Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Love My Husband

This is a short story about my husband that I wanted to share simply because it makes me happy. 

My husband and I have been working for the same company this summer. He is doing sales and I work in their office. Every morning the sales team comes in for a meeting. Chris always comes in, gives me a kiss, and goes to his meeting. After the meeting he always gives me a kiss before leaving. Sometimes we have conversations and other times we don't, depending if I'm on a phone call or not.

Today my husband came in gave me a quick kiss and went off to his meeting. I worked hard for the next hour until the meeting was over and the sales people started leaving. During the meeting they discussed a competition to see who can work more seven hour days consecutively and the winner gets an iPad.

Chris didn't really want to win because he doesn't really want an iPad. But then he remembered I want one.

So after the meeting today Chris walks proudly out of the back, past my desk, and announces that he is going to win that iPad for me, and he leaves the building. He then walks back in and comes to my desk to give me a kiss and tells me he was going to give up but he wants to win it for me.

After he left my coworker, Angel, tells me that she hopes her daughter finds a husband as kind as mine, and I felt truly special. Chris really is incredible and I am so blessed to have him. I love my husband!!!

(Later he called and said that a few of the other guys on the sales team are trying to help Chris win for me by sabotaging the others. I feel so lucky! Ha ha!)

Friday, July 11, 2014


Naming my blog after cows was no accident, I honestly, wholeheartedly, 100% think cows are amazing and they are my favorite animal. They are so cute and fat and kind and honestly helpful to people (ice cream anyone?). So every year Cow Appreciation Day isn't a joke to me, it's for real one of my most favorite holidays.

I always wear black and white, wear my cow necklace and earrings (but not the earrings this year because they are breaking and since for work I'm on the phone all day I didn't want them to break more), Chris and I always have milkshakes and we try to visit cows and take pictures with them.

This year I worked most the day, Chris works late, and we're picking up my family from the airport tonight (cannot fully explain my excitement about that) so we don't get to visit cows this year. And I'm sad because while I don't always love living in Logan, I'm able to see cows more frequently because they are close and always around. I have yet to see any cows in Texas, at least nearby. I see a lot of horses. Our apartment complex is across the street from a horse race track. Too bad there aren't cow races there too.

Despite not getting to celebrate the way I want to (I don't even have my cow footie pajamas here with me!) Chris, of course, tried to make it special for me. As I was sitting at work making phone calls the salesman started coming in one by one and each would look at me and say "Happy Cow Appreciation Day!" It was both super embarrassing and sweet.

I honestly love Cow Appreciation Day and one of the main reasons is because of Chris. He lets me act like a child and drive around searching for cows, he dresses in black and white with me, he humors my childish glee when I take pictures with cows and start cuddling with my cow pillow-pet Ty. Seriously, I married the greatest man in the world who lets me celebrate Cow Appreciation Day every year without thinking I'm a weirdo. BEST HUSBAND EVER!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Cow Appreciation Day. Don't forget to have a milkshake to appreciate the wonderful gift of milk that cows provide for us. Or if you want to be mean have a steak as long as you appreciate the cow that sacrificed his cute and precious life for you to eat something delicious (I totally have the mindset of a vegetarian but not the willpower). Also if you dress like a cow, Chick-Fil-A might give you a free meal! I'm honestly so upset I didn't bring my footie pajamas to Texas...

This pic is from Cow Appreciation Day two years ago. I'm a dork, I know, but I don't care. :) 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Book Club July 2014: Pride and Prejudice

I know the majority of the world has already read this book, but I for one have not. So whether or not you've read it before, I would love for you to join me and my Book Club and read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen for the month of July!!

I've seen the movie, I know the story, and you might know it as well, but regardless I always think it's important to read the classics, and this is certainly a classic. Also, I was only able to bring a very limited amount of books with me to Texas and this was one of them, so it had to be a part of Book Club at some point.

Hey, have any of you ever seen that Mormon-ish, modern day version of Pride & Prejudice ? I always liked that because it was so cheesy and ridiculous. I would watch it with my old roommate Kristina and we would laugh so hard. I miss her.

Anyways, as always, around the 20th of the month I will post a discussion post, but you can always join in on the discussion on our GoodReads page! But try not to spoil it for everyone at the beginning of the month. Even though I already know the story...

If you haven't already joined my Book Club now is your chance!! We pick a new book every month and it's absolutely no commitment! But if you do join in I'd love to hear about it through social media with #dancingcowbookclub.

Happy Reading! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Scorpion in the Bathroom

I like Utah. My husband wants us to move out of Utah but I like Utah. Utah feels safe. There aren't giant tornadoes or hurricanes, we're supposed to have a giant earthquake someday but haven't had any big ones yet. It's a protected, safe little area and I like it.

It also doesn't have scorpions. Or at least, if it does, I've never seen one in the twenty-one years I've lived there. And they certainly don't appear in my bathroom like they do here in Texas.

It wasn't the biggest scorpion in the world, maybe two inches long, tan-ish colored, like a baby, but regardless, it freaked me out and I ran out and stood on a chair watching Jenna Marbles and Frankenfood (who tweeted me back so they are pretty much awesome!!) until my incredible husband left work to come to my rescue.

