Friday, April 18, 2014

My Typical Look

SHIRT: Kohl's (And that this only thing I know exactly where it's from, sorry!)

First off, I apologize for the weird sunlight on my face, we're still figure out the whole "fashion photo" thing and where and when and lighting and so on and so forth. Also, I apologize that I am super lazy and have my hair in a pony-tail the majority of the time. I'm kind of just waiting for my hair to grow longer so I will like having it down more.

So I wore basically this same outfit three days in a row. Black pants, a t-shirt, and a lightweight shirt or jacket on top. It's just so comfy without looking completely lazy. But I wish I had taken a picture of my second day outfit as well because I actually did my hair that day and I looked cute. Ha ha.

It's been a weird week, it went by super fast and I had a list of things to do but didn't do any of them. And it's not like I was incredibly busy... I am just lazy I suppose. I need to focus more though because I have so much to do before our big move to Texas and it's coming up fast!! Wish me luck on getting everything done!

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  1. My week went so quickly too - where does the time go? :( And don't apologise for the ponytail, it's cute! xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog


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