Monday, March 7, 2016

My Favorite Tweets That No One Cared About

I love Twitter and if a random thought pops into my head, I will Tweet it out to my not so loving followers. I love my followers, anyone who agrees to follow anything I do on social media or this blog are heroes to me, but there's isn't always love being returned. Hence, this blog post.

Below are some of my favorite Tweets that I've sent that didn't receive much love, but I can't get over them and am upset no one liked them. We're dealing with some popularity complexes in this post apparently.

(These are only going back to February of last year, though I'm positive when I first joined Twitter there was zero love for me.)

(This is actually kind of cool to look at because yesterday when I Tweeted I had a new video going up it got 5 likes in like twenty minutes. So seeing how far I've come is interesting.)

(And now Chris Tweets all the time and gets a lot of feedback because the soccer world (which is all he Tweets about) is very vocal. You're welcome Chris.)

(This is still one of my most favorite things.)

(It did, by the way.)

(This was literally the best thing ever. He went through the whole second movie because I was in too much pain to fall asleep. When I told the story on Facebook it got a lot of love, just not on Twitter.)

(Okay, this one did get one like and one retweet, but I still want this to be a thing.)

(Sorry, I know this one has a like too, but come on! How could I not post this ridiculous quote?)

(I'm only posting this one because I'm pretty sure it's supposed to say "shut down" not "sit down" and I love that it's taken me this long to realize that.)

(I know my pregnancy didn't work out, but it really bothers me that this announcement got only one like on Twitter. Yes, not many of my personal, "real life" friends are on Twitter, and I did receive a lot of love on Facebook, but pregnancy is supposed to be a truly happy thing and to not have much of a response is a bit upsetting... even more upsetting since I miscarried and nothing resulted of it.)

(Sadly, at 14 weeks it was mostly weight gain, since the baby stopped growing at 12 weeks.)

(Looking back now, this was the only indication on my Twitter page that I had miscarried. There was no announcement.)

(Sorry this post is getting a little dark, but I just want to say how badly I want April to come and go. I truly feel like after April 9th I can stop thinking so much about the baby I had lost, because the time frame will be gone. I'll never stop loving and missing my baby, but I think I'll heal better after the due date.)

(I'm honestly offended no one liked this one. Especially my husband who agreed it was the perfect thing to post that day.)

And finally, I've learned if you want people to start liking your Tweets, get a puppy. 

If you feel unloved on Twitter, I promise you it doesn't mean anything. Everyone is loved, Twitter is just dumb. But for the next week I'll do a follow for a follow, if if you follow my Twitter this week, I will follow you back and give you a like to one of your Tweets. Sounds worth it to me.

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  1. I obviously need to get back on my twitter account so I won't miss all your cute posts! It was fun to see them so thanks for putting them on your blog!


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