Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy Tuesday 6/16/2015

Devin coming home!!! 

Knowing the last Farnes brother gets home in two weeks!!! 

The thought of seeing Chris with all his brothers for the first time since I met him!!! 

Jimmy Johns for Tweeting me back

New Facebook followers! (Welcome and thank you!!)

Demi Lovato

That last song especially though

Like seriously, if you haven't already, click on the link and listen

That song saves me

Warm weather


My lunchtime nature walks

Chris for saving me from a wasp in our bedroom


Doing better at work

Starting up #FashionFriday posts again

My mom for listening and loving and being all around amazing


Hey friends, so as you know my Happy Tuesday posts are always just like the above list. No explanations, just the simple things in life that have made me happy the past week. But I just want you all to be aware that I am currently struggling. If you've ready any past posts on my blog you've probably learned by now that I suffer from depression... and it's been bad lately. We're working on it and this week has already been so much better than last week, but I wanted to tell you that making these Happy Tuesday posts has been helping me a lot. Simply taking time to think about the little things making me happy has changed everything. Finding gratitude for the little things and being a bit more positive is doing wonders for my emotional health. I didn't write a post last week and I probably should have considering how bad things got last week, but I really want to encourage my readers to participate in Happy Tuesdays with me. They are helping me and maybe they can help you too. Even if you're late (like I was today) on writing your blog post, tweet, Tumblr post, Instagram photo, or Facebook post, be sure to tag it with #HappyTuesdays so I can see it too. 

I love all my readers and I hope that your week is amazing and you remember to find the small positive things in your life that make you happy. 

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  1. Love reading this because it helps me to take a few minutes to reflect on my own week and makes me happy too! I think it's awesome how much the little things can change your perspective!


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