Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Love My Husband

This is a short story about my husband that I wanted to share simply because it makes me happy. 

My husband and I have been working for the same company this summer. He is doing sales and I work in their office. Every morning the sales team comes in for a meeting. Chris always comes in, gives me a kiss, and goes to his meeting. After the meeting he always gives me a kiss before leaving. Sometimes we have conversations and other times we don't, depending if I'm on a phone call or not.

Today my husband came in gave me a quick kiss and went off to his meeting. I worked hard for the next hour until the meeting was over and the sales people started leaving. During the meeting they discussed a competition to see who can work more seven hour days consecutively and the winner gets an iPad.

Chris didn't really want to win because he doesn't really want an iPad. But then he remembered I want one.

So after the meeting today Chris walks proudly out of the back, past my desk, and announces that he is going to win that iPad for me, and he leaves the building. He then walks back in and comes to my desk to give me a kiss and tells me he was going to give up but he wants to win it for me.

After he left my coworker, Angel, tells me that she hopes her daughter finds a husband as kind as mine, and I felt truly special. Chris really is incredible and I am so blessed to have him. I love my husband!!!

(Later he called and said that a few of the other guys on the sales team are trying to help Chris win for me by sabotaging the others. I feel so lucky! Ha ha!)

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