Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One Years Worth of Marriage Tips, Tricks, and Advice

It's my anniversary month! I wanted to put up this post closer to my anniversary, but this particular post has taken me months to create and it has been delayed. But it's still May, still my anniversary month, so here it is!

No, I did not document my first full year of marriage the way I probably should have. But I have worked hard in the past year to show my love for my husband and to build our relationship. We've been through trials, we've been through changes, things weren't always the way we thought they would be. But we learned how marriage works together and marriage has been the greatest blessing of my life. Note: Just because I wrote all these down doesn't mean I'm perfect and follow every last tip, I'm not perfect and still have things to work on.

(PS, there is a very good chance the pictures won't all show up, I apologize for that but I don't think I'm going to take the time to fix them if they end up not showing. I'm trying to get ones that work but just know that there's a possibility of a blank picture. I also apologize for any grammatical issues, but again, not going through and fixing them.) 

So, here is a years worth of marriage tips, tricks, and advice... 365 days worth... A lot... As in, the longest blog post of my life... yeah... you don't have to read it all in one sitting.

  1. Don't forget the kisses everyday!! 
  2. When you burn the food, laugh. 
  3. "Oh money, where did you go? Maybe we should keep track..."
  4. Changes happen... again and again and again and again.
  5. I think even grownups need a time-out sometimes. 
  6. "How dare you do this! I'm so mad at you! [Insert How I Met Your Mother Quote here]" Laughter ensues, argument over. 
  7. "I want to do this." "And I want to do this." Always make decisions together.
  8. .....
  9. Relax and take a trip, get away from being an adult. 
  10. "Aww man, we eat out too much I'm getting fat!" You put on the weight together, take it off together. Gym time together can be super fun! 
  11. Balancing school, work, homework, and life in general is difficult, but always, always, ALWAYS make your spouse your main priority.
  12. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made.
  13. When you watch a couple enough on TV, sometimes you start acting like them, and there is nothing wrong with that. 
  14. Date nights become fewer, but sometimes that makes them all the more special.
  15. Your in-laws can be family too and you can learn to love them as much as your own family. 
  16. Sometimes Little Caesars Pizza is the best "going out to eat" can offer. 
  17. Just hold your spouse for a minute a day. Just hold them and let them know you'll always be there for them. 
  18. ... 
  19. Love is meant to make you feel happy and wonderful. Accept it. 
  20. Stop looking for the negative, every day find another positive.
  21. .... 
  22. Have confidence in your spouse and they will return the favor.
  23. Make a cake, celebrate!
  24. How do two people use so many dishes???
  25. "I don't want to clean." "Me neither." "Let's make a game out of it!!!"
  26. Act like a child sometimes. If it's real love, your spouse will allow it.
  27. You don't have to be exactly the same and like all the same things all the time... that just sounds exhausting.
  28. A Disney movie sing-along and some popcorn is an excellent date night.
  29. Marrying a fisherman means fish for dinner. 
  30. And marrying a man who can cook fish very well is a good idea... because I dislike cooking. So I'm so grateful Chris can do it and do it well. 
  31. ... 
  32. Sometimes you have to remind your spouse how sexy you can be. And slutty. But you're married so it's okay. 
  33. Car rides can be the absolute funnest thing with your spouse! Sing-alongs, car games, and long talks. Best thing ever!
  34. Take time to step out of your comfort zone and do something the other one likes. Don't hide in your shell.
  35. My husband is a soccer player and he's obsessed with the sport. He can tell you almost all the players in the EPL, he always knows the most current stats and news. Sometimes it can be hard with him always looking up soccer news on his phone, but when I go to his soccer games I can see that it's all just for the love of the game and it's so incredible seeing how happy it makes him. I'm proud to support my husband in something he loves.
  36. Cooking together, making messes together, all means having fun together.
  37. Hold hands. Be an otter.
  38. Make your spouse feel beautiful... or handsome, pretty, ravishing, etc.
  39. Just because you're married doesn't mean basic manners go out the window. Say yours please's and thank you's.
  40. Take care of your spouse, "for better or for worse, in sickness and in health." 
  41. Remind your spouse why you love them. Never let them forget it.
  42. RESPECT. It's not dead. 
  43. Make couple friends. Eat dinner together, bond over movies and games. 
  44. "How can I help? What do you need?" ...are some of the greatest questions you can ask your spouse.
  45. Spend as much time together as you can. He's going to the hardware store? Join him! Hold his hand as you walk through the aisles. 
