Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

Welcome to 2016 and the new and improved "The Dancing Cow" blog page! I'm sure you've already seen the makeover, but what you haven't seen are the many posts I have planned for this year. This year is going to be BIG. I have so much planned and I'm being much more organized about it, so let's take a look at what you'll see this year on my blog!


This is the big one. When I first started this blog I knew I wanted to use it to bring awareness and donations to different charities. Somewhere along the way I got too discouraged since I'm almost always broke. But even if I can't always afford to give a lot to the charities I enjoy, I can still share them with you and still make a difference.

Every month there will be a new charity. This year is basically all planned out, but suggestions are always welcome and may even beat out the ones I have planned. If you do suggest a charity to me it will be featured on my Charity of the Month page where everyone can see it for all eternity. To suggest a charity just email me at with info about your charity and how to donate. You can also write a guest post about your charity on my blog, just send me an email and we'll see what we can do.

By myself I can't make much of a difference, but with your help we can bring awareness to the many charities out there and help people all over the world that are in need.


I say all the time that Fashion Friday is a thing, but it really hasn't been. This year I'm making more of an effort, but please keep in mind it probably won't happen every Friday. Especially right now when the sun sets so early, it's very difficult for me to get good enough pictures since I work all day. Just be patient with me and I'll do my best.


I say it all the time, I AM GOING TO BE A WRITER. I am going to publish a book someday. But in order to do that, I should probably get comfortable with letting people read my writing. This year you'll be seeing a lot more of my writing up on my blog. I'm working on poems and short stories and I'm going to be sharing them with you! To easily find all my writing posts you can click HERE.


I have a YouTube page. It's been around for almost a year but you probably don't know about it because I haven't done much with it. This year I am planning on posting a video to YouTube every other Wednesday. All those videos I will automatically post to my blog as well so you have fast access to them, but you should also subscribe to my channel to get instant notice when videos are uploaded.

In addition to my planned videos, I am working to do vlogs of my daily life with Chris. Those videos will be a bit more random about when I post them, but I should have at least one a month. These vlogs are just going to be about our fun life together with Zoram... Zoram is our puppy. I haven't once said on this blog yet that we got a puppy. But we have a puppy. His name is Zoram Gerrard Farnes and he is adorable.


What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't have a couple giveaways? I probably will only have 4 this year, probably do it like a quarterly thing. Keep in mind that I am very poor so giveaways will only happen if I am financially stable and if this blog can get more sponsorship. Speaking of which...


While this blog is about me and my life, it wouldn't exist without you, the readers. So I want to highlight you. Every month during my Monthly Favorite's post I will give shout outs to some of my favorite comments and followers from all types of social media. I honestly could not do this without you and you deserve to be recognized.

I do have a tab on my blog about Sponsoring. I offer a variety of ad sizes at different costs so you can have your own blog, YouTube page, or company advertised on this page. Now I'm not into blogging strictly for the money (which is apparent since I've been doing this four years and haven't made one cent) so 50% of any proceeds will go directly to the Charity of the Month. This way you can advertise your blog and help a charity at the same time. It's a win-win situation. Of the remainder, 30% will go back to you guys through giveaways. I may be poor, but I don't need money from blogging and I'd much rather use it on charities and you.


Last year was honestly one of the hardest years of my life. I have high hopes for this year, mostly because I'm going to make it great. I'm not going to wait around to do fun things or be happy, I'm going to be happy now. My theme song for the year is Tomorrow Never Comes by the Zac Brown Band and I am going to live my life doing things now, being happy now, because you never should put off what you could do today.

This year is going to be awesome! I already have a calendar with posts lined up and I'm so excited to share them all with you! Don't forget to follow my blog, and find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat so you can always keep up to date with new posts. I love you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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