Thursday, May 1, 2014

Book Club May 2014!!!

Book Club is back!! I'm so incredibly happy school is over and I have time to read for fun! Because I am once again unemployed and have a long car ride ahead of me tomorrow, I am putting two book for Book Club this month! One is exciting the other is potentially boring. Or they might both be boring, I don't know I haven't read them yet.

This last semester I was supposed to take a class called Family Finance, but my schedule got all messed up and they dropped the class for me (super lame, it made me have to pay a larger tuition and I had already bought the book which I couldn't return). This book was one of the text books for the class and regardless of not being able to take the class, I still really want to read it.

Looking at our track record, Chris and I aren't too good at making money and keeping it. We tend to find ourselves in financial trouble and it's really hard sometimes. This summer we're hoping Chris makes lots of money with his new job but we're also hoping to learn how to manage our money better. I truly think this book will be a big help to us, which is why I want to read it for Book Club. You can read a summary HERE (also, this link takes you to Good Reads and this Book Club is on Good Reads, be sure to join in HERE).

This is the more boring book of the two. I'm not usually one to read non-fiction, but I really am excited for this book and believe I can learn a lot from it.

Book 2: Insurgent (Divergent Series) by Veronica Roth

This is the second book in the Divergent Series, you can read my review of the first book HERE. If you have not read the first book DO NOT read the second one. Don't skip!! If you want to substitute this book for Divergent I highly recommend it. Please don't skip straight to this book.

That being said, I'm including this book for Book Club in case you really don't want to read the first book, which I totally understand. I bought Insurgent two months ago but have been too busy to read it so I'm super excited I finally get my chance! I loved the first book, and we saw the movie last week and I can't stop thinking about it and just want to see it again!! Soooooo good!!!


As always (but it's been four-ish months so you may have forgotten) around the 20th of this month I will post a Discussion Post where you can leave comments about the book and we can discuss it together. Sometimes I include questions about the posts that we can answer and discuss together (this is part of my former English teaching major (that I never achieved) kicking in). You can also join in on the discussion on Good Reads.

So welcome back to book club and if you're new, welcome as well! I hope to continue this club (no more breaks) and meet new friends who love reading like I do. Welcome to the Club! 

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