Monday, October 12, 2015

Pregnancy Diary: Week 6 - Blogtober Day 12


  • Date: Monday August 10th, 2015
  • Size of baby: Chocolate chip (0.3 inches)
  • Baby bump: None
  • Symptoms:
    • Morning sickness: None
    • Nausea:Yes
    • Fatigue: Always
    • Cravings: Nope
    • Other: Cramps occasionally, sore breasts


(Note: As shown by the date above, this post was written weeks previously, so some of these things may be outdated.)

It's weird to have someone say you're six weeks pregnant when you only found out a week earlier. Six weeks isn't a lot of time in the whole scheme of things, but it's over a month. I've been pregnant over a month and didn't even know it! Do you know what I've done in the past month? I went on a long alpine slide, ropes courses, zipline-ing, white water rafting, hiking, swam across a lake, bike riding. Was I really pregnant for all of that? Maybe not, but still! 

Something I didn't know was that the doctors don't schedule you in until 10 weeks. I just assumed as soon as you're pregnant they invite you in to check on your health, let you see the baby, etc. Nope. I have to wait. Till September 10th. That's a whole month away!! Can I seriously wait that long to even see my baby? Chris and I are considering using the USU coupons for a free pregnancy test at those planned parenthood type places so we have a more doctor approved confirmation of our pregnancy. An at-home pregnancy test and missed period are all we're basing this off of.

According to my app (which I'll write a review on later) and my doctor's call, my due date is April 3rd, but this could change when they actually date the fetus but we can count on April, which is exciting. 

It's overwhelming how little I know about pregnancy and it's so tempting to tell my mom and ask her questions. She's gone through this and I know she'd give me excellent advice, but I want the reveal to our families to be special, so I'm holding back as much as I can. 

It's kind of thrilling have a secret only Chris and I know. Both of us are so excited and want to tell the world. Honestly calling the doctors and telling the lady on the phone I was pregnant was such an exciting moment for me and it was so great to hear a "congratulations" back. I want to tell everyone and writing this diary is kind of adding to that thrill, even if you won't see it for a while. 

I wish you could see this though and have the ability to ask me questions. What do you want to know? What do you not know about pregnancy (like I probably don't) that you want me to help you understand? While you won't see this for a while, please leave comments below with your questions because I want to help, I want to inform others, and I want you to get the answers you need. So don't forget to ask me your questions and I'll do my best to answer them. 

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