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February Ipsy Bag Review

Hello friends! Today I am going to be reviewing my February Ipsy bag, which was also my first Ipsy bag ever! If you want to watch me opening up my Ipsy bag for the first time CLICK HERE.

For those of you not familiar with Ipsy, Ispy is a monthly subscription that sends you a makeup bag of five different beauty products every month! If you would like to sign up for your own Ipsy subscription you can by CLICKING HERE (this particular link does give me more points on my personal Ipsy account, so if you don't want to give me points then feel free to Google it on your own, I'm not going to do that work for you, I know it's selfish, but hey, I'm sure you'll forgive me).

February's theme was "Pretty in #IpsyPink" and the makeup bag (as you'll see below) was a love note envelope (I believe it's an emoji but I'm not familiar with many of those, #worstbloggerever). For my first Ipsy bag I loved it! It's so cute and while slender, it fits quite a bit. I'm still trying to decide what I can do with this, and my future Ipsy bags, but it's a cute little gift regardless.

The main reason I subscribed to Ipsy is because I LOVE trying out new products. How will you ever know what you love if you don't test out new things? And for me personally, where it seems like I'm always low on money, I can't afford to buy high-end products just to test them. That's why Ipsy was so appealing to me. For only $10 a month I can test out small versions of products I wouldn't normally spend the money on to test out, but if I learn I love it, I'm happy to buy the real version.

For this and future Ipsy bag reviews I will have a couple categories for each product:

  • Positives of the product
  • Negatives of the product
  • Value compared to the actual product
  • Would I purchase this product
So without any further ado, lets get in the reviews of my February products!

*I will not be reviewing the Ciate London - My Go To Red (affiliate link) nail polish. I have not tried it and don't believe I will. I'm not into nail polish unless it's black. Ha ha. But I've read great things about this brand and it's fairly cheap, so I think it's worth a try... I just need a black shade.

Model Co - Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss in Morocco 

POSITIVES: This is the greatest smelling lip gloss of my entire life. It's like strawberries and happiness in a bottle and I'm in love. It's a very pretty color, not too out there or mellow, it's very natural. It has a nice shine as well.

NEGATIVES: The website says it's not sticky, but I would highly disagree, and wearing this lip gloss with my long hair down and trying to wrestle a puppy meant my hair was stuck to my lips for a while.

VALUE: Retail price is $24 (I tried so hard to look up how many ounces it is, but apparently this company is against releasing the information). So while mine is obviously a smaller, travel size, the fact that I paid $10 and got other products as well makes this worth it to me.

WOULD I BUY THIS PRODUCT? I think I would IF I had extra money. I really like the color for me and the smell I just want to have with me at all time. I really do like this product, I'm just super cheap.

Tre Stique Blush Stick in Bora Bora Coral

POSITIVES: I've never used a blush stick before and was pleasantly surprised. The creamy formula allows you to get a good amount on your skin, but it also blends well, without any lines or indication you had just drawn a line on your face with a lipstick-like product. I'm in love with the color! I have never used a coral color on my skin before and realized how amazing it works with my skin tone! I also was able to use this product as a lipstick one day, and again the color suited me so much better than I had ever imagined. Apparently I need to buy coral lipstick and blush more.

NEGATIVES: I can't think of any... it's little, that's upsetting.

VALUE: This product is normally $34. I just learned this trial twists out to give me more, I thought was I saw was all it had. So I'd say it's definitely worth the value.

WOULD I BUY THIS PRODUCT? Ugh. I want to say yes, because I love it, but $34?!? I can't imagine myself spending that much money on blush, especially where blush and lip color are the products I tend to forget to put on in the morning. Maybe on a splurge day if it's on sale, but I honestly don't see myself going out and buying this in my current financial state, even though I love it. I'll have to look for a similar drugstore version.

Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Serum (affiliate link)

POSITIVES: The smell is nice. It comes in a bottle like essential oils which is kind of cool.

NEGATIVES: Here's the deal, I don't really have negative, but I don't fully feel like this product has done anything for me. I do believe the reason for this is because there's so little of it and I have long, thick hair. I feel like I've been using a lot so it'll run out soon.

VALUE: This product is $39 ($24.76 if you use my link above through Amazon). At first that seemed pretty high, but then I realized I've spent over $25 on It's a 10  products before (affiliate link). My hair is important to me so I do spend a lot on it, so the value makes sense to me. As far as my sample though, I don't know if it's completely worth it, as there's not enough for me to see a difference.

WOULD I BUY THIS PRODUCT? I don't believe so. Looking it up today I found that they suggest adding a few drops (it really is like an essential oil) to your shampoo (well, their shampoo). So I think I'm going to try that out with most of what's left of mine and see if I can notice a difference. I think that if it's combined with a shampoo it'll make more of a difference. Where it's just me putting some oil on my fingers and running it through the ends of my hair, there's not much going on.

it Cosmetics Bye Buy Under Eye in Neutral Medium (affiliate link)

POSITIVES: Such good coverage!!! If you watch my YouTube video of me opening my Ipsy bag and testing this out, you'll see me put it over a mess of zits I had at the time, and those zits vanished from sight. Getting a random color I was a little worried, but it blends very well to my skin tone. There's honestly no creasing, cracking, and it's honestly like putting paint over your imperfections and making them disappear. And it lasts all day! For someone who doesn't ever get enough sleep and has awful under eye circles, this is fantastic!

NEGATIVES: As I said, it's a little bit like paint (not in texture, just in the way it covers) so sometimes it can make you look a little fake, which I'm never a fan of. I have noticed that if I ever have an itch where this product is, it'll come off under my fingernails when I scratch, which bothers me a lot. Makeup products should stay put.

VALUE: The link above is for the exact 0.11 fl.oz travel size product that I got in my Ipsy bag... and it's $16.35 on Amazon. That's ridiculously expensive for the size! The only perk is that with this product, a little goes a long, long way. I feel like this little bottle will last me a long time, so it's definitely worth the value of receiving it in my Ipsy bag. The full size product is 0.28 fl.oz and $24 on It Cosmetic's website. They do have more products like this in different forms as well, but still expensive.

WOULD I BUY THIS PRODUCT? No. Only because of the price. If I'm ever rich, I am all for it, but as much as I like this product, it is in no way worth the cost to me.


Did you get an Ipsy bag in February? Leave a comment below about what products you received and what you thought of them!

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