Friday, July 24, 2015


Hello everyone! First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in my survey/giveaway last week. I loved all your responses and you helped a lot. The winner of the giveaway will be emailed soon, so good luck!!

My dress today is one I've posted before, but I wore it at my parent's house and certain family members acted like they had never seen it before (shows who reads my blog in my family). But I'm posting it again because it's styled differently and things have changed. So lets take a look at the changes.

Hey look, the first time I posted this dress I had my original blog name. That's cool, and long, and it's nice to have my own URL now. My hair was shorter then and I think I curled it with my straightener. I honestly haven't touched my straightener in forever. If you want to see how I curl my hair now, click HERE. My hair also was a lighter brown and now I think it just looks reddish brown, but people don't always agree. I'm still an expert at putting my hands on my hips. I don't wear flats so much, I wear heels (the heels in the picture usually) everyday.

I am in love with this dress because it's very slimming. You can't even tell I've gained weight between the two pictures, which is pretty awesome. And I look more pale now but I'm pretty sure that's because my new phone camera is much better at showing detail. Also instead of a more formal cardigan I paired this dress with a casual tee, and it really is casual, it's a Utah Jazz t-shirt, the logo is just hidden. I have been parting my hair in the middle for a long time but this new post I went back to my usual part. Seriously it looks the same but this is the first time in forever (like the Frozen song).

My life has changed a lot too. The original post was about when the ducklings outside of our apartment hatched. We were about to move to Texas, I was a janitor, I was still in school, things were weird and different. I'm so happy that change exists. My life is so much better off now. We aren't struggling (as much) to pay bills and rent, I have a full time job that I really do love, Chris has a good steady job where he works so well with customers, and we have a world of possibilities ahead of us.

I've had a pretty bad/negative summer this year, but sometimes it's good to look back on the way things used to be and realize just how wonderful changes can be.

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  1. I swear I read your blog! Sometimes things just look different in real life than in pictures! Also, you look gorgeous in these pictures! Your hair looks AMAZING!!! I wish you could just do my hair for me or something. :)


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