Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Top 10 Christmas Songs

I have been so obsessed with Christmas this year and I'm not sure why. This is the first year of my life I will not be spending Christmas Eve with my family, and in a way, that breaks my heart, but at the same time I'm super excited to share my favorite time of year with my in-laws. I also don't understand my massive excitement for Christmas this year because I don't have much money to buy gifts, and I love exchanging gifts, and we're married adults so we don't get many presents either. I don't understand why I'm freaking out, but it's a happy time all the same.

Music is quite honestly one of my most favorite things in the world. It has saved me countless times and it inspires me every day. Today I will be sharing with you my top ten Christmas songs (in no particular order). I hope these songs help get you into the Christmas mood and get you as excited as I am!

Anything from the Nutcracker

I would also like to add anything from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, because they are incredible. My younger years, growing up in dance, meant that I participated in The Nutcracker every year. I think as I total I've been, a party girl, a Russian, a candy cane, a tree, an Oriental, a soldier twice, a snowflake,  and a buffoon, Three years I did Ballet West's Nutcracker as well. To this day, it feels odd to not see or participate in the Nutcracker in December even though it's been years since I have. I'm so in love with the music and the ballet itself. The Nutcracker always has, and probably always will be a large part of my Decembers and Christmas's. 

Oh Holy Night

I'm fine with any version of this song, but lately I've been obsessing over Carrie. She's incredible. This song is such a beautiful reminder of the real reason we celebrate Christmas, while also being incredible powerful and poetic. It is such a beautiful song and it truly is one of my favorites. 

Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel

I think this is one of the most beautiful songs... ever. I remember when I was little and playing (a much simpler version than this) this song at my mom's Christmas piano concerts, back when I was much better at faking playing the piano. This song has a more melancholy feel which I always love out of any song, but it shares the message of Jesus Christ's birth and the true meaning of Christmas. I'm in love. 

Carol of the Bells

Yay for Pentatonix! I love them so much, even though this video weirds me out because that doesn't look like Christmas time to me (even though we haven't gotten snow yet). I've sung this song in many choirs and this song is just fun and beautiful and always sounds so complicated and exciting. Honestly it's such a cool song around Christmastime and I love it. 

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

What ends up happening after the first big snow storm in Utah? I end up singing this song. It's one of my favorites because it always comes to my mind around the beginning of December and when it snows. It's such a great song for Christmas because Christmas is such an incredible time of year and this song always puts me right in the mood. And yay for Bing Crosby for giving us some of the greatest versions of Christmas songs ever.

All I Want for Christmas is You

I've always been a fan of this song, but once I heard the Michael Buble version I couldn't listen to the other ones anymore, this one tops them all. Shouldn't this song be romantic? Loving? Passionate? This version does that and all the other versions just are a party. This song is gorgeous and honestly how could someone not love Michael Buble. His whole Christmas album I'm obsessed with, it's the greatest and if you haven't listened to it already, click on that link!!

The Hallelujah Chorus

The Messiah is another one of those things that, for me, it doesn't feel like Christmas if I haven't participated, listened to, or seen a concert of. My mom used to always participate in a production of the Messiah and when I got a bit older my sister and I participated as well. The Messiah is full of such incredible songs and really illustrates the true meaning of Christmas, it's the whole story of the birth of Christ! I love all the songs from it, but how can you not point out this one in particular?

What Child is This?

Josh Groban has a voice that makes Christmas songs more enjoyable. This song is another one that tells the true meaning of Christmas. I've always loved this song more than the others. It's just beautiful. 

God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman/We Three Kings

I am a huge fan of the Barenaked for the Holidays album. I feel it's underrated because they did such an incredible job on it and all the songs I love. It is honestly one of my favorite Christmas albums. This song in particular just illustrated how Barenaked Ladies doesn't get all the credit and love they deserve. They are honestly talented and do such a great job with all their music. But they turned this song into something even more incredible. Any version of this song is wonderful, but this one is my favorite. 

Silent Night

I think the hardest part of this whole post was finding the perfect version of Silent Night. This is my number one favorite Christmas song. It puts me in the mood for Christmas immediately. It's beautiful, it tells the incredible story of the birth of Christ, it gives a peaceful feeling, and it is the best way to remind us of why we celebrate Christmas. Jesus Christ was born! This is my most favorite song for Christmastime, and of any time. 

And a few more shout outs:

Hairy Christmas
(The Duck Dynasty Christmas album, Duck the Halls , is incredible. Get it!)
You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
(Every Christmas Eve my siblings read this book. It's not Christmas without it!)
Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer
(How can someone not love the story of Rudolph? ...My husband doesn't. He has a lot to learn.)
Jingle Bells
(Another Barenaked Ladies version, it's the best!)
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
(My siblings and I also watch this movie every Christmas Eve.)
Santa Tell Me
(Yes, I'm still obsessed with Ariana Grande.)
Ave Maria
(I sang this once in choir, it's such a beautiful song!)
Santa Baby
(Look it's T-Swizzle. This song is great, except when boys try to sing it, then it's weird.)
Elf's Lament 
(My two favorite Christmas albums are Barenaked Ladies and Michael Buble, and here they are together. Winner!)

What's your favorite Christmas song? 
Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. Do you know what else I love from Carrie? Her version of "Do You Hear What I Hear?" It is incredible. Do you remember when I used to hate that song? Maybe not, but it makes me laugh because now it is a favorite. I especially love the line, "Pray for peace, people everywhere." So beautiful.

    1. Her version of "Do You Hear..." is the best, but it's still not a favorite. Christmas songs are the best!!

  2. Also, I really love this blog post! I'm so with you on Nutcracker and Messiah and on so many of these songs! I love Christmas music!


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