Friday, April 15, 2016

Jon McLaughlin Concert

*My blog is transitioning to a scrapbook of my life. That's what this post is.

So let's get you in the mood first:

Sister love!

Jerad Finck

JON MCLAUGHLIN!!! Oh my gosh he's so perfect!!! 

My actual view of Parachute

Zoomed in Parachute

Wednesday April 13th I drove down to SLC with my aunt and cousin to meet up with my mom, her BFF, and my sister for a girl's night! For this wonderful, magical night, we saw my absolute favorite singer of ALL TIME. Oh, and Parachute.

So first off was Jerad Finck (you have no idea how difficult it was to find the correct spelling of his name. He was on his own, no band. Just him and his guitar, and I thought he did amazing. You can hear his stuff on Spotify HERE. We felt bad because after at the tables no one was approaching him. But I got my picture with him. I thought he had awesome hair.

Then my love Jon McLaughlin came out... and I was basically dying. I'm pretty sure this was my fourth time seeing him in concert and every time he's incredible. He sounds as good, if not better, than the album version and watching him play the piano is just mesmerizing. He also played guitar for a song. He's such a perfect human being.

After his set ended... I was a little sad. It was a Parachute concert and I do like their songs, but I honestly just came for Jon and it wasn't long enough for me, though he did play my favorite off his new album, Let Go, it's amazing. It's in the video below.

So the venue was one where there are no seats and you're just standing the whole time. So my mom wanted out of the crowd and pushed her way through (seriously those people would not move). She was only gone a little while before texting my aunt and saying she was talking to Jon. So obviously I took off through the crowd and got to approach him at his table.

I don't think I've ever been so awkward in my life, but I honestly just love him so much. I got my picture with him, he signed a poster for me, and as I purchased one of his t-shirts he told me it was his favorite one of his. Basically, I died last night.

By the time Parachute went on I was stuck in the back and was not going to try to push my way back through, which is why my pictures of them are not so good. But they were amazing. I really do think they are extremely talented and deserve much more fame and recognition (although double that sentiment for Jon). You can check out Parachute's Spotify page HERE.

Overall it was a magical night. I love Jon McLaughlin. His song "Four Years" got me though high school and his music always inspires my writing and my attitude. I hear any of his songs and I smile. He's brilliantly talented and so handsome. But he (according to Facebook) is the absolute sweetest husband to his lovely wife and he has the cutest daughter like... ever. So I know I keep talking about how much I love him, but we're both happily married, there's nothing actually romantic about it. I just love him though. Chris understands... I hope.

"Let Go" - My favorite song off his new album. Sorry for the narrow, phone video. I'm working on getting a vlogging camera for various reasons, but this is one of them. 

Parachute! There's a weird cut in this video, I had paused the recording. 

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