Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Review

I debated on doing a review this month, but when I realized it was suddenly the end of the month and I hadn't written like any blog posts I felt like I needed to get a review done to kind of explain where I've been.

So if you've been completely out of the loop, I am now in Texas. My husband decided to take a summer sales job here so we packed up the car and moved to San Antonio, well technically right outside of San Antonio. It was so crazy the drive here took us three days (because we chose to stop each night) and then we got here and had to sleep on someone's floor, and then I got offered a job as an office help for the company Chris is selling for and then our lives just turned into working like crazy.

Okay, I only work three days a week so that was kind of a lie, but it is for eight hours a day which is much more than I've been doing in the past. Chris on the other hand works six days a week... all day. I pretty much only see him for dinner, sleep, and on Sundays. He does get off a bit earlier on Saturdays but we've been hanging out with his new work team so we haven't had a ton of alone time.

May 11th was our one year anniversary!!! I honestly am still in shock we've been married a year. Time has literally flown by! We didn't do much to celebrate. We decided not to do gifts and we just wrote letter saying why we love each other. We read them to each other and it was just really sweet and a memorable moment.

And then the month disappeared. I worked out a lot, until recently. I'm working on losing some weight this summer. I want to lose enough to fit back into my wedding dress, that's the goal. And I have been working on a special project but I'm not ready to reveal that to the world because it still has a lot of work to go through. But actually, this "special project" is part of the reason I haven't been blogging on here as much, so I do apologize.

I feel like we're finally making money instead of digging ourselves more and more into debt. It's been fantastic! Sure we still have a lot of money in student loans to pay off, but this summer we're just working hard to create a stable financial base for ourselves, and it's been working really well in our favor.... and thank you so much to the company we work for for paying our rent, because I don't know if we could afford this awesome place without you!

Oh! I've been obsessed with Pokemon lately. Yes, I'm such a dork, but I watched something scary and Chris was sleeping so I wanted to watch something silly to help me forget the scary thing and Pokemon was the first thing I saw, and I've always been secretly in love with Pikachu so I decided to give it a shot. And now I'm obsessed. I even bought myself a plush Pikachu online. Literally obsessed.

I'm going to try to take more pictures, I don't know why I haven't been, Texas is gorgeous, so hopefully you'll be seeing more pictures of our new home up on the blog soon.

Alright, was there anything else? Not that I can think of. Well, this review is short and sweet, but so was the month of May for me. Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!!

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