Thursday, October 1, 2015

Welcome to Blogtober 2015!

I'm sure you're all painfully aware of how little I have been blogging recently. It's a shame really. I do so much to get you all excited for upcoming things but then nothing actually comes. I don't want to make excuses... but I actually have a really good one. That you will be finding out about probably next week.

I was browsing through Pinterest like I do everyday and came across something called Blogtober. Now this was done on the blog Helene In Between (and possibly other blogs) last year, but in an attempt to kickstart my blog once more I'm doing it this year, not really caring if other blogs are doing it or not (I haven't done the research, I don't even know).

The whole idea is to blog every day for the month of October, which I'm sure you realize is going to be a huge struggle for me. I'm nervous that I'm going to forget or skip a day, but I'm trying really hard to plan this out so I get every day in. I'm hoping that in doing this I'll remember how much I really do love blogging and I can get back into the groove again.

Today's post is fairly boring, just explaining what Blogtober is about, but here's a brief look at what you should be seeing this month on my blog:

  • Fashion Friday posts
  • Happy Tuesday posts
  • Creating my Halloween costume
  • Halloween decorating
  • Fall activities
  • Learning more about me
  • And a special surprise
The Blogtober post I was inspired by had prompts for everyday of the month so I've been using tons of other blogs to inspire different blog posts for this month and I'm very excited to write up new things that will help all my new followers to learn more about me. While I'm not giving you prompts to do, I would love it if you would participate in Blogtober as well, just making an effort to blog daily in October. 

I love all my readers and love that despite having been gone for so long, I still get new followers every month. You are all incredible and you inspire me with your sweet comments and the support you've always given me. This month is about showing my gratitude by giving you more to read from me every day. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful Blogtober!! 

Feel free to join me on social media with the #Blogtober2015! 


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