Sunday, February 22, 2015

St. George Trip

So it's apparently a tradition now that we go to St. George for President's Day weekend. Which is cool because for the past two years it means Valentine's Day and Chris's birthday as well. I absolutely love St. George, it's gorgeous and warm and for a long time I wanted to live there. The red rocks are gorgeous and amazing and I'm super upset I didn't get more/better pictures. 

But here are the pictures I do have as well as a short fashion photo shoot at the end of what I wore on Valentine's Day. It wasn't a big deal for us, so I was super casual.

This picture was taken on the ride home. The line on the top right is a crack in the windshield. I'm the worst for forgetting to take a picture like this until we were leaving. I love red rock. 

Our condo/hotel thing is in the weirdest place. You have to drive through a neighborhood and apartments to get there and the view from the balcony is this picture. A dry boring field. Where children like to shoot BB guns at each other. Apparently.  

But the condo has basketball courts, two swimming pools, hot tubs, and fun games to play. We were able to swim, which made me super excited because I love swimming so much! We also played ping pong and pool with my in-laws and it was tons of fun.

This is our beautiful condo/hotel/timeshare thing. I forget what to call it. I love that there are palm trees. Palm trees are the coolest.

My incredible mother-in-law gave me two super cute Valentines. She is the sweetest as were the treats she gave me. 

Chris and I didn't do much for Valentine's Day or his birthday. Later in the week after we were home I took Chris out to eat at one of his favorite restaurants in Logan, Indian Oven (which everyone should go to. It was really sad because we were the only ones in there and it's honestly so good and the people who work there are so nice, so if you live in Logan just go there!!!), and I gave him his birthday present:

Yep, I gave him an iPod. I spoil him. But he deserves it. 

I spent most of the trip reading and finished my book a bit too fast, considering I only brought one. I was reading Eleanor & Park for my February Book Club book which if you haven't joined in already, you have one week left to read any love story of your choosing. I have a book planned for next month as well, which is a book my mom gave me months ago and I'm just getting around to reading it, so be prepared for Book Club again next month! Yay! 

Now onto my fashion post!

Shirt: ???
Jeans: Walmart
Shoes: Kmart

Playgrounds are awesome. This was at the hotel and I had fun taking pictures and playing on it. My hair turned out super curly and awesome on Valentine's Day and I wish I had better pictures of it because even Chris said it was amazing. 

I'll have my normal widget of same or similar items at the very bottom of this post. But I have one last picture. 

Being with my in-laws means seeing my favorite dog Max. While staying at the in-law's the night before going to St. George, Chris put a soccer jersey on Max and it was adorable... and barely fit him. But he's the cutest and best dog in the world. 

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