke. This had to be a joke. Ellie worked for one of the largest technological and engineering companies in the country, but she only worked data entry - she was basically a nobody in the scheme of things. Meeting with the CEO of the company couldn’t be real. It had to be some kind of prank.
One of the two office doors behind the secretary’s desk opened inward, and Benjamin Baker leaned out. Ellie stopped breathing for a minute. He was just as handsome as the press had always made him out to be. Ellie was born and raised in Apple Creek, and the Baker family practically owned this town. She had always known about Benjamin, the second eldest son in the Baker family; though, despite working for their family’s company, she had never once seen him in person before. The Bakers were one of the richest families in the country and were on the cover of every paper and magazine that made its way through Apple Creek. Since a young age, Ellie had always adored Ben, finding him the most attractive (and closest to her age) of the three Baker sons. She had spent all of middle school crushing on him. Despite no longer being fourteen, seeing Benjamin Baker in person was one of the most intimidating experiences of her life.
“Eleanor?” Benjamin smiled towards her. Ellie couldn’t help but smile hearing his voice say her name. Even his voice was attractive. She wondered idly if he had any unattractive characteristics. She needed a few to keep her heart rate down. She wasn’t in middle school anymore, her life was different now. She couldn’t react like this. Not with him.

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