He came home because I had called him complaining but I was so upset (and I think I'm PMSing) so I started crying and once I start crying Chris is like putty in my hands. I swear I wasn't trying to manipulate him by crying, the tears just came because I'm pretty much scared of all insects and animals and scorpions are pretty freaky. And, you know, being a girl is hard sometimes.

So Chris was my hero and killed the scorpion and helped me clean up the apartment a bit, looking for any other pest for him to kill before heading back to work. BEST HUSBAND EVER.

Also, he told his boss to come spray our apartment with pest control, but his boss was a little upset Chris was leaving work to help me, but Chris said if you would have sprayed our apartment two weeks ago when I asked you to this wouldn't have happened. Also, how can Chris go out and sell pest control and talk about how great they are if we personally found a scorpion despite their product? So hopefully the company sprays our apartment soon and this never happens again... because I'm a wimp when it comes to creepy-crawly things (remember the cockroach story?)

Because of the scorpion I went into crazy cleaning mode and have pretty much cleaned everything in our little apartment, because if our bathroom had been clean, maybe the scorpion wouldn't have been hiding in a pile of dirty clothes on the floor. Everything is so clean now and I almost think the scorpion scared me into continually keeping things clean, because I never want to find one in a mess on the floor again.

So moral of the story, maybe it takes a scorpion the scare me into keeping things clean. Hopefully that lasts.

Hey look, I was brave enough to take a picture of the scorpion among a pile of dirty clothes and a shoe.

Why I'm Pumped for July!

It's July!! Yay!! I typically say that May is my favorite month but I think July is a close second, but the Christmas season and my birthday are other favorites. Anyways July is always such a great month and here's why I'm so excited!!

-Independence Day. This is honestly one of my favorite holidays. Call me crazy or pathetic if you want but every Forth of July during a good firework show listening to the great songs about our country I tend to tear up, because I truly love being an American! I love this incredible nation I get to call home and I love being able to celebrate it! I don't know yet what we're doing and I'm super upset I have to work most the day, but I'm still excited nonetheless. And I bought a really awesome outfit for that day.

-Cow Appreciation Day. If you know me and/or this blog, you know I love cows. I love celebrating Cow Appreciation Day and am so happy to have a husband who allows me to celebrate it without thinking I'm a weirdo. Ha ha. This year Cow Appreciation Day lands on July 11th, and I still think it's weird it's a different day every year. Anyways, every year I dress in black and white, wear my cow necklace and earrings, eat ice cream (to appreciate the great product cows help produce), and take pictures with cows. This year I might not get to see cows though. I don't know where to find them here and Chris and I both work most the day, so I won't even see Chris. :( Also, if you dress up like a cow then you can go to Chick-Fil-A and get a free meal! I would wear my footie pajamas and my cow hat but I think both are in our storage unit in Logan. Bummer.

-My Family is Coming!!!! Much more importantly, on Cow Appreciation Day my mom, sister, brother, and grandma are flying to Texas to visit me!! I'm so insanely excited to see them!! My family is really close and I typically see them a lot so living in Texas is kind of difficult being so far away from them. But they wanted to come see me and we're going to Sea World, visiting the River Walk and finding lots of other fun things to do. I'm super excited and cannot wait!!!

-Pioneer Day. Texas doesn't celebrate Pioneer Day, but for the longest time Pioneer Day was my favorite holiday! I spent it every year sleeping on the side of the road downtown SLC to save our spot for the parade with my best friend, Lauren, and her family. It was the absolute greatest!! Even when I wasn't with Lauren there were at least still firework shows. But Texas won't have fireworks on Pioneer Day and I'm sad. Maybe we'll have to buy some and have our own firework show!! And Lauren, next Pioneer Day we totally need to do something together!

-In Laws Coming!!! My in-laws are coming to Texas as well!! But my husband doesn't tell me anything so I don't actually know when. Ha. So my brother-in-law Sheldon was actually supposed to be here the whole summer working with Chris selling pest control, but he had to stay in Idaho for school so he's not coming until the end of this month. Chris is both really upset Sheldon didn't come sooner, but also super excited for him to be coming later. We miss him. We also miss my in-laws and they are coming to visit! It'll be a good month having both sides of the family coming to visit us! We'll have to do lots of fun things!

-Summer Fun. I think the reason July is my second favorite month is because it's when it officially feels like summer, and summer is the greatest!! Also at the end of July my family always goes on our annual trip to Jackson Hole and it's the greatest! This year we don't get to go to Jackson Hole, which is something I've done with my family every summer for as long as I can remember. It'll be really weird not going and Chris and I are both really upset we can't go, but we're going to make sure next year in Jackson will be the best year ever!!

...So now that I think about it, technically maybe I should not be so pumped for this July. I mean, I'm working Independence Day and Cow Appreciation Day, I know after seeing my family for a weekend I'll only miss them more once they leave, Pioneer Day doesn't exist here, and I don't get to go to Jackson Hole... Yeah...Maybe this July actually will be horrible.

Regardless, I am excited for this new month and all the excitement it will surely bring! This is our last full month in Texas! What?!?! I'll be excited in August when we get to go back home, for sure! We won't be leaving till the end of August, right before school starts, but I'm already missing Utah, even though I love the warmth and having a pool. Texas is fun but I think I'm more of a Utah girl. We'll see though...

What fun things are you doing in July? Let me know it the comments below! 

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