Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Poem About Having a Writer's Mind

I have a writer's mind.
My thoughts aren't always my own
Sometimes I'm a princess, a warrior, a man
Sometimes I'm an animal
Sometimes I'm royalty
Sometimes I'm an outcast

I have a writer's mind.
I'll be walking down the street
But in my mind I'm flying above the trees
On the back of a dragon
Being stolen away to his lair
Anxious to meet my fate

I have a writer's mind.
I can't always be where I am
My mind wanders to many different places
Different countries
Undiscovered kingdoms
Waiting planets

I have a writer's mind.
Different voices in my head
All characters waiting for their story to be written
Wanting their name in lights
Or at least on the cover of a book
Maybe someday a movie poster

I have a writer's mind.
It's difficult inside my head
I can't always be myself
Because I'm a writer
I'm a million different people, places, and things
All at the same time
All because
I have a writer's mind.

My New Job!

Today actually marks four weeks at my job, so it's not entirely new, but I have so much to tell!!

So when we moved back to Logan we were incredibly blessed. In one week we found an amazing apartment, I found work, Chris was offered a position writing for the USU Statesman, and my relatives let us stay with them as we waited for our apartment to be ready.

But probably my most favorite was finding a job. Not just a job, a full-time job for a billing utility company filled with wonderful and kind people. It's a job I honestly enjoy.

I sit in front of a computer for eight hours a day making sure the bills were processed correctly. Or, if we're using my work lingo: I QC bills in Yoda, using The Force to make sure they are processed correctly and Ewok any bills that aren't. Yep, I work in a place with tons of Star Wars references, which is kind of great because I love Star Wars. R2D2 has been my ringtone since I got my phone in February. I'm kind of a nerd but it's fine.

What's even better is that I'm actually good at my job. I worked eight hours a day during the summer but it was so hard because it was just demanding, a negative environment, and being on the phone all day isn't my forte. But this job I can do and do well and I honestly enjoy waking up early and going to work.

Chris is in his last year of school and we decided he should solely focus on school, meaning he is not currently working. He writes for the paper but it doesn't pay very much and he was trying to get a job as a soccer ref, but we both agreed that I'll work full time so he can focus on school. So far the arrangement is working really well for us. I'm actually making enough money on my own to sustain us. It's not like we're rich, but we can get by which is all we ask for in life after a year of never knowing if we'll be able to pay our bills.

Everything is honestly falling into place. :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hey is for Horses

Hey everyone I'm back! And with a "fashion" post too!! I don't know about you guys but I've really missed doing fashion posts and I'm excited to start doing them regularly again. Today Chris and I were driving around and we saw a horse and Chris suggested I take my pictures with a horse. So there's a horse. This horse is potentially sick since it was right next to the vet. So everyone please pray for this potentially sick horse, because he (she?) was really nice and cool. 

This isn't my best fashion post but it's a start. I now have a job where I have to dress nice so you'll be seeing more "fancy" clothes. I'm also going to be doing more with my Book Club, making YouTube videos to go along with my blog, and eventually purchasing the domain name (there's been a slight hiccup so I'm currently caught in between the name "The Dancing Cow" and having the URL as whenthecowscomedancinghome, it's a whole big mess that I'm working on fixing). 

Anyways, I have so many plans to keep this blog running again and I hope you are just as excited as I am!! As always, thank you so much for reading! Love you all!! 

Shoes: Ross, Skirt: ??? Shirt: Dress Barn, Cardigan: Old Navy

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