Monday, March 2, 2015

My Eyes

This is a poem-type thing about my favorite thing about myself. I was inspired to write about what I like best about myself and encourage you to do the same.

On days when my hair just won't work,
My makeup won't stick,
Or my outfit is a mess,
I have to remember what I have that makes me happiest. 

I'm proud of my eyes.
I like how big they are
How dark. 
When I was little I hated the color
I didn't like brown.
But it fits me, it suits me, it makes me me. 

I like my eyelashes, 
Both with makeup and without.
They curl and they're dark
They are long.

I love they ways my eyes look
I think they are beautiful.
I think my eyes are powerful.

I love my eyes not only for the way the look,
But for what they can do.
I can see mountains, waterfalls, smiles,
All thanks to my eyes. 
They work hard for me, to let me see the beauty around me.

My eyes help with my emotions. 
Sure they cry whenever I do, 
But when I'm sad they look for happiness
They search for the things that bring me joy
Without my eyes, finding happiness would be hard. 

I like when things are dark,
My hair, my clothes, my eyes,
But my eyes help me enjoy light as well. 

My eyes are a blessing
They make me who I am. 
They make me, me.
They make me happy.
They make me strong.
I'm proud of my eyes. 

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  1. You forgot to mention how luscious they are :)


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