Friday, February 20, 2015

Style Icon: Emma Stone

Once upon a time my roommates introduced me to Easy A , which became one of my favorite movies, and helped me fall in love with Emma Stone (in a completely platonic way of course). I mean, seriously, just look at how great she was in Easy A:

I think Emma Stone is fantastic. She's a great actress, witty, funny, beautiful, and has such a great outlook on life. She is down to earth and amazing. And her relationship with Andrew Garfield is the cutest thing ever. I want them to be together forever. They're adorable and perfect.

But for the purposes of this post, she's also has great style. She has a very laid back wardrobe while still looking incredible. Honestly, she looks amazing all the time. She looks great with every hair color, her makeup is always fantastic, and her style is one of my favorites.

She wears jeans a lot which really speaks to me because jeans are the best. I wear jeans a lot. But Emma Stone has a way of looking classy and well put together no matter what. Even when she's out walking her dog she looks incredible. She knows how to put both casual and classy items together in the perfect way. She looks great no matter what and that's why she's my current style icon.

And now here are many pictures of her style, starting with personal quotes from her about her outlook on beauty. Here's to hoping this amazing actress wins at the Oscars on Sunday!

And now, because I'm literally obsessed with their relationship...

I honestly love them. 

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