Sunday, March 20, 2016

March Ipsy Unpackaging

Come back in a few weeks for my reviews on all these products!
You can check out the review for my February bag HERE.

Products in this month's bag:
Pixie by petra duo in Rose Gold
NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Pink Lust
Me Me Me Loose Powder Brush
Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Clothing Haul

Zak Detox Deodorant Giveaway!! (Closed)

Hello friends!! One of my goals for 2016 on this blog was to do quarterly giveaways. I am always so grateful for my blog readers and want to reward you for being my online friends! Hopefully as this blog continues to grow, giveaways can be much more frequent and your chances of getting free stuff will grow.

I am so excited to announce this quarter's blog giveaway, because this is my first ever sponsored post!! I was contacted by Zak Body Care  to test our their all-natural, toxin-free deodorant and give away a free sample to one of you!

Now I wouldn't just give away something I didn't know about, so I've been testing this product... AND I'M OBSESSED. It's been far too long since I've hand a deodorant that has lasted me through the whole day, and even longer! When I put on this deodorant in the morning, go through the day with it and then sleep with it, without ever reapplying, I still don't have to worry about stink. It's kind of like a miracle.

To prove that it could last through the day I made a few short clips on my phone the first day I tested it out. It was added on my recent haul video on my YouTube page so you can check that out HERE.

Zak Body Care has released a press release with information on all their new products and exactly what's in them:

New natural deodorant formulas from ZAK Body Care aim to solve the ‘natural deodorant’ problem once and for all. New natural formulas target customers across the board who wanted something different, something more.

DENVER, CO –Driven by customer led demand, all-natural and Organic deodorant company ZAK Body Care is launching not one or two but five new and completely unique deodorant formulas this Spring 2016. “We thought we should offer as many deodorant formulas as fast as we could make them to try and provide what our customers were asking for,” says ZAK Body Care founder and CEO, Zak Lyon.  

It is widely known that all too frequently natural deodorants fail to work. “Natural deodorant shouldn’t be that hard to figure out but for some reason as the natural skin care industry has progressed and produced great products deodorants seem to have been left behind,” says Zak Lyon. ZAK Body Care makes the natural choice without sacrificing effectiveness. ZAK Deodorants are designed with the uncompromising requirement that they literally feed the outer, middle and inner skin cells, protect against unhealthy and odor causing bacteria on the surface, and effectively deodorize.

ZAK Body Care CEO, Zak Lyon, says: “Within each deodorant formula is a number of skin superfoods dense with nutrients and functional compounds to improve the health of the skin and deliver on our ‘Deodorant’ promise.”
Each formula is completely unique in substance and form—some are solid sticks, some are liquids, others are somewhere in between. You may like one for the gym and another for going out or you might prefer one above all others.

The Original Deodorant is ZAK’s home base. A solid stick deodorant, the Original formula uses coconut oil, baking soda, and arrowroot powder as the soft base.  Shea butter, Aloe vera, USA beeswax, and natural plant extracts are added to give depth and structure to the formula. Earth clays and baking soda absorb both odor and wetness.

The newest solid stick deodorant, Super Smooth, is aptly named because it goes on super smooth and glidy. This formula keeps you smelling fresh all day with Aloe vera juice as the most abundant ingredient. All the Aloe nourishes and protects the skin and gives the formula that unmistakably smooth on with a subtle cool and fresh feeling only Aloe vera can deliver.

The new Deodorant Spray is natural and powerful, yet simple. A liquid deodorant, this formula uses natural plant extracts and healthy bacterial enzymes to combine for innovative yet simple odor protection and prevention. Fragrance blends for both men and women give these two deodorants magnificent, head turning fragrances.

The new Essential Oil Roll-on Deodorants are 100% essential oils by volume, nothing else except pure, natural, essential oils. They’ve selected the most powerful essential oils with antibacterial properties and combined them with some of the best fragrant essential oils for men and for women to give these deodorants unforgettable, sophisticated aromas.