  46. Clean the car together and get in a water fight. Fun! 
  47. Always look for ways to help. Helping others is incredibly important. 
  48. "I love you" everyday. Every. Single. Day.
  49. Let your spouse become your life. It's the greatest feeling in the world. 
  50. "Nice butt." {wink wink} Let your spouse feel loved and sexy.
  51. Laughter is the best medicine, especially in marriage.
  52. Yes, you may be married for forever, but never let a single day go by without being grateful for your marriage.

  53. Becoming your parents can be a good thing sometimes.
  54. The rare moments when I come home from work and Chris has cleaned some area of the house, I feel an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude. I try my hardest to show that gratitude and let him know that I appreciate his hard work. 
  55. Stop spending money! Take a month off of spending and save it for a special occasion. 
  56. Life is full of highs and lows. 
  57. Find a show that you both love. Watch it again and again.
  58. Every Sunday Chris and I go out on "Sunday Walks". We just casually walk around, hand in hand, and sort of plan out the week ahead. We get to explore nature together and just talk casually, like best friends. 
  59. You don't have to spend every waking hour with each other. 
  60. Communication. Communication. Communication. (Wow that's hard to say three times fast.)
  61. When you're in pain, let your spouse know and they will do everything they can to make you feel better.
  62. Sometimes you have to splurge on junk food. Getting fat together can be exciting.
  63. Don't discredit their opinions, give them a chance.
  64. Go to the park, get some fresh air, play on the swings, be a child again, and reminisce on who you used to be as a kid.
  65. Play MASH to figure out your future together. (Our first child will be a boy, we'll own a truck, live in a house, make $40,000 a year, he'll be a sports writer, I'll be a writer, we'll live in Texas, and we'll have a pet dog... all according to MASH. Actually that's not a bad future...)
  66. Write down what makes you happy everyday. 
  67. Siblings can be your best friends, including siblings-in-law. 
  68. Pretend your rich for a day. Wear fancy clothes, go to a fancy restaurant... then maybe go back in your regular clothes and see if you don't get as good of service. Sounds like a fun experiment.
  69. ... 
  70. Be imperfect and accept the imperfections of your spouse. Together, be imperfectly perfect.
  71. You can't expect an affirmation of love everyday if you don't do it too. "You get what you give." 
  72. Take a walk together, hand in hand, and just enjoy the beauty of the world.
  73. Pay attention! 
  74. Put post-it notes with love letters everywhere!
  75. Share new music or articles together, keep your spouse up to date with pop-culture.
  76. Be their best friend. 
  77. I don't have a lot of friends and I feel lonely a lot. I get really sad and upset sometimes because it hurts so badly to be lonely. Whenever I'm feeling lonely, my husband buys me a treat, turns on Tangled, and just holds me. I love him for that. 
  78. Take risks. 
  79. Hang pictures of the two of you around your house to remind you of your wedding day, first dates, and other special moments in your relationship.
  80. Make a checklist of all the things you want to accomplish together in your life. (We are going to visit every state in the U.S.!!)
  81. Don't forget to look beyond appearances only.
  82. Life isn't always a Disney fairy-tale... it's better. It's real.
  83. Kiss the little cuts and bruises. Everyone, not just children, need kisses to make the boo-boo's go away.
  84. Love is magic. Never forget that.
  85. Don't hit. Ever. 
  86. Never give up on your spouse. 
  87. Fight naked.
  88. Everyone likes a compliment, even the person you sleep next to every night. 
  89. ... 
  90. Don't sit by each other on your phones all day. Sit together and talk. Actually be together.
  91. Keep your promises.
  92. Staring contests can be fun, but also sometimes romantic.
  93. Listen. 
  94. Grow old together. 
  95. Sit on his lap.
  96. Speak kindly.
  97. Trust in your spouse. 
  98. Let your spouse live their dreams, even if it changes things.
  99. Ask questions. You may think you know them perfectly, but you may never know everything.
  100. Be faithful.
  101. Make your love story the greatest one there ever was.
  102. Give them a mix-tape. Yeah, it's old school but maybe that's what makes it more special. 
  103. Vow to love them now and forever.
  104. Fix the hood of their jacket if it's out of place or get a stray hair away. It's little bits of kindness that can make a big impact.
  105. Make funny faces at each other.
  106. Take selfies together, they can be super entertaining.
  107. Write them a poem, even if it sucks.
  108. "You look hot!"
