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Zak Detox Deodorant Giveaway!! (Closed)

Hello friends!! One of my goals for 2016 on this blog was to do quarterly giveaways. I am always so grateful for my blog readers and want to reward you for being my online friends! Hopefully as this blog continues to grow, giveaways can be much more frequent and your chances of getting free stuff will grow.

I am so excited to announce this quarter's blog giveaway, because this is my first ever sponsored post!! I was contacted by Zak Body Care  to test our their all-natural, toxin-free deodorant and give away a free sample to one of you!

Now I wouldn't just give away something I didn't know about, so I've been testing this product... AND I'M OBSESSED. It's been far too long since I've hand a deodorant that has lasted me through the whole day, and even longer! When I put on this deodorant in the morning, go through the day with it and then sleep with it, without ever reapplying, I still don't have to worry about stink. It's kind of like a miracle.

To prove that it could last through the day I made a few short clips on my phone the first day I tested it out. It was added on my recent haul video on my YouTube page so you can check that out HERE.

Zak Body Care has released a press release with information on all their new products and exactly what's in them:

New natural deodorant formulas from ZAK Body Care aim to solve the ‘natural deodorant’ problem once and for all. New natural formulas target customers across the board who wanted something different, something more.

DENVER, CO –Driven by customer led demand, all-natural and Organic deodorant company ZAK Body Care is launching not one or two but five new and completely unique deodorant formulas this Spring 2016. “We thought we should offer as many deodorant formulas as fast as we could make them to try and provide what our customers were asking for,” says ZAK Body Care founder and CEO, Zak Lyon.  

It is widely known that all too frequently natural deodorants fail to work. “Natural deodorant shouldn’t be that hard to figure out but for some reason as the natural skin care industry has progressed and produced great products deodorants seem to have been left behind,” says Zak Lyon. ZAK Body Care makes the natural choice without sacrificing effectiveness. ZAK Deodorants are designed with the uncompromising requirement that they literally feed the outer, middle and inner skin cells, protect against unhealthy and odor causing bacteria on the surface, and effectively deodorize.

ZAK Body Care CEO, Zak Lyon, says: “Within each deodorant formula is a number of skin superfoods dense with nutrients and functional compounds to improve the health of the skin and deliver on our ‘Deodorant’ promise.”
Each formula is completely unique in substance and form—some are solid sticks, some are liquids, others are somewhere in between. You may like one for the gym and another for going out or you might prefer one above all others.

The Original Deodorant is ZAK’s home base. A solid stick deodorant, the Original formula uses coconut oil, baking soda, and arrowroot powder as the soft base.  Shea butter, Aloe vera, USA beeswax, and natural plant extracts are added to give depth and structure to the formula. Earth clays and baking soda absorb both odor and wetness.

The newest solid stick deodorant, Super Smooth, is aptly named because it goes on super smooth and glidy. This formula keeps you smelling fresh all day with Aloe vera juice as the most abundant ingredient. All the Aloe nourishes and protects the skin and gives the formula that unmistakably smooth on with a subtle cool and fresh feeling only Aloe vera can deliver.

The new Deodorant Spray is natural and powerful, yet simple. A liquid deodorant, this formula uses natural plant extracts and healthy bacterial enzymes to combine for innovative yet simple odor protection and prevention. Fragrance blends for both men and women give these two deodorants magnificent, head turning fragrances.

The new Essential Oil Roll-on Deodorants are 100% essential oils by volume, nothing else except pure, natural, essential oils. They’ve selected the most powerful essential oils with antibacterial properties and combined them with some of the best fragrant essential oils for men and for women to give these deodorants unforgettable, sophisticated aromas.

The new Body Deodorant is a never before seen deodorant lotion. At ZAK Body Care they created a deodorant so nourishing and smooth that people think it’s a lotion. Call it a body deodorant, call it a deodorant lotion; just don’t say it’s not versatile. This deodorant formula can be used anywhere on the body. Underarm throughout the day and on your feet before you get in bed is just the beginning. Fellas, after a shower, rub it on your junk, front and back. Ladies, after a shower rub it anywhere, just remember: NOT FOR INTERNAL USE.  Use ZAK. Get creative ;)

This new line of premium natural deodorants is aiming to appeal to everybody. Not only do preferences matter but also some natural deodorants just don’t work for certain individuals. Attempting to solve this is ZAK Body Care with 5 totally unique forms of deodorant. “We constantly innovate and improve for our customers,” says Zak Lyon,  “they deserve cutting edge, no-compromise natural skin care products.”

For customers who are categorically disappointed with natural deodorants ZAK Body Care hopes to have the solutions you’ve been looking for.

About ZAK Body Care:
ZAK Body Care is a natural skin, body, and personal care company. Based in Denver, Colorado, ZAK Body Care has been serving customers with their Original Formula Deodorant since 2014 and have recently begun trying out new products to see which ones customers are really after.While ZAK currently only offers deodorants they are quickly expanding into other meaningful areas to better serve their customer base. ZAK products are sold on Amazon, Jet, and Local distribution in Colorado is limited. At ZAK Body Care a good diet is paramount to health and this principle has guided the company since the very beginning because skin care is really skin food. At ZAK they believe everybody deserves healthy options and so their mission is to provide access to the latest and greatest healthy skin food available.
I don't know about you,  but that deodorant "lotion" sounds amazing for the back of my neck during the summer time. Long hair and summer heat has never been a good combination for me.

Now if you aren't into all-natural or essential oils, I get that. I'm a skeptic sometimes myself, but I believe in results. I've been using their original deodorant and this has quickly become a product that I believe in and will purchase again in the future. It worth it simply because it works. If any product should work, it should be your deodorant and this is one that truly works.

I could go on and on about how much I believe in this product, but why don't you try it out yourself

Below you can enter to win their original deodorant for free! You just have to follow Zak Body Care on Facebook, Instagram, check out their website, and visit my own Facebook page as well. After those four things, there are other ways to enter to win that you can come back daily to do, giving you more and more entries!

You have two weeks to enter and share it with your friends to win as well (because we aren't selfish here). The winner will be picked March 31st and will be emailed soon after. The more people that enter, the more likely I am to do another giveaway soon, because I love you and am in a giving mood, so spread the word and we could have another giveaway next month!

I will be posting a Two Minute Review on my YouTube channel next week, so if you're still a little unsure you can check that out before entering.

Okay. Enough rambling. Get entering to win!!!

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