Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Missing Dance

Okay, that was a very awful video but regardless I feel like Lilo right now, I JUST WANT TO DANCE. Today at work there were a group of students doing Hula/Tongan/Island type dancing. And while I do think it's really cool they don't move as much as I did in my dancing experience... like at all, but just watching them made my heart ache.

I miss dance so much! In the HPER building on campus I walked past the dance studio and I froze and went inside for a little bit. I just looked around at the wide space, the wooden floors, the metal barre on the walls, the long mirrors, and I just missed dancing so much.

Why did I stop? What made me think I should stop? There must have been something seriously wrong with me to think that I could live without dance. And now getting back into dance is more difficult because I've lost basically all my flexibility and I've gained a lot of weight.

I need to get back into dance. It's hurting me so much to have stopped dancing. I emailed my old ballroom coach and practically begged him for a job teaching in his studio next year and it's killing me that he hasn't replied.

I want to dance. I just want to dance.

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