  109. Thank you can go a long way.
  110. Remind them to brush their teeth and do the dishes. It's not nagging or pestering, it's simply a reminder. 
  111. Learn new things together.
  112. Share your secrets. 
  113. Remember the people who helped you become a couple, and thank them for it. (Lindsay, you are truly the greatest!)
  114. Look your best as often as you can.
  115. "That's a great idea!"
  116. Visit your spouse at work.
  117. Make a home built on love and trust and God.
  118. Make decor changes while your spouse is at work. A little change can change the whole atmosphere. 
  119. Take dumb pictures. Honestly. 
  120. ... 
  121. Share silly YouTube videos with each other. Laugh together.
  122. Walk super close. 
  123. Never forget to wear your ring. It's the most important thing you wear.
  124. Send them a little text so they know you're thinking about them. 
  125. Let go of the small stuff. It's hard sometimes, but just do it. 
  126. Try new things together. 
  127. Words of affirmation. Never forget them.
  128. Surprise your spouse every now and then with something special. 
  129. Do stupid stuff together.
  130. Make each other happy. If you aren't, you're doing something wrong.
  131. Snuggle, cuddle, get really close.
  132. Re-account how you met and laugh about how silly you were back then. 
  133. Let them know they are your favorite. 
  134. There's a lot more to marriage than raising kids together and saying "I love you". 
  135. Ask about each other's dreams and desires and help each other achieve them. 
  136. Backrubs=happiness.
  137. When I'm sick, Chris cuddles with me. I don't ask him to. I tell him he'll just get sick. But he always does it anyways. And I love that about him. 
  138. Greet your spouse with excitement when they get home.
  139. Laugh at their stupid jokes. 
  140. Make your spouse feel safe. 
  141. Don't just say "I love you", say "I need you" too. 
  142. Apologize when you do something wrong. (My husband is the best at this.)
  143. Smile at each other.
  144. Build them up, never tear them down. 
  145. Make each other feel comfortable. Never take each other too far from their comfort zone.
  146. Serve. 
  147. Make your spouse breakfast when they're in the shower. 
  148. Forgive them for their past. Don't get hung up on mistakes they made before they met you.
  149. Take a step back from the world. 
  150. Let your spouse go out with their friends. Share them with the world.
  151. Show off your spouse's accomplishments. 
  152. When you're shopping pick up a small gift for your spouse so they know you are always thinking about their needs. 
  153. .... 
  154. Don't raise your voice. 
  155. Engage in meaningful conversations. 
  156. Ask each other questions. 
  157. Say, "You complete me." 
  158. Let your spouse be in the spotlight every now and then.
  159. Kiss good morning.
  160. Kiss goodnight.
  161. Kiss goodbye
  162. Basically just kiss all the time!! 
  163. Cleaning together makes it easier.
  164. Write letters to your future children (or current children for the future). 
  165. ... 
  166. Marriage isn't 50/50. Sometimes you have to give a little more, somedays it's 60/40 other times it's 20/80, but as long as you both give as much as you can and equal 100, your marriage will always work. 
  167. Make your spouse feel important. 
  168. Don't put down your spouse's fears. Like my fear of birds. Chris does his best to "protect" me from birds... like the duck that lived right next to our front door. (Although having a duck live next to me, and having the duck never move, just sitting obediently on her egg, kind of helped my fear. That's cool I guess.) 
  169. Praise each other's accomplishments. 
  170. Never stop flirting.
  171. Peace is better than being right. 
  172. Be willing to compromise. 
  173. Play QuizUp together at the same time (seriously, it's the best).
  174. It's not your job to fix your spouse, it's your job to love them unconditionally. 
  175. If something is broke... 
  176. Every argument has two sides. Take a look a both of them. 
  177. Take accountability for your mistakes. 
  178. Sketch out your dream house together. 
  179. Make travel plans together and save up money for them.
  180. Never call your spouse fat. There are no excuses. If your spouse is severely gaining weight go and work out together, work together to get healthy, but never call them fat.
  181. Have sex often. (wink wink)
  182. Watch Duck Dynasty, because they know how to make a marriage last... 
  183. In marriage there is no winner or loser, you win and lose together. 
  184. Cookie bake off! 
  185. Find a similar hobby and do it continually together. 
  186. Never put your spouse down. 
  187. Apologize for silly things, like how I apologize to my readers if I have or will repeat anything on this post, 365 is a lot.