The new Body Deodorant is a never before seen deodorant lotion. At ZAK Body Care they created a deodorant so nourishing and smooth that people think it’s a lotion. Call it a body deodorant, call it a deodorant lotion; just don’t say it’s not versatile. This deodorant formula can be used anywhere on the body. Underarm throughout the day and on your feet before you get in bed is just the beginning. Fellas, after a shower, rub it on your junk, front and back. Ladies, after a shower rub it anywhere, just remember: NOT FOR INTERNAL USE.  Use ZAK. Get creative ;)

This new line of premium natural deodorants is aiming to appeal to everybody. Not only do preferences matter but also some natural deodorants just don’t work for certain individuals. Attempting to solve this is ZAK Body Care with 5 totally unique forms of deodorant. “We constantly innovate and improve for our customers,” says Zak Lyon,  “they deserve cutting edge, no-compromise natural skin care products.”

For customers who are categorically disappointed with natural deodorants ZAK Body Care hopes to have the solutions you’ve been looking for.

About ZAK Body Care:
ZAK Body Care is a natural skin, body, and personal care company. Based in Denver, Colorado, ZAK Body Care has been serving customers with their Original Formula Deodorant since 2014 and have recently begun trying out new products to see which ones customers are really after.While ZAK currently only offers deodorants they are quickly expanding into other meaningful areas to better serve their customer base. ZAK products are sold on Amazon, Jet, and Local distribution in Colorado is limited. At ZAK Body Care a good diet is paramount to health and this principle has guided the company since the very beginning because skin care is really skin food. At ZAK they believe everybody deserves healthy options and so their mission is to provide access to the latest and greatest healthy skin food available.
I don't know about you,  but that deodorant "lotion" sounds amazing for the back of my neck during the summer time. Long hair and summer heat has never been a good combination for me.

Now if you aren't into all-natural or essential oils, I get that. I'm a skeptic sometimes myself, but I believe in results. I've been using their original deodorant and this has quickly become a product that I believe in and will purchase again in the future. It worth it simply because it works. If any product should work, it should be your deodorant and this is one that truly works.

I could go on and on about how much I believe in this product, but why don't you try it out yourself

Below you can enter to win their original deodorant for free! You just have to follow Zak Body Care on Facebook, Instagram, check out their website, and visit my own Facebook page as well. After those four things, there are other ways to enter to win that you can come back daily to do, giving you more and more entries!

You have two weeks to enter and share it with your friends to win as well (because we aren't selfish here). The winner will be picked March 31st and will be emailed soon after. The more people that enter, the more likely I am to do another giveaway soon, because I love you and am in a giving mood, so spread the word and we could have another giveaway next month!

I will be posting a Two Minute Review on my YouTube channel next week, so if you're still a little unsure you can check that out before entering.

Okay. Enough rambling. Get entering to win!!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Brand New Day

Hello friends! The following playlist is a short list of songs that were buzzing through my head while writing this post. So click play and get reading!!

Today is a special day for me, today begins the change from working 40 hours a week to 30 hours a week. Now you're probably wondering "Kaylee, why would you want to work less hours and get paid less money when you're always talking about how poor you are?" Well calm down, I'm getting to it. 

I truly believe that my issues with work began when I found out I was pregnant last August. There were so many thoughts going through my head at that time... Can I even work 40 hours a week while pregnant and sick? Should I continue this job after I have the baby? How will we ever afford this baby? Would I be better off working part-time when the baby comes? Is this even a job I want long-term?

I was feeling conflicted and stressed during my pregnancy, mainly because of my job. Each day it was getting harder and harder to go into work, and it wasn't because of the morning sickness. I no longer felt the same drive for my job or desire to be there. But I kept telling myself, "I'm doing this for my baby, so we can give him/her a good life." 

And then I lost my baby. And I no longer knew why I kept going to work. 

Now I'm not saying I have a bad job. I actually love what I do. I get to listen to my iTunes music and look over bills and solve issues, like puzzles (I love puzzles). The company I work for is great, I'm paid well, they supply me with good health insurance, and the company truly cares for its employees. [And it's always hiring so if you're in Cache Valley and need a job, I can hook you up!]

