Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Tuesday - 12/2/2015

I mentioned a while ago that I'm not really happy and it's just hard for me to be happy. But I wanted to write a Happy Tuesday post anyways just about my husband.

I'm kind of a wreck, this week especially. I'm so emotional and randomly switching between anger and sadness, I'm honestly a little crazy right now. And despite my craziness, Chris is doing his best to help me through everything. How he tolerates, and accommodates my mood swings I will never understand. I'm a little broken right now, and he makes everyday so much easier.

I am so grateful to have a husband who does everything he can to make me happy, and when he knows he can't do anymore, he encourages me to seek other help. I love Chris, he is my soulmate, and my best friend and I had no idea that anyone could ever love me the way he does.

Chris makes me so happy. Every Happy Tuesday Chris is included on my list of things that make me happy because he is it. He's the thing that makes me happy. Even though my miscarriage has broken me and it's so hard right now for me to be happy, I know that if I didn't have Chris in my life I would not survive this. Chris saved my life and he brings me so much happiness.

Chris is, and always will be, the thing that makes me most happy.

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