Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Happy Tuesday 8/18/2015

My new, and incredibly nice and understanding, boss

My 14 new Facebook followers

Utah Bloggers Connect Facebook page for giving me most of those new followers

How To Train Your Dragon (always)

Long, warm showers

Good smelling lotions

Work friends who take care of me

A husband who caters to my ever whim (ha ha)


The song "Monster" by Imagine Dragons

Spiderman (the superhero, not any particular movie)

WatchMojo top 10 videos


Hey friends, so since I have a lot of new followers in the last week I'm going to explain Happy Tuesday real fast. Happy Tuesday is my day to find the small (or big) things over the past week that have made me happy. It's a way for me to think more positively as well as giving gratitude and finding out how truly blessed I really am. I love when my readers participate in Happy Tuesday as well, so if you do please leave me a comment or show me on social media with #HappyTuesday.

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