But even with loving what I do, my desire to go into work kept getting lower and lower through pregnancy, miscarriage, and postpartum depression (which I never knew could happen after a miscarriage, but that's what my therapist diagnosed me with... my miscarriage messed me up a bit you guys...) Every morning I would feel like crying, not wanting to go into work. Once I was there I was fine, but I just could not understand why I spent eight hours of my day there.

Let me go into how it was; I would wake up, drag myself out of bed after a long sleepless night, get myself ready, force Chris to wake up and drive me to work, then I'd sit for hours til Chris picked me up for lunch, go home eat, entertain the puppy for a while, go back to work, sit for hours, then get off work, go home, have no energy or motivation left to do anything, and sit in my bed to write or watch YouTube (but mainly the YouTube thing). 

Having battled depression for years, I decided years ago that I would only do things that make me happy. And I have not been happy for a long time. So I decided to make a change.

I will now only be working 30 hours a week, hopefully allowing myself more time to do things that I want. I want to go to the gym and pursue my dream since high school of teaching a gym class. I want to write in my books more. I want to continue making YouTube videos. I want to blog and make this blog more successful. I want to be able to take my knowledge and experiences with depressing, self-harm, and suicide to talk with other people struggling, to inspire them that things get better, and to be able to make a difference in someone's life.

And while I'll admit, laziness was a factor in not accomplishing those things, I am done spending most my time at a job I'm barely happy with to keep me from doing these things anymore.

Yes, it will be a struggle financially for a while, but my personal health and happiness is more important.

I have stories, personal and fictional, that I want to share with the world and I've made so many excuses on why I've never told them before. But when I go to the root of those reasons, most of them were stemmed from work. I'm not going to make excuses anymore and I'm going to give myself more time in the day to get these things done.

I'm truly blessed and grateful that my husband is very supportive of this decision. His first priority is me, and he has stood by me these past few months as I struggled with so many emotions and tried to figure out the best way to handle all this. He is amazing. I can't begin to think how I could possibly handle all this without him. He's my rock.

I've also been very fortunate to have an understanding family, who loves me and supports me no matter what I do. I love them so much and that they are always looking out for me, and want to best for me.

And a huge thank you to my boss and the company I work for. They've been very accommodating and understanding of my situation. I truly do work for a wonderful company and I'm glad we've been able to come up with a solution that allows me to stay at my job while still giving me more time for myself.

The first song on the playlist above has been stuck in my head for weeks now as I've sorted out this decision:

I'm so happy and excited for this change in my life. I believe it will give me more time to blog and talk with you more, you are all my friends and I love you. I can always count on you to be supportive of me as well, and for that I am truly grateful. 

I'm working on my happiness, and that's always been my priority, and I'm happy to make a change to help me reach it.

Monday, March 7, 2016

February Ipsy Bag Review

Hello friends! Today I am going to be reviewing my February Ipsy bag, which was also my first Ipsy bag ever! If you want to watch me opening up my Ipsy bag for the first time CLICK HERE.

For those of you not familiar with Ipsy, Ispy is a monthly subscription that sends you a makeup bag of five different beauty products every month! If you would like to sign up for your own Ipsy subscription you can by CLICKING HERE (this particular link does give me more points on my personal Ipsy account, so if you don't want to give me points then feel free to Google it on your own, I'm not going to do that work for you, I know it's selfish, but hey, I'm sure you'll forgive me).

February's theme was "Pretty in #IpsyPink" and the makeup bag (as you'll see below) was a love note envelope (I believe it's an emoji but I'm not familiar with many of those, #worstbloggerever). For my first Ipsy bag I loved it! It's so cute and while slender, it fits quite a bit. I'm still trying to decide what I can do with this, and my future Ipsy bags, but it's a cute little gift regardless.

