Wednesday, June 8, 2016

100 Days

Hello my friends! Today I am sharing some exciting news with ya'll! As you probably know by now, I have always wanted to be an author. Since I was like 10 I started writing stories and it's always been my one true passion. But despite writing for so many, many years, I have basically never shared my stories with anyone. Ever. I get so incredibly nervous to share them because they are like a piece of my heart that I've put so much effort into and if I put it out there for the world to see and it gets bashed on and torn apart... well that's just a terrifying thought, which is why I've never done it.

But all of that is changing in 100 days.

I have been hinting at this a lot. (Especially if you follow me on Twitter.) Since the beginning of this year I have been working on a series of short stories for you! The difference between these and my books I write is that these were made specifically for my blog and with my blog readers in mind, which in my head makes them easier to share... though it's still a little terrifying.

Starting September 17th this series of stories will begin going up on my blog. For this first roll-out they will be posted every other Saturday, with a few exceptions. I will be going crazy on social media near release dates so you can know exactly when a new story will be posted, so don't forget to follow me on those to stay up to date with each new story.

These stories are all linked and will follow the same characters throughout. This first roll-out has a total of ten "episodes" but I have plans for future roll-outs that will be posted at an unknown time.

This summer to help hype up this "premier" I will be posting some sneak peeks and prequel type stories to help you get the general idea of what is to come.

If you are an artist and don't mind working for free, I am looking for illustrations to go along with each story. So if you're interested, and want a first look at what I've been working on, then email me at

I am insanely excited to share this with you guys!! I'm also quite scared considering six of the ten episodes are not completed yet. I have 100 days though, we should hope they are all finished and edited by then.

I hope these leads to great things in my writing career and that you all love these stories as much as I do! 100 days you guys!!! 

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