Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Scorpion in the Bathroom

I like Utah. My husband wants us to move out of Utah but I like Utah. Utah feels safe. There aren't giant tornadoes or hurricanes, we're supposed to have a giant earthquake someday but haven't had any big ones yet. It's a protected, safe little area and I like it.

It also doesn't have scorpions. Or at least, if it does, I've never seen one in the twenty-one years I've lived there. And they certainly don't appear in my bathroom like they do here in Texas.

It wasn't the biggest scorpion in the world, maybe two inches long, tan-ish colored, like a baby, but regardless, it freaked me out and I ran out and stood on a chair watching Jenna Marbles and Frankenfood (who tweeted me back so they are pretty much awesome!!) until my incredible husband left work to come to my rescue.

He came home because I had called him complaining but I was so upset (and I think I'm PMSing) so I started crying and once I start crying Chris is like putty in my hands. I swear I wasn't trying to manipulate him by crying, the tears just came because I'm pretty much scared of all insects and animals and scorpions are pretty freaky. And, you know, being a girl is hard sometimes.

So Chris was my hero and killed the scorpion and helped me clean up the apartment a bit, looking for any other pest for him to kill before heading back to work. BEST HUSBAND EVER.

Also, he told his boss to come spray our apartment with pest control, but his boss was a little upset Chris was leaving work to help me, but Chris said if you would have sprayed our apartment two weeks ago when I asked you to this wouldn't have happened. Also, how can Chris go out and sell pest control and talk about how great they are if we personally found a scorpion despite their product? So hopefully the company sprays our apartment soon and this never happens again... because I'm a wimp when it comes to creepy-crawly things (remember the cockroach story?)

Because of the scorpion I went into crazy cleaning mode and have pretty much cleaned everything in our little apartment, because if our bathroom had been clean, maybe the scorpion wouldn't have been hiding in a pile of dirty clothes on the floor. Everything is so clean now and I almost think the scorpion scared me into continually keeping things clean, because I never want to find one in a mess on the floor again.

So moral of the story, maybe it takes a scorpion the scare me into keeping things clean. Hopefully that lasts.

Hey look, I was brave enough to take a picture of the scorpion among a pile of dirty clothes and a shoe.

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