Sunday, November 16, 2014

Winter Begins

Oh look, finally a fashion post with my dyed hair! I died my hair about a month ago but I haven't posted any pictures yet. I went darker because I love having darker hair! It has red in it as well but not an orangy red, a really pretty dark red that only really shows up in the sunlight. I love having my hair this color! 

It snowed this weekend! I always love the first snowfall and I love snow in December, but that's it. Starting January I just want the snow to go away. But I live in Utah where that doesn't happen, and quite frequently the snow starts in October. It started at a good time this year though, mid November, I approve of that. I hate when there is snow on my birthday. 

This outfit is excited for you because every part of it is older and you won't be able to find it anywhere. So below I have a few suggestions for similar items or items I just like, also because the dress and sweater were gifts and I don't know where they came from in the first place. But this outfit is very brown and I don't wear brown often so this is different for me, but I loved it. One last thing, when I was creating the widget with similar items, the pieces I chose were all brown or close to the colors I wore, but they changed color. Basically if you click on the picture to actually see it better or purchase it, it is available in brown. 

Lastly I want to add that fashion posts will be more difficult for me because I work until five and the sun sets at five. So either I have to take pictures at lunch (in the freezing cold) or inside my apartment with horrible lighting and blank white walls. So outfit posts will be very scarce this winter but I will do my best.  

It's so cold!!! 


  1. Great blog♥

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    1. I love meeting new blogger friends! I'm happy to follow you!

  2. Oh my gosh, yes, us too, so freakin' cold out. Makes getting outfit photos a lot harder that's for sure!! And your hair looks so pretty + this outfit is adorable. Love it so much!! xo


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