Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Favorites [2016]

So we are bringing back monthly favorite posts this year! I will probably switch back and forth between a written post or a video post (like my 2015 favorites) to add a bit of variety and fun to these monthly posts. I have a better layout and categories so hopefully this year they won't be as sloppy...

However, today's is not going to be good at all. I just can't think of any favorites. But we'll go over a few things that have made this month great.

To start off, I'm going to make monthly playlists of the songs I've listened to most that month, or possibly themed playlists (like for Christmas). These will all be on my Spotify account, so be sure to follow me on Spotify to see my favorites throughout the month instead of just when I post it. I have a wide variety of music I love, so it's difficult to categorize what genre you'll see in these playlists. But for this month they are just recent favorites. So you can get listening to my favorites as you browse through the rest of this post.

(And I want to both warn you and apologize that this particular playlist is more calm/sad songs. I absolutely love sad songs, those are my favorite kind, but also it's been a difficult month for me.)

Firstly I want to talk about my favorite/most popular post on my blog this month, which would be "My Dog Almost Ate My Ultrasound Pictures Today". This was quite possibly the hardest post I have ever written. I don't believe I've ever been hysterically crying while typing up a blog post before, even when I talk about my depression. My miscarriage was the hardest thing I've ever had to face in my life and I'm still healing emotionally from it. Thank you to everyone who supported this post and supported me.


I seriously cannot think of favorites for this month! But I can say I've been loving my new makeup routine. It's very dark around the eyes, but I'm obsessed. Also, all my makeup products are pretty amazing because a few weeks ago at work I cried for about an hour and a half and my super dark (slightly emo) makeup didn't smudge at all. I think they should make makeup commercials about women getting dumped and crying, because isn't makeup that stays what we're all really looking for?


This month I had the incredible opportunity to see Sherlock: The Abominable Bride in theaters. To be able to see a BBC television show that I'm obsessed with in a theater in my hometown was the highlight of my month (although I came home from that to Zoram almost eating my ultrasounds). It was so insanely good!!! I love Sherlock so ridiculously much!!!

This month I've also been able to see the latest seasons of New Girl and Parks & Recreation, as they were added onto Netflix. These are two of my favorite comedy shows and I love them both. Nick Miller is amazing, he's my favorite thing... like ever.


A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom today!! I don't know where I'd be without you! I love you so insanely much and hope you have the best birthday ever!!

Fiona M. wrote the most amazing comment on yesterday's post (How Social Anxiety Makes Me Feel). As I'm transitioning this blog to talk more about my mental health disorders, it is my sincere hope that something I say can help someone else. Fiona has already made me feel that way, and for that I am truly grateful. Love you Fiona!

Kate of Kate the (Almost) Great has been my teammate this past month. She was gracious enough to allow me to advertise this blog on her own blog, and she's been given me Twitter shout outs the past few weeks (and loving Zoram almost as much as I do). I truly love her blog and her, so please, please click the link to read about her. She's an incredible, strong, beautiful person, and she deserves all your love and kindness.

One last shoutout to all those who have added me on Snapchat because they want to look at Zoram. That's the trial of having the cutest puppy in the world I suppose. But if you would like to look at daily pictures and videos of Zoram (and some of Chris and myself too) you can follow me @cowgirlkaylee22.


Ugh. Sorry this post is so short and boring. I can't think of favorites, it's been a weird month. Please check out my Spotify, I've been going crazy making playlists lately and I personally think they're awesome. Don't forget to also follow me on all my social media, because I'm trying to post more on those. 

Thank you for reading!!! 

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