Monday, October 5, 2015

Just For the Laughs -Blogtober Day 5

Who dislikes Mondays? I sure do. So here are some of my recent favorite funny posts from Pinterest, just so we can all have a little laugh on a Monday.

For reals, go visit This Is Actually How To Train Your Dragon right now!! It was created by the same people in charge of the CinemaSins YouTube page, which I love, and it's a fake/real website to teach us all how to train our dragons. It's funny and awesome and just check it out. 

(If you don't know this is George RR Martin, and if you don't know Game of Thrones you probably don't get the joke, but I think it's funny.)

(Chris and I now say this all the time.)

(Beware, this next one has some bad swear words. Sorry!!)

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