  188. Make your spouse feel appreciated. 
  189. Make treats and then deliver them to your neighbors. 
  190. Serving others can make you feel amazing, serve with your spouse and share in the excitement. 
  191. Pamper your spouse, they deserve it. 
  192. If you want to change the world (or your relationship) you have to first change yourself. 
  193. It's good to be comfortable around each other but not gross around each other. 
  194. Don't say you'll never fight, because that's just a lie. Learn how to fight and how to cooperate with each other instead of refusing to fight and hold it all in. 
  195. Let God into your relationship... 
  196. Go on a long drive to nowhere.
  197. Agree to disagree.
  198. Spoil your spouse! Not always with money or gifts, but with kindness, service, and love. 
  199. Don't compare your spouse to others. 
  200. One time I asked my husband if he could change anything about me, what would it be. Chris absolutely refused to answer the question, and to this day he will not tell me to change anything. I think that that is the sign of a truly loving husband. 
  201. Let your spouse make their own decisions, don't force them into yours. 
  202. Watch childhood movies together (or recent videos). 
  203. Don't be afraid of the things that can go wrong. Don't live in fear of what might happen in the future. 
  204. Don't purposely make your spouse jealous. Like in How I Met Your Mother when Jenkins kisses Marshal and Marshal wants Lily to believe him and be jealous... and Lily ends up beating up Jenkins. "And Marshal never tried to make Lily jealous again."
  205. Let your spouse dream and encourage them to reach for their dreams. 
  206. ... 
  207. Learn The 5 Love Languages and use them to your advantage. 
  208. Sometimes girls need a good cry, just hold them and try your best to make them feel better. 
  209. Karaoke!!! 
  210. Try with all your might to never hurt you spouse. 
  211. Think before you speak. 
  212. Keep your youth as long as you can, continue going to concerts, parks, etc. 
  213. I wanted to do something different so Chris and I went to the Cache Valley Fun Park. Despite his doubts he got us a pass into the giant crawl and slide play-park, which is huge, and we crawled around, climbed, went down slides, and possible made parents fearful of the two adults in the play-place with their children. While I washed my hands for five minutes straight afterwords, it was one of the funnest dates of my life. 
  214. Love is an action. 
  215. Together you can conquer the world. 
  216. Explore a farmers market together. 
  217. You're on the same side... 
  218. If you go into your marriage telling yourself that divorce isn't an option, you're more likely to fight harder to make it work. 
  219. Porn is cheating. No excuses. 
  220. Make birthdays as special as you can. 
  221. Don't point out each other's weaknesses. 
  222. Work to continually be attractive to your spouse. 
  223. Even on their bad days, tell your spouse just how wonderful and attractive they are. 
  224. Have a picnic. 
  225. Buy matching bracelets. Include your family it it as well. My in-laws all wear these small matching bracelets. Two of my brothers-in-law are out on LDS missions. It's hard for them to be far away from their family and having a matching bracelet and a connect helps remind them that their family always loves them and is always thinking about them. They same can be true in your marriage. 
  226. Lean on your spouse and allow them to lean on you. 
  227. True love is built... 
  228. Never stop doing the little things that make each other happy. 
  229. Don't yell up the stairs or down the hall for your spouse, that's just disrespectful. Unless of course you have an emergency where you really can't get up, then it's totally okay. 
  230. Get matching outfits.
  231. In my marriage I am continually amazed by my husband. He never ceases to make me happy and he amazes me by the things he accomplishes everyday. 
  232. Look for what is most amazing in your spouse. Something new everyday. 
  233. Go to the zoo!!! 
  234. Don't call each other names. 
  235. Treat your marriage like a delicate flower. Everyday it needs sunlight and water to help it grow. 
  236. Indulge in your spouses cravings. They want popcorn, share some popcorn with them. 
  237. Never, ever say anything bad about your spouse to anyone ever. 
  238. I was once told that if you want to complain about your husband, complain to your mother-in-law, because he's their son and they will always love him no matter what, but if you complain to your mother she will create bad judgments and she won't be able to forgive him for his faults as easily. 
  239. .... 
  240. Don't argue in front of the kids. If you have kids. 
  241. Although you shouldn't be afraid to resolve conflict in front of your kids, because they'll learn from you. 
  242. Yes your husband should be one of your best friends, but it's important to also have a girl best friend because they understand you as a female better than your husband will. 
  243. Take bubble baths together. 
  244. Go on big trips together. Plan together, save money together, get pumped together, and have a great big trip together! 
  245. Have passion in your marriage and never let that passion die. 
  246. Remember that everyone has flaws, including yourself. 
  247. One day I was in the shower and I was crying because I was so upset over having no friends. I called out "Baby!" and Chris came immediately, realized I was crying he reached in and held me, getting his clothes all wet and just not caring. That, my friends, is true love. 
