Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dave Thomas Adoption Foundation (January 2016 COTM)

This year is all about bringing back Charity of the Month! To read more about my plans for Charity of the Month you can read yesterday's post HERE all about my 2016 blog plans.

This month is my mom's birthday and, fun fact, my mom was adopted. So in honor of my mom and my wonderful grandparents who chose to adopt, our charity this month is the Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption.

The Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption was founded in 1992 by Dave Thomas (yes, the Wendy's guy). Dave Thomas had one main goal, "To make sure every child has a permanent and loving family." Even after his death, this foundation continues to aim towards his goal.

I'll be honest, I don't know too much about adoption. But I do believe every child needs a home. Over this upcoming year you'll see a lot of the charities I chose are related to children. I care a lot about children and want to help those in need.

I've always been so grateful for my parents and everything that they do for me. I'm also grateful for my grandma and grandpa who adopted not only my mom, but five other children as well. My grandparents are amazing, kind people who gave a home and love to six children who needed them. I love them for the way the raised my mom into who she is today and I honestly love their act of kindness by adopting my mom.

Every child deserves to feel loved and to be loved by parents. That's why this month I'm supporting the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Thank you for what you do!

You can make your own donations HERE.

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