Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Heroes & Villains Information

Hello friends! I have a lot of information to get through in this post so just bear with me.

This Saturday is the "premiere" of my short story series Heroes & Villains. I currently have these stories in six different rollouts, and we're only on the first. It'll take a long time to complete them all. This will be something that will continue on my blog for a few years, which I'm really excited about. In my head I consider each story like an episode and each "episode" will be labeled with a number code so you'll always know which story to read next...  Hopefully my number code makes sense...

Each episode will be posted on Saturdays at noon, MDT. There are some Saturdays that will be skipped, but if you follow our Twitter account, @superssaturday, then I will always let you know when stories are posted. Wednesdays on here I will also give information about the week's episode. For example:

This Saturday our first story will be posted! This week's episode, entitled "The Bakersfield Incident", takes place 87 years before our usual timeline and goes over how the city of Apple Creek became filled with super-powered people known as heroes and villains. 

Heads up, the first few episodes are mostly exposition. It was necessary as we have to introduce characters and the city of Apple Creek, but if you stick with it I promise it gets good (episode 4 is my personal favorite).

A few of the episodes have songs that go along with them. Sometimes it's the whole song, the title, or just a line in the song that connect it to the story. If you have a Spotify account you can follow the playlist, but you can also find it on many pages throughout the Heroes & Villains universe on the blog. I'll try to keep the newest songs at the top so they're easier to spot. We currently only have a few songs, that are only on there because of the titles. But I enjoy the songs so I hope you do too.

Hey! Remember how some of you helped with the details of this story? You can still help! Fill out the survey on THIS PAGE and your ideas may be featured in future episodes!

On the Heroes & Villains Twitter account as well as my Snapchat (cowgirlkaylee22) I will share bonus information after an episode is posted. These can be fun facts, a look into my writing process, or deleted information that didn't make it into the story. This week, however, my schedule is way too busy to do much but I'll try.

If there's ever a point where I get a lot of questions or feedback, I would love to do a live Q&A session on Periscope or Facebook live. So if that's ever something you would want, leave me a comment, send me a Tweet, Facebook message, whatever, and I will do my best to make it happen.

Don't forget to follow all my social media accounts as each one will have different pieces of information. But the specific Twitter account for this story is the most important one to follow.

I know it's a lot, but it's free and doesn't hurt, right? 

Speaking of free, Heroes & Villains will always be free to read. Every story will be posted on this blog and can be accessed at any time for no cost. But if you would like to help sponsor Heroes & Villains and this blog you can click on our Sponsor Page. My previous ad site (which allowed you to post an ad directly on my blog page) is closing, so I am currently shifting things around, but send me an email if you want your ad posted on my blog and we can work something out.

If you ever miss an episode or want to go back to re-read one, a full archived list of episodes will be kept on the Heroes & Villains tab at the top of this page. Each episode itself will have links to the previous and future episode as well so you can continually switch between them with no issues. 

If you have any questions regarding Heroes & Villain never hesitate to ask. I will answer as quickly as possible. You can also use the hashtags #SupersSaturday or #HVSeries or #HVShortStory to share your thoughts with others on social media. I will be checking those hashtags often so if you use them you're likely to receive a message back from me.

I would love your help in spreading the word about this series! Please tell all your friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, nemesis, etc. Basically the entire six rollouts (which add up to about 60 episodes) are completely planned out and I'm warning you right now, there's a lot of twists and turns and it will be one crazy, exciting, super-powered ride. 

I'm super excited for all of this and I hope you are too! 


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