  248. Be confident because it helps your spouse to gain confidence as well. 
  249. Celebrate anniversaries with simplicity, sometimes that's more fun. 
  250. If your spouse gets a job where you have to move to Texas, encourage them to take the risk. It'll pay out in the end. 
  251. You can't love with just a small part of you. 
  252. Write new vows and reasons you love each other every anniversary. 

  253. Don't be a worry-wart, let your spouse take risks. 
  254. Tour open houses in your area, maybe pretend you're people you aren't for added excitement! 
  255. Browse art galleries together, hand in hand. 
  256. I think I said it before, but I'll say it again, always walk hand in hand. 
  257. Remember when you see old couples walking together hand in hand and you think "what an adorable old couple, I want to be like them someday"? Someday is today, be that couple that always walks hand in hand now. 
  258. Write a rap together, hilarity will come. (100 more, man this is hard!) 
  259. Divulge in each other's childhood loves. 
  260. Lately Chris and I have been watching Pokemon on Netflix. I never watched it as a child but Chris played the games, had the cards, and watched the show with his brothers. Now we're sharing one of his childhood loves together. Because Pikachu is the most adorable thing ever and I want one. 
  261. Car rides are seriously the best. 
  262. Sing karaoke together. 
  263. ...
  264. Sometimes you have to act like adults and be professional, but when you get alone you're free to be kids again. 
  265. When I was younger I most enjoyed locking myself away in my room, not wanting to talk to anyone. Since I met Chris, this has changed. He's the only one who can break me out of my shell and that I always, always, always want to be around. 
  266. Read Shakespeare to one another... the romantic stuff, not the Macbeth stuff (but that's my favorite!)
  267. "Do you want to build a snowman?" 
  268. Don't lie to your spouse. 
  269. And if you must lie, don't over-correct yourself. 
  270. Like in Breaking Bad when Walt is trying to convince Skylar he doesn't have a second cell phone but he keeps going on and on so she knows he's over-correcting himself and lying. Breaking Bad is a good example of not lying to your spouse. 
  271. But Breaking Bad is awesome and you should watch it with your spouse. 
  272. Laugh at cheesy movies together. 
  273. Write out movie predictions before going to see it, afterwards see who was closest or who won. 
  274. Test drive your dream car. But know before hand that you aren't buying. 
  275. Dress up on Halloween in related costumes. This year I really want to be Dr. Horrible so Chris decided he'll be Captain Hammer. Best husband ever. He doesn't even like that movie as much as I do! 
  276. .... 
  277. Go to the circus! 
  278. Find a place that sells the candy from your youth like Neccos or Circus Peanuts. 
  279. When opportunity knocks, open the door. 
  280. Your attitude will effect your spouse exponentially, pick a good one. 
  281. Share silly Youtube videos with each other. 
  282. "A sign of a good relationship is no sign of it on Facebook"
  283. AKA, if you're just showing off your relationship on social media, that's not the way it's supposed to be. You should be living in your relationship, not through Facebook. 
  284. Teach each other new card games. 
  285. Learn magic tricks together. 
  286. Go to a magic show! (I seriously love magic!) 
  287. Go to crazy concerts and music festivals together! 
  288. ... 
  289. Always ask questions, there is always more to learn about your spouse. 
  290. In the case of Chris and myself, I spent nearly 21 years without him in my life, that's a lot of stories, experiences, etc. that he wasn't there for, he may think he knows everything, but there's no way he does yet. 
  291. Play Bingo at a Bingo Hall. 
  292. Be confident in yourself, you spouse married you for a reason, don't doubt that reason. 
  293. Yay! We're at 300! Watch 300 together... maybe??? 
  294. Volunteer together, nothing is greater than giving service to others and doing it with your spouse, best feeling ever! 
  295. Have a candlelit dinner at home. 
  296. I have a million fears and I'm so lucky to have married a man who does mock me for them, he helps me face them with his support. Like bridges freak me out, but he'll hold my hand tightly and keep me feeling safe on any bridge we cross. 
  297. .... 
  298. Hand write love letters and leave them around the house for your spouse to find. 
  299. Skype with family when you're far away, it's a great blessing to see those you love face to face through computer screen. 
  300. Read to each other. 
  301. Talk a little less, listen a little more. 
  302. As soon as your spouse is on your mind, let them know. Even if they just walked out the door, send them a text letting them know you miss them already! 
