Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Book Club July 2014: Pride and Prejudice

I know the majority of the world has already read this book, but I for one have not. So whether or not you've read it before, I would love for you to join me and my Book Club and read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen for the month of July!!

I've seen the movie, I know the story, and you might know it as well, but regardless I always think it's important to read the classics, and this is certainly a classic. Also, I was only able to bring a very limited amount of books with me to Texas and this was one of them, so it had to be a part of Book Club at some point.

Hey, have any of you ever seen that Mormon-ish, modern day version of Pride & Prejudice ? I always liked that because it was so cheesy and ridiculous. I would watch it with my old roommate Kristina and we would laugh so hard. I miss her.

Anyways, as always, around the 20th of the month I will post a discussion post, but you can always join in on the discussion on our GoodReads page! But try not to spoil it for everyone at the beginning of the month. Even though I already know the story...

If you haven't already joined my Book Club now is your chance!! We pick a new book every month and it's absolutely no commitment! But if you do join in I'd love to hear about it through social media with #dancingcowbookclub.

Happy Reading! 

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