Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Poem About Having a Writer's Mind

I have a writer's mind.
My thoughts aren't always my own
Sometimes I'm a princess, a warrior, a man
Sometimes I'm an animal
Sometimes I'm royalty
Sometimes I'm an outcast

I have a writer's mind.
I'll be walking down the street
But in my mind I'm flying above the trees
On the back of a dragon
Being stolen away to his lair
Anxious to meet my fate

I have a writer's mind.
I can't always be where I am
My mind wanders to many different places
Different countries
Undiscovered kingdoms
Waiting planets

I have a writer's mind.
Different voices in my head
All characters waiting for their story to be written
Wanting their name in lights
Or at least on the cover of a book
Maybe someday a movie poster

I have a writer's mind.
It's difficult inside my head
I can't always be myself
Because I'm a writer
I'm a million different people, places, and things
All at the same time
All because
I have a writer's mind.

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