Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy (Grati-) Tuesday - 11/24/15

If you saw my post on Saturday, you may know that I am not entirely happy. But it's the week of Thanksgiving and I truly do have so much to be grateful for. So in the fashion of my typical Happy Tuesday posts, here's a list of the things I am grateful for... which also bring me happiness. 

Family that loves me unconditionally

Friends that stay by my side through everything

Chris (oh my goodness, so super grateful for Chris, for forever)

This song for helping me through anything and everything and giving me my life-long mantra

This song for making the tears stop and helping me move on

And this song for making me dance and smile despite my sadness

Having a job that I'm good at and get paid for

Always having enough money to eat and pay bills, even if there isn't much left over

Having a laptop to type out my thoughts and imagination onto

That I have a big imagination

My apartment and bed

Parents who always trust and believe in me, and never stop trying to protect me

Netflix for entertaining me

Books for letting me escape inside of them

How to Train Your Dragon for being my favorite of all favorites

The ability to be be healthy and fit

My new fun hair

Pictures for letting me capture moments and memories

Food of all kinds

Cows for making me smile

Blankets and pillows for being the best cuddle-ers behind Chris

That I am a wife to the most amazing man

That I was able to gain an education

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

That I have a testimony of the gospel

The knowledge that I will someday become a mother

The knowledge that despite how difficult it is sometimes, I am strong enough to fight my depression

  That my Father in Heaven is always watching over me 

That Chris will continue to love me forever and make me happy

That I am a warrior.

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