Friday, October 16, 2015

Blogger's Maternity Style - Blogtober Day 16

So I don't have an outfit post for you today. I feel like my stomach kind of popped out this week (or I've been eating too much popcorn) but I'm still a little insecure about showing it. It doesn't necessarily look like pregnancy yet, more like weight gain, so I'm not ready for fashion posts yet.

However, I am going to start taking weekly photos to see the change in my stomach and I will be posting those.

Because I'm not doing my own style yet, I'm going to be showing you some of my favorite maternity fashion posts from other blogs.

Anna Saccone

This girl has some of the cutest, and simple maternity style posts. I love how it all just looks so comfy and cute. A lot of her posts for her second pregnancy include oversized sweaters, and if this year we have a typical Utah winter, I could easily wear oversized sweaters for most of my pregnancy. And that sounds just wonderful to me. Her most recent ones also include her adorable daughter so they are even more fun to look at.

A+ Life

Courtney from A+ Life is one of my favorite bloggers. I feel as if we have similar blogging styles, very open and honest just talking about life. She's not necessarily a fashion blogger, but she does the occasional fashion post (again, kind of like me). I like her maternity style a lot. Again it's very laid back, just comfy and casual. She's also just the sweetest person I've never met or actually really talked to and she had two absolutely adorable daughters. If you haven't found her blog yet, you really should take a look.

Fred Rongo

I grew up with Kalee from Fred Rongo, I love her to death, she was part of the inspiration to do fashion on my blog, and when I first found out I was pregnant I immediately went to her blog and stalked all her old maternity posts. She wore the absolute cutest things while pregnant. I honestly don't know how she did it. Doing my own hair has been making me sick, yet she somehow looked beyond gorgeous in all her maternity posts. Ugh. I'm not even that far in my pregnancy but I'm already jealous of how cute she was pregnant.

The Freckled Fox

This girl has the most gorgeous hair in the world, just so you know. This is another fashion blogger that somehow managed to look so put together in all her maternity posts. Seriously some of her posts are like high fashion, super classy, just amazing. The above picture is one of my favorites though, because it's closer to what you'll see me wearing through the rest of my pregnancy. But please please go look at the link to her maternity posts, because each one ends with a short letter to her little one and it's the cutest thing ever (and I may borrow that idea, but differently).

I'm excited that my stomach is starting to show even if it's also a little intimidating, but I'm also super excited to start dressing it and showing off my bump. I will be working super hard to make sure I get all the Fashion Friday posts I can during my pregnancy so you can always see how I style my baby bump, but just bear with me this week till I'm a little more comfortable showing it.

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