Friday, August 19, 2016

Crazy Pup

While taking these photos Mr. Zoram Gerrard was running around me like a crazy fool. He loves to run. I wish we had a backyard so he could run and run and we wouldn't have to go chasing after him down the street... because unlike my dog I hate running.

Anyways, I want to apologize for these pictures. Clearly Chris still needs to work on his photography skills. He always cuts off my shoes and never gets details shown. We're working on it.

Also, I like the way my hair looks in these. I feel like the ends look more blond in these photos, even though it's technically red, but it's making me think I should dye the ends blond. I do want to change my hair soon. And cut a few inches off. The length is a bit out of control. I still want it long but it's getting hard to manage.

Look, there's Zoram in the corner, going crazy.

Look at that cute little face! I feel like he "poses" for pictures a lot and does that open mouth smile most times I have a camera out. He's so photogenic. 

I may be biased because black is my favorite color, but I think every girl needs a go-to black dress. The above dress is mine. However it's so old I don't remember where it's even from! So below are a bunch of awesome black dresses, all under $50, that you can buy... or I can buy... I want them all!! 

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