Friday, June 19, 2015

A Little Sparkle

Hello friends! With this post I am excited to announce Fashion Fridays are back!! Basically this means I plan on posting one fashion/personal style post a week and I'll make them go up on Fridays. I actually started this about a month ago but I skipped a week and didn't make it official, but now it's official, so you better pester me about it if I ever forget (kidding, because I probably will). Also, I would love to see your Fashion Friday posts too! Whether it's on your blog or just social media, please leave #FashionFriday on your post so I can look through and check those out.

This is a more casual outfit. This picture was actually taken on a Friday (weeks ago, mind you) and Fridays at work are casual days and we can wear jeans (well the actual rule is that you can wear jeans any day IF you're wearing a company logo-ed shirt or jacket, and I do have a jacket, but I honestly enjoy wearing my skirts, so I just take advantage of casual Fridays).

I love this shirt!! My sister gave it to me a few years ago, so sorry, no links to buy it, but I do have exact links to the cardigan and shoes. As you know I don't wear bright colors often, but I am okay with white, and I LOVE a little sparkle. I grew up in the dance world and the fact that this shirt has literal sequins on it is the greatest thing of my life. While it is much brighter than my normal attire, I'm in love with this shirt because it has a little sparkle, a little color, but for me, it's not too much or over the top.

Cardigan: Target
Shoes: K-Mart

For fun, here are some sequined tops under $75 that I would love to have:

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