The main reason I subscribed to Ipsy is because I LOVE trying out new products. How will you ever know what you love if you don't test out new things? And for me personally, where it seems like I'm always low on money, I can't afford to buy high-end products just to test them. That's why Ipsy was so appealing to me. For only $10 a month I can test out small versions of products I wouldn't normally spend the money on to test out, but if I learn I love it, I'm happy to buy the real version.

For this and future Ipsy bag reviews I will have a couple categories for each product:

  • Positives of the product
  • Negatives of the product
  • Value compared to the actual product
  • Would I purchase this product
So without any further ado, lets get in the reviews of my February products!

*I will not be reviewing the Ciate London - My Go To Red (affiliate link) nail polish. I have not tried it and don't believe I will. I'm not into nail polish unless it's black. Ha ha. But I've read great things about this brand and it's fairly cheap, so I think it's worth a try... I just need a black shade.

Model Co - Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss in Morocco 

POSITIVES: This is the greatest smelling lip gloss of my entire life. It's like strawberries and happiness in a bottle and I'm in love. It's a very pretty color, not too out there or mellow, it's very natural. It has a nice shine as well.

NEGATIVES: The website says it's not sticky, but I would highly disagree, and wearing this lip gloss with my long hair down and trying to wrestle a puppy meant my hair was stuck to my lips for a while.

VALUE: Retail price is $24 (I tried so hard to look up how many ounces it is, but apparently this company is against releasing the information). So while mine is obviously a smaller, travel size, the fact that I paid $10 and got other products as well makes this worth it to me.

WOULD I BUY THIS PRODUCT? I think I would IF I had extra money. I really like the color for me and the smell I just want to have with me at all time. I really do like this product, I'm just super cheap.

Tre Stique Blush Stick in Bora Bora Coral

POSITIVES: I've never used a blush stick before and was pleasantly surprised. The creamy formula allows you to get a good amount on your skin, but it also blends well, without any lines or indication you had just drawn a line on your face with a lipstick-like product. I'm in love with the color! I have never used a coral color on my skin before and realized how amazing it works with my skin tone! I also was able to use this product as a lipstick one day, and again the color suited me so much better than I had ever imagined. Apparently I need to buy coral lipstick and blush more.

NEGATIVES: I can't think of any... it's little, that's upsetting.

VALUE: This product is normally $34. I just learned this trial twists out to give me more, I thought was I saw was all it had. So I'd say it's definitely worth the value.

WOULD I BUY THIS PRODUCT? Ugh. I want to say yes, because I love it, but $34?!? I can't imagine myself spending that much money on blush, especially where blush and lip color are the products I tend to forget to put on in the morning. Maybe on a splurge day if it's on sale, but I honestly don't see myself going out and buying this in my current financial state, even though I love it. I'll have to look for a similar drugstore version.

Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Serum (affiliate link)

POSITIVES: The smell is nice. It comes in a bottle like essential oils which is kind of cool.

NEGATIVES: Here's the deal, I don't really have negative, but I don't fully feel like this product has done anything for me. I do believe the reason for this is because there's so little of it and I have long, thick hair. I feel like I've been using a lot so it'll run out soon.

VALUE: This product is $39 ($24.76 if you use my link above through Amazon). At first that seemed pretty high, but then I realized I've spent over $25 on It's a 10  products before (affiliate link). My hair is important to me so I do spend a lot on it, so the value makes sense to me. As far as my sample though, I don't know if it's completely worth it, as there's not enough for me to see a difference.

WOULD I BUY THIS PRODUCT? I don't believe so. Looking it up today I found that they suggest adding a few drops (it really is like an essential oil) to your shampoo (well, their shampoo). So I think I'm going to try that out with most of what's left of mine and see if I can notice a difference. I think that if it's combined with a shampoo it'll make more of a difference. Where it's just me putting some oil on my fingers and running it through the ends of my hair, there's not much going on.

it Cosmetics Bye Buy Under Eye in Neutral Medium (affiliate link)

POSITIVES: Such good coverage!!! If you watch my YouTube video of me opening my Ipsy bag and testing this out, you'll see me put it over a mess of zits I had at the time, and those zits vanished from sight. Getting a random color I was a little worried, but it blends very well to my skin tone. There's honestly no creasing, cracking, and it's honestly like putting paint over your imperfections and making them disappear. And it lasts all day! For someone who doesn't ever get enough sleep and has awful under eye circles, this is fantastic!

