Friday, April 11, 2014

My Broken Ring // My Proposal Story

So on the day exactly one month from my one year anniversary of being married to my amazing husband, I'm at work, as a janitor, and what happens... a diamond falls out of my ring and is lost forever.

And I am devastated!! 

I looked around for a while but it's a tiny diamond and I had just vacuumed a huge area, I didn't know exactly when it fell out or where it could be, and I just stood there staring at my ring and wanting to cry!

Yes, it may be a tiny diamond and not very noticable, but this is my ring! My most favorite possession in the world! Literally the only time I take this ring off is when I'm showering and then it immediately goes back on. I have been wearing this ring for a year and a half and I'm so incredibly in love with this ring and even the tiniest problem with it breaks my heart!

I told my husband and he, being the amazing hubby he is, immediately know just how sad I was and did everything he could to comfort me. We're going in to the jewelry store tomorrow to see how much it will be to get the diamond replaced, but we're incredibly poor right now so if it's too much we'll have to wait. But that just makes me so sad!

So here is the worst picture of my hand ever (it looks super swollen or fat and also red) that shows how the diamond fell out.

Oh my gosh, my hand looks awful! But you see that black spot on the left side? That's the missing diamond. Super small right? But it's still killing me! I'm just so depressed!! I want to cry!!!

So let's reminice back on the day I got this ring, back on November 3rd, 2012.

Picnic for my birthday.

Here's your present, some beautiful earring, why don't you try them on? 
But wait, what's underneath...

The proposal!! And one of my most favorite pictures in the world! Thank you Chris for having my family hide and take this picture!!! 

Jumping up for a hug because I was so excited! 

This was such a long, tight, wonderful hug.

And the first kiss picture we ever took together. 

I really like this picture too. 

And finally I got to put on my ring! 

So many pictures of my butt. Good thing I was wearing my favorite red pants

This is me in shock that my family was walking over. 

Such a happy moment!! 

Then Chris painted my nails because I wanted a picture of my hand and the ring but my nail polish was messed up so it needed to be fixed. I married a guy who will paint my nails, totally the right thing to do. 

The first real picture of my ring!! (And Chris's nail painting job, which isn't much better than mine, but really makes me want to paint my nails black again...)

Making fun of all the cheesy photos like this. My goodness I want to be that skinny again... 

A slightly pregnant looking photo, but really is just an engagement announcement photo. 

And then I started doing cartwheels out of excitement. 
Seriously I was amazing how warm it was that day, this is November in Utah! 

Jumping for joy! 

It's amazing to me that I love him more now than I did then, I didn't think I could love him any more. 

Chris examining the ring to make sure he did a good job. 

Finally, one from my engagement session with Amy Bennion Photography. (She did a fabulous job and was such a nice person to work with, and I won the engagement session so it was all free!!)

Well, one of the main reasons for all those pictures is because I honestly don't think I've shared the whole proposal story with pictures before... and I'm too lazy to go searching for it. So this post turned into my proposal story. 

Anyways, I'm very upset about my broken ring and I hope we can get it fixed soon and cheap. 


  1. I love when people share their engagement stories! :)

  2. That has gotta be devastating to lose your diamond. Maybe you could get a fake one put in it's place until you can afford it?


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