Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Knight Dragon - Heroes & Villains [B.0.3]

A man of fire flew up onto the roof of Bakersfield Industries. His body was coated in flames, covering every inch of his skin. The blaze burned without pain, it was a part of him. The flames propelling him upward into flight. He groaned as his weary, bruised body landed and the flames disappeared from his skin. He glanced down to find his black latex suit with burn marks and holes. He scowled and examined the torn fabric. Another man, only visible as a gray blur with the speed at which he ran, made his way up the side of the skyscraper and stopped suddenly.  
“Knight Dragon.” The man said, tugging and scratching at the tight, gray fabric on his legs, his body no longer blurred. “Your suit’s broken again.” He commented.
“This is the second one in the past month, Speedster.” The Knight Dragon sighed. “Cassandra keeps saying she’s researching better, fire-proof fabric, but I’m losing all trust in her.” Speedster laughed.
“I hope not all trust.”
“Just in this, I supposed.” The Knight Dragon shook his head, though there was irritation in his voice. The Speedster knew of his partner’s distaste for Cassandra Walters, and always ignored it the best he could.  She was, in the most technical sense, their boss and the Speedster did his best to stay on her good side. He wasn’t like the Knight Dragon, he couldn’t afford to mess things up with her.
“I think she just has too much on her plate.” The Speedster said in a pathetic attempt to defend her. “She’s in charge of every hero in the city, it’s got to be a lot of work.”
“I think I should just find someone else.” The Knight Dragon said, pursing his lips. The Speedster grimaced.
“Below us is a company made for a task like this.” The Knight Dragon said after a moment, the corners of his mouth twitching with eagerness.

“Bakersfield has an anti-supers policy.” The Speedster argued.  “They’re searching for a cure for powers. You can’t just walk around the building asking for help.”
“I can research the employees. I’m sure I can find one person capable of creating me a suit that actually allows me to use my powers to their full potential. I don’t want to hold back. It’s hurting us. I have to find someone to help me.”
“And how are you going to tell them? Are you actually going to admit you’re the Knight Dragon to a Bakersfield employee? You do realize if anyone finds out who you really are you’re looking at huge consequences. The press would go insane.”
“Yeah, yeah, I know.” The Knight Dragon fought back a mischievous grin. “But I need a better suit. And weapons. We lost that villain tonight because he used weapons. We need a better way to fight back.”
“True.” The Speedster agreed, dragging out the word. “It was much easier when they only fought back with powers.”
“Bakersfield has to have someone who can create new suits and weapons for us. The company is the leader in engineering and technology. In this building there is someone wanting a challenge and not living up to their potential. I have to find them.”
“And you’re willing to bring someone new into our little trust circle?”
“I’d have to wouldn’t I?”
“It’s just not safe. For you or the person you get. They’ll have to lie for you. You’re going to have to trust them a lot.”
“I can find someone.” The Knight Dragon said confidently.
“Well, as your best friend I’ll stand behind you. But good luck. I’m excited to see what’ll happen if your secret gets blown.” He teased with a grin. The Knight Dragon lightly punched his arm.
“If my cover gets blown, I’m taking you down with me.”
“Lucky for me the whole city doesn’t know my name. Shouldn’t be a big deal if they figure it out.” The Speedster pointed out. The Knight Dragon sighed and looked down at his suit. It was a big risk, but he was certain it would be worth it.

The Knight Dragon is our lead hero for the entire series of Heroes & Villains! I'm so glad I finally got to introduce him. He's pretty fantastic. And while this story is kind of meant to be suspenseful, if you have read the very first look at this series you probably know who he's going to pick to help him out... 

I've added a new song to the playlist! Fire by Kasbian. It's the beginning of dozens of songs with "fire" in the title, I'm warning you right now. But this particular song influenced the whole series so it's the most significant.

This story is probably the shortest one we have. I didn't want to fully introduce the Knight Dragon just yet. Next week's story is the first one that I planned in my original ideas. If you comprehend my weird numbering, today's story is still one of our bonus/prequel stories. Next week we get into the actual first rollout for this series. This first rollout will go till the beginning of January, however, there are quite a few weeks that will be skipped due to holidays and such. Again, check Twitter and Facebook to know if an episode will be posted a certain week. 

Anyways, in my mind, next week everything really begins and I'm so excited to share it all with you, so please follow this blog and remember to come back next week at noon! 


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