Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fame or Fortune?

Which is better? Which is best? Which one would you want? 
Which one would make you happiest? Which one would you kill for? 

Fame or fortune?
Money or popularity?
Love or wealth?

Fortune doesn't bring happiness.
Fortune brings greed and want.
Want for things we don't need. 

Fame doesn't bring happiness.
Fame brings selfishness.
The want to always been seen. 

Which to choose? Which one is best?
Which one would make me happiest?
Perhaps if I must choose, I'd choose fame.

Fame means people know your name,
People recognize you in the streets,
People want to meet you, see you, stalk you, pretend to love you.

They love the you they see in the press,
Not the you that's at your core.
Not the real person you've worked so hard to become. 

So maybe fortune is the better course,
The real answer to a better life.
The choice I should make.

Fortune means you can buy what you want,
Cars, houses, clothes, makeup, and even friends.
People who want you for your money.

They love you because you can buy them things,
Not because of who you really are.
Not the real person you've worked so hard to become.

Will either one give you happiness?
Will either one make you the person you've wanted to be?
Will either one change you for the better?

Fame or fortune?
Fortune or fame?
Which is better? Which is best?

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