  303. Guys, if your lady tells you to paint their nails, do it! You'll win huge brownie points. 
  304. But also you should learn the right technique so you don't mess it up... 
  305. Have a water gun fight! 
  306. Or a Nerf gun fight! 
  307. Or a pillow fight! 
  308. Or a water balloon fight! 
  309. But don't have a real fight, let's not get too violent here. 
  310. Buy a puppy together and pick an awesome name! (Our future puppy has a name but we aren't sharing it until we actually get the puppy.) 
  311. Visit a fortune teller! 
  312. Read each other's horoscopes to each other. (I have an app that gives scarily accurate horoscopes.)
  313. When a diamond on your wife's wedding ring falls out, get really sympathetic, it makes it better. 
  314. Joke, laugh, be all-over adorable. 
  315. Cutest love story:   
  316. Walk around your hometown and act like tourists, taking silly pictures. 
  317. Make a scrapbook together of one of your adventures. 
  318. Create a "passport" of food or date places you've never been. (Kind of like the Cache Valley Checklist...) 
  319. Create a blog together to document your life to your family and friends! 
  320. Say nice things to each other, please don't be hurtful.
  321. Plan out your financial future together and figure out how to become rich (Here's a good start.) 
  322. When your husband is suddenly absurdly successful at his new job, treat him to something nice, thank him for all his hard work and show your never ending support. 
  323. Support is so incredibly important. Here's my opinion about being supportive
  324. Tell your spouse that you're proud of them. 
  325. Chris likes to show me off sometimes and tells me about it later. He'll say "You looked so good today, I loved walking with you and being like 'Yeah, that's my wife'". It's insanely adorable and helps my self-esteem incredibly. 
  326. Make holidays incredible every year. My dad teases me for always saying "This was the best Christmas ever!" but I truly believe each year should get better and better, and we are working to make it that way. 
  327. .... 
  328. Say yes as much as you can so your spouse knows that if you say no, it really means something. 
  329. Lately I've been around more married couples than usually and it's fun and we love hanging around with them, but some of them seem to think I let Chris do whatever he wants too much. No, there is no too much. Chris is an adult, I don't control him even if we are married. I don't think it's right to put your spouse on a leash. Chris always has to tell me what he's doing but I trust him and I'm not going to control him. 
  330. "Marriage is less about marrying the right person and more about becoming the right person." 
  331. If you haven't fully committed to your marriage it won't succeed. 
  332. Go to a driving range together. 
  333. Visit every photo booth you see and make a book filled with photo booth pictures. (You can also see how many times you make the same faces in photos this way.)
  334. Keep in mind you married someone of a different gender, you don't both think the exact same way and that's a good thing. 
  335. .... 
  336. No matter what religion you are, God will always be a part of your marriage. You wouldn't shut your husband out so don't shut God out either. Embrace His love and support because He will help your marriage to continually grow. 
  337. You and your husband are a unit. 
  338. See a local band play.
  339. Chris and I like going to my younger brother's band concerts, sometimes it's fun to watch little high schoolers be really serious about music. 
  340. Support your family  in all they do. If your brother-in-law has a soccer game, try to go to it, and if you can't, remember to ask about it later. Support the family and show them you care. 
  341. ..... 
  342. Attend local festivals together. 
  343. When you hear of events nearby that you've never heard of before, try it out! 
  344. Ask yourself "Am I the spouse I want to be?" not "is my spouse what he should be?" 
  345. Ask for what you want/need, don't tell your spouse what they need to do. 
  346. Go horseback riding. 
  347. Take risks and go on adventures no matter how scary they may be (but be safe, I'm not telling you to go crazy and jump off cliffs.) 
  348. "You are my greatest adventure." 
  349. Pray for your spouse, they always need that. 
  350. Women: be a cheerleader for your spouse. Interpret that how you want. 
  351. Send each other on scavenger hunts with a special prize at the end. 
  352. "Don't let the pain of one season destroy the joy of all the rest." 
  353. More than anything, make your spouse happy. No matter what they need, happiness should come first.
  354. "Home is where your husband is."
  355. Teach each other to dance. 
  356. Chris does the laundry because he knows I hate doing it. Best husband ever. 
  357. Continually date your spouse as often as you can. 
  358. And finally, "True love doesn't mean being inseparable; it just means nothing changes when separated." 

BONUS: 366. Quit reading this and go do it! 

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  1. What was different then that isn't that way now? More often than not, you will find that something about your relationship or your life together has changed. directory


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