Thursday, April 16, 2015

April Snow

You may be thinking these are old photos that I decided to put in randomly since my last  fashion post was pretty sunny. But nope, my latest fashion posts have all been in order. I've mentioned before how strange of a winter we've been having. There hasn't been much snow at all and it's been considerably warm. But Mother Nature decided to change that and throw snow at us mid-April. It was also fun since the day it snowed, my coworker and I went for a walk during our lunch break without any jackets on since it was 68 degrees, but by the end of the work day it was snowing like crazy! 

Living in Utah basically my whole life, I have a pretty good winter wardrobe, but I feel like I don't show it that much. I'm obsessed with boots, sweaters, leggings, and my coats, but I don't take many winter outfit photos due to the lack of sunlight and my work schedule. So even though winter is over for most people (and two days later, basically over for us as well), I'm excited that I finally get to show you guys a part of my winter wardrobe. 

This sweater I got for Christmas from my husband and he picked it out all by himself. Every time I say that, people get impressed. He did a great job. He says he looked at my Pinterest board to help him figure out what I would like. Pinterest is my favorite. In a few days I'll be sharing a new segment on my blog called Pinterest Projects and every month I pick something (or multiple things) from my Pinterest boards to work on. I'm excited for this new segment and excited to tell you what I've been doing for this month. 

Anyways, since my photos today have snow I want to briefly vent to you about how weird it is to me to see other bloggers posting pictures in summer clothes in the sunshine. Going through my Instagram feed is really odd sometimes to see people swimming at the beach when I'm building snowmen. 

Well I hope you enjoy my very dark winter outfit. It was actually snowing when I took these. I don't think you can tell very much but it certainly was cold!! 

Sweater: Kohls
Skirt: Promesa
Socks: K.Bell
Boots: Mudd
Necklace: Foxy Originals 

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