Sunday, April 5, 2015

What Easter Means to Me

This has been a strange week for me. It started out with lots of pain from my wisdom tooth coming in, giving a Young Women's lesson on the resurrection, then trying to figure out how to pay our bills this month, and then I had my friend, Bubba, pass away on Wednesday, and then after Wednesday it's been a blur...

Things have been crazy for me and part of me just doesn't know how to deal with all these changes and trials going on in my life right now. But I'm happy that it's Easter weekend, because it allows me to reflect on what Easter really means to me.

Last Sunday my lesson for church was on the resurrection. It was the hardest lesson I've had to give so far. I'm good at abstract kind of things, but a specific event/topic can be intimidating, especially when it's something as significant as the resurrection. But I was so happy to be giving that lesson before Easter, and after hearing about Bubba, I'm so happy I had that lesson to start my week on.

I believe that through the resurrection I can see Bubba again. Through the gospel I am sealed to my family, to Chris, for eternity. I couldn't imagine my life without Chris or my family, and the resurrection allows me to be with them forever.

Easter is about the resurrection, about the fact that Christ rose from the dead to give us eternal life, to be with us forever. Because of the resurrection I know that my prayers are answered, that when I need help he's there for me, and that I can see my friend Bubba again.

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