NEGATIVES: As I said, it's a little bit like paint (not in texture, just in the way it covers) so sometimes it can make you look a little fake, which I'm never a fan of. I have noticed that if I ever have an itch where this product is, it'll come off under my fingernails when I scratch, which bothers me a lot. Makeup products should stay put.

VALUE: The link above is for the exact 0.11 fl.oz travel size product that I got in my Ipsy bag... and it's $16.35 on Amazon. That's ridiculously expensive for the size! The only perk is that with this product, a little goes a long, long way. I feel like this little bottle will last me a long time, so it's definitely worth the value of receiving it in my Ipsy bag. The full size product is 0.28 fl.oz and $24 on It Cosmetic's website. They do have more products like this in different forms as well, but still expensive.

WOULD I BUY THIS PRODUCT? No. Only because of the price. If I'm ever rich, I am all for it, but as much as I like this product, it is in no way worth the cost to me.


Did you get an Ipsy bag in February? Leave a comment below about what products you received and what you thought of them!

Writing Advice

Help me create my series of short stories which will be premiering on my blog this September!

My Favorite Tweets That No One Cared About

I love Twitter and if a random thought pops into my head, I will Tweet it out to my not so loving followers. I love my followers, anyone who agrees to follow anything I do on social media or this blog are heroes to me, but there's isn't always love being returned. Hence, this blog post.

Below are some of my favorite Tweets that I've sent that didn't receive much love, but I can't get over them and am upset no one liked them. We're dealing with some popularity complexes in this post apparently.

(These are only going back to February of last year, though I'm positive when I first joined Twitter there was zero love for me.)

(This is actually kind of cool to look at because yesterday when I Tweeted I had a new video going up it got 5 likes in like twenty minutes. So seeing how far I've come is interesting.)

(And now Chris Tweets all the time and gets a lot of feedback because the soccer world (which is all he Tweets about) is very vocal. You're welcome Chris.)

(This is still one of my most favorite things.)

(It did, by the way.)

(This was literally the best thing ever. He went through the whole second movie because I was in too much pain to fall asleep. When I told the story on Facebook it got a lot of love, just not on Twitter.)

(Okay, this one did get one like and one retweet, but I still want this to be a thing.)

(Sorry, I know this one has a like too, but come on! How could I not post this ridiculous quote?)

(I'm only posting this one because I'm pretty sure it's supposed to say "shut down" not "sit down" and I love that it's taken me this long to realize that.)

(I know my pregnancy didn't work out, but it really bothers me that this announcement got only one like on Twitter. Yes, not many of my personal, "real life" friends are on Twitter, and I did receive a lot of love on Facebook, but pregnancy is supposed to be a truly happy thing and to not have much of a response is a bit upsetting... even more upsetting since I miscarried and nothing resulted of it.)

(Sadly, at 14 weeks it was mostly weight gain, since the baby stopped growing at 12 weeks.)

(Looking back now, this was the only indication on my Twitter page that I had miscarried. There was no announcement.)

(Sorry this post is getting a little dark, but I just want to say how badly I want April to come and go. I truly feel like after April 9th I can stop thinking so much about the baby I had lost, because the time frame will be gone. I'll never stop loving and missing my baby, but I think I'll heal better after the due date.)

(I'm honestly offended no one liked this one. Especially my husband who agreed it was the perfect thing to post that day.)

And finally, I've learned if you want people to start liking your Tweets, get a puppy. 

If you feel unloved on Twitter, I promise you it doesn't mean anything. Everyone is loved, Twitter is just dumb. But for the next week I'll do a follow for a follow, if if you follow my Twitter this week, I will follow you back and give you a like to one of your Tweets. Sounds worth it to me.

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