Saturday, February 7, 2015

Marvel Superheros!

I have spent the whole duration of this blog being as honest to you as possible. I tell you almost everything about my life and I tell in truthfully. I never want to lie or give you a false perspective of me and my life. Which is what brings us to this "fashion" post.

I am not a fashion icon nor do I ever aspire to be. I wear what I want to wear. I wear what makes me comfortable and happy. Giving you fashion posts on this blog is something that I truly love doing because I love clothes and shopping and dressing up. But I also like dressing down and it feels wrong for me to hide that from you.

I want to continue doing fashion posts, but this is the start of everyday wear, the clothes you won't see on other blogs. This is who I am and the way I dress and there is no use in hiding it.

Today's outfit is for a lazy Saturday. I'm in love with these leggings and my t-shirt. I watched The Amazing Spiderman the other day and I'm truly in love with him and most other Marvel superheroes. Sure Batman is incredible, but I think overall Marvel is my favorite. But it's not like I read comic books or anything, my opinion is purely based on movies.

For this and future blog posts I'm going to try a bit harder to find links to the exact articles of clothing shown. This has always been a problem because most of my wardrobe I've had for years, but I've gotten rid of a lot of my older stuff and I'm trying to restart my wardrobe. It's been fun.

So anyways, here is a lazy Saturday outfit with leggings and Uggs, and seeing just how much gray and black I could wear. Also, I was taking pictures outside in the morning in this outfit and I wasn't cold, which is highly irregular for the beginning of February in Northern Utah. This has honestly been the weirdest winter of my life.

Also, I apologize for the sun in my face and my squinted eyes. 
Cardigan: Target
Shirt: JC Penny's
Leggings: June & Daisy
Socks: K.Bell
Boots: Costco

More Fun Marvel Shirts:


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