Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Travel Wishlist -Blogtober Day 4

As this is posted, I am currently on my way home from a roadtrip with my family. So I thought it would be fun to share with you the places I want to travel most in life.

Some of you may have seen my "American Journey" post in which I explained how I want to travel to each state in the US for a specific place and purpose. I have never given up on that goal, despite only have one state checked off (and it's not even the state I live in). But I do have other travel goals outside of the US. This list is about places both in and out of the US that are at the top of my wishlist.

New York City

I honestly cannot think of a time when I haven't wanted to visit New York. Even as a child, New York seemed like some magical place that I really wanted to visit. There are literally so many thing to visit and experience in New York and I want to be able to do it all!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Honestly, what human being my age who grew up with Harry Potter does not want to go here? It may not be a city, or landmark, but it's Harry Potter which represents something that made a big influence on my childhood. Harry Potter books, movies, pictures, and even just the mention of the name always seems to make me smile so this is a place I know I would enjoy.


This has been a more recent addition to my wishlist. I think in my younger years I didn't know much about London so I didn't really care. I loved British accents but the place didn't seem so exciting to me. However, in marrying a man who wants to move to the UK, and falling in love with BBC's Sherlock (it's not just love, it's an obsession), London has moved to the top of my list. I'm always fascinated in being in a place with old architecture and history and London has tons of that! It really is a beautiful place and I really hope someday Chris and I can go.


If you've met my husband, you know his wish is to move to Scotland.  He served his LDS mission in Scotland and is ridiculously in love with the place. But the more I learn about it, the more I am falling in love too. Also, as anyone who reads my blog should know, I'm in love with cows. And Scotland is home to my favorite type of cow, the highland cow. So for reals I just need to go there.


Umm.... I don't know the reason. I've just always wanted to go to Canada! Also, going off on a random tangent here, a few months ago Chris and I went through all the episodes of Breaking Bad (which is amazing). So when on Pinterest I sometimes look up funny things about Breaking Bad, and my current favorite is this:

Washington DC

This is one of those places just filled with history that interests me so much. DC and its surrounding areas have a lot of historical landmarks and buildings that I want to experience firsthand. I've always been mad at Chris that he got to go without me and I hope we can experience it together soon.

The Grand Canyon

A few years ago my parents took my brother to the Grand Canyon and I was upset I didn't get to go. I love nature and what God has given us in nature (this is why Yellowstone will forever be one of my favorite places). So the Grand Canyon is one of those places that I just know I need to visit someday.


This isn't at the top of my wishlist, but my ancestors on my dad's side came from Italy, so I've always been a little more interested in Italy than other European countries. In talking to Chris, he's also had a desire to visit Italy and the historical sites there, so maybe Italy will become a place we actually get